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EXO or BTS or GOT7
Match the song to the correct group.
♡ ྀ pick the right seventeen members
Pick the right seventeen members.
Wrong Song ( BTS Edition)
Which song does not belong to BTS?
K-Pop Group by Less Known Members
Name the K-Pop Group by Less Known Members.
KPOP Name Relay (Hard)
KPOP name relay (for example: JiHyo - HyoSung - SungYeol...
Most Handsome/Pretty member of Kpop Groups
Name the Most Handsome/Pretty member of Kpop Groups.
Kpop Group Names
Name the Kpop Group Names.
BTS Trivia!
BTS Trivia!
NCT Members
Can you name all of the NCT Members?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music II
The sorting machine is our new favorite instrument.
Name the SEVENTEEN members in 30 seconds.
[Audio] Guess the song (SNSD ver.)
Name the SNSD songs.
NCT Quiz (Easy)
How well do you know NCT? (Easy)
Its SHINee
Pick the right answer about SHINee.
Name The BTS Members
Name The BTS members.
Who stole Onew's chicken? 2018 SM ver.(KPOP LOGIC QUIZ)
The saga continues... read 'How To Play'
are you a true ONCE? [TWICE]
only for hardcore onces.
SEVENTEEN Murder Mystery (Logic puzzle)
find out which members are (a)live and which members are (d)ead. Find the (k)iller!
Follow That Lyrics: BTS Songs
What do they even do behind the scenes anyway?
NCT Logic Puzzle (March 2021)
Can you place all the NCT members in the grid? (Read 'how to play')
Pick the NCT Member 2018
Pick the correct NCT member .
NCT Discography
Complete NCT's Discography.
Stray Kids 50 random questions quiz (UPDATED)
Can you choose the right answer on Stray Kids quiz? (random facts)
Kpop Typing Challenge
Type as fast as you can :) // Tell me your score in the comments!
300 Kpop Idols (Aug 2019)
Name the Kpop Idols 2019.
How many kpop groups can you name? (2017)
How many kpop groups can you name? (2017)
Identify Kpop Idols Turned Actor/Actress
Can you identify Kpop Idols Turned Actor/Actress?
EXO from EXOplanet
How well do you know EXO?
Guess the NCT Songs
With the help of given lyrics, guess the title of the NCT songs.
Name the fake maknae in Kpop groups
Name the the fake maknae in the following Kpop groups.
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