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13to1 Kpop group members!
Can you place the idols in their correct groups, starting with a group with 13 members, down to the solo artist?
Identify the NCT 127 Members
Pick the NCT 127 member in under 30 seconds.
Stuck In Seoul: A K-Pop Zombie Apocalypse Logic Puzzle
Can you name which K-pop idols survived, died, or became zombies?
Name 300 Kpop Idols (Feb. 2022)
Name the Name 300 Kpop Idols (Feb. 2022).
Mafia Logic Puzzle with BTS and Seventeen
Name the survivors(s), victims(v), and mafia(m).
Kpop Groups By One Member
Name the kpop groups from a picture of one of their members.
Match Leader with Maknae
Pick the maknae for the leaders.
English Words in 'Gangnam Style'
Every time you think Gangnam Style is over, you realize it's only just beginning.
Kpop Band Logic Quiz
Name the Kpop Band Logic Quiz.
K-Drama by Synopses
Synopses never seem quite as dramatic as seeing the plot play out naturally.
BTS Song by Hairstyle
Name the BTS Song by Hairstyle.
K-Pop Murder Logic Quiz
Find the victims, survivors and killers!
Kpop idols : Who is missing?
Name the Kpop idols : Who is missing.
Kpop Speed Quiz: Name all the Boy Group members 2021
Name the Kpop Speed Quiz: Can you name all the Boy Group members? 2021.
Kpop Murder Mystery
Can you find out who is the murderer? (Read Game Note to start)
Kpop Quiz: Stage name or Real name? pt. 2
Can you correctly guess if an idol's stage name is their given one or not?
Guess NCT Members by their Eyes!
Pick the right NCT member.
BTS Typing Quiz
Can you type the BTS related words under a minute?
Name the EXO Members Based on Facial Features
Name the EXO Members Based on Facial Features.
Kpop Fanclub Names
Name the Kpop Fanclub Names.
Are you really BTS army ?
Name the Are you really BTS army .
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: EXO Songs
Pick the EXO songs while avoiding the decoys.
Do you know NCT Dream?
Pick the right NCT Dream member.
Guess The Kpop Songs of 2013 (45 Songs With Audio)
Name the Kpop Songs of 2013 (45 Songs With Audio).
Kpop Song Titles: Missing Letter
It becomes a bigger problem when a song uses the same letter multiple times.
How Well Do You Know Korean Entertainment Industries?
Name the kpop groups and solo artist.
Pick the ATEEZ members
Pick the ATEEZ members.
Name the BTS Members
Name the BTS Members.
Word Ladder
Word Ladder: TWICE Songs
Name the four-letter words in this TWICE song-themed word ladder.
Match the KPop Groups to their Logo Images!
Match the Kpop groups to their logo images.
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