Trivia Hunt by Sporcle

Get Your Friends Together for Trivia Hunt by Sporcle.

You Could Win Your Share of $500!

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up to play. You can have any number of teammates you like. Ticket prices vary based on the length of the event.

Step 2: Watch your email for info about the hunt along with a website and code that you'll need to be able to access the questions. This email is sent 60 minutes before the hunt begins.

Step 3: At the advertised start time, we will post the trivia questions to the game page on this website. You’ll need the code that was emailed to you to access them. If you haven’t received the email with the code within 30 minutes of the starting time, please email

Step 4: Try to answer all the questions correctly, as quickly as possible! Use any resources you want – your brain, your friends, your internet connection – because the questions are multi-layered and you’ll need all the help you can get. Expect text, audio, video, and image-based questions.

Step 5: Submit your answers. Once you hit submit, there are no take-backs. You never know when others will submit, so send it in even if it’s several hours later.

Step 6: Win!! (Hopefully)

  • Everyone who gets a perfect score splits the prize pool evenly.
  • The fastest team with a perfect score also gets a $100 bonus.
  • The three fastest teams with a perfect score also get invited to an exclusive winner-take-all $1,000 Trivia Hunt at the end of the year.

NOTE: In the case no team gets a perfect score, the highest score out of all entries submitted within 24 hours will take the prize.

Want to see some example questions? Visit the recap page of our latest hunt.

What is Trivia Hunt?!


Trivia Hunt Express IV

Prize Pool: $500

Aug 4, 2022
9:00PM EDT
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Standings for Jun 11, 2022

Rank Name Time Correct
1 ProgChamps 00:55:59 20
2 Exotic Fruit Basket 00:59:50 20
3 The Quick Wits 01:18:34 20
4 Captain Black's Horse Krunchies 01:24:00 20
5 Things with Leaves 01:36:38 20
6 Living La Vida Covid 01:37:15 20

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