Introducing SporcleCon!

About SporcleCon

The Sporcle community is filled with a rich tapestry of people, and we've created SporcleCon to connect them all together in one great event.

From trying to remember Burkina Faso on the "Countries of the World" quiz to acing the Final Question at your local Pub Quiz. From determining the best pickup truck color in an Opinionation game, to making an accurate click on Rhode Island in the "US States - No Outline" quiz.

SporcleCon will bring together a community of quizzers, pub trivia enthusiasts, and more to compete for cash prizes, raffles, and raise money for some important charities.

We can't wait to get together over a shared love of knowledge, learning, and trivia. SporcleCon 2022 is for all of you.

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2022 Schedule

Friday, September 23
4 pm - 12 am
Saturday, September 24
10 am - 12 am
Sunday, September 25
10 am - 3 pm

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