Click My Movie Lover

by senordingdong

Movies 5m
You'll do well if you're a lover of movie trivia.
Grammy Award Winners by Age

by Pilgab

Music 2.5m
Don't worry, you don't need to know how old they were at the time they won the Grammy.
UEFA Champions League Finalists

by Woolfy23

Sports 6m
They are the champions, my friends. And they'll keep on kicking till the end.
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Friday's QuizzesMay 27
Find the 'A' Things

by suspence

We're testing your vocabulary. Visually.
Size Matters - European Capitals

by PenguinsMeercats

Geography 60s
If 'Oslo' is your first guess, that's probably going to be long enough.
1960s U.S. Match Up

by DIEGO1000

History 5m
This quiz is like totally groovy, man.
Bands. Initials. Songs.

by MSUKent

Music 8m
Trivia. Clicking. Fun.
Who's That with Obi-Wan Kenobi?

by osujedi

Movies 5m
Are you more of a Guinness or McGregor fan, when it comes to Obi-Wan?
Add a Letter, Get a Car Company

by rer2121

We're assembling vehicles, one letter at a time.
Let's Make the Avengers Logo

by El_Dandy

Movies 10m
We suppose you might say you're assembling their logo.
Emoji-fied Flags

by s-p-o-r-c-l-e

We're taking you to a new nation called Emojistan.
Big 4 Teams Mix III

by Scimitar_2002

Sports 6m
Get too mixed up & you might end up shooting free throws with a puck.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 26
Batch Blitz: European Flags

by Hejman

Geography 15s
It's a banner day here at Sporcle HQ!
Decade by Three Television Shows

by jimbaz

Frankly, we're offended by the complete lack of shows that debuted in the 1800s.
9-Letter Sorting Gallery

by Barbecue

A perfect score will almost certainly put you on cloud nine.
It's Been a Slice: Planets

by t_rev19

Science 30s
You're going to need a bigger knife.
Complete the Movie Quotes IV

by DesertSpartan

Movies 5m
You can't handle these quotes!
9 Fictional Characters with Mustaches

by Pilgab

We must-ache you to focus.
Graphic Grid: Actresses

by MoMosMoProblems

Movies 10m
We need to start working on a movie that gets all 30 of these actresses in one movie together.
Video Game Characters by Eyes

by GeoEarthling

Gaming 4m
We fear that a version of this quiz featuring characters from first-person games would be significantly harder.
Newest First Time Big 4 Champions

by KingPhoebus

Sports 3m
These teams have only recently tasted sweet victory.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 25
Name Just One - 10 to 1: Language

by SamB45

Language 60s
Why bother naming two when just one will do?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: South America

by Thebiguglyalien

Geography 60s
We suppose 'South America' could've just as easily been named 'West America' based on its position on a map.
'A' Comedy Movies

by metakoopa99

Movies 7m
This quiz is serious about movie trivia. But don't call it Shirley.
Only 5 Years Apart

by joewicht

Are Beyoncé and Drake five years apart? Let's find out who's older!
Kobe Bryant's Top Scoring Teammates per Season

by williestyle420

Sports 7m
Who put up the most points alongside the Black Mamba?
TV Superhumans by Show Blitz

by Doctor_Arzt

Do you have superhuman skill for TV trivia?
Missing Word Crossword: Beatles Songs

by BookishGirl98

Music 5m
We said 'crossword', not 'crosswalk'.
Pick the Sigourney Weaver Movie

by beforever

Movies 3m
With 45 years of Sigourney in film, we've got plenty to choose from.
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