Capital Photo by Country

by CaiustheTall

Beautiful scenery around the world.
4-to-1 Blitz: North America

by BookishGirl98

Geography 30s
It's like putting together travel plans, but really poorly and really quickly.
Movie Timelapse XIV

by Frostfire77

Movies 3m
Just don't have a (time) lapse in judgment.
Only One Path

by PolarSloth

You should not take the road less traveled in this quiz.
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Monday's QuizzesNov 29
USA by Unique 3-Letter Combos

by goc3

Geography 2.5m
U.S.A. - Unique States by Alphabet?
15 Categories: Letter 'E' Blitz II

by Flick

Blitzed by the most commonly used letter in English. Again.
4x4x4 Blitz: Movies

by SL_Kpop136

Movies 60s
Quadruple the fun!
TV Character Image Sorting VIII

by Doctor_Arzt

Isn't everything on TV just a lot of images in sequence?
Moving Flags II

by Barbecue

A moving flag might just mean that it's really windy.
Which 1980s Movie?

by WalshyMusic

Movies 4m
Let's rewind those VHS tapes all the way back to the 1980's.
Hanukkah Crossword

by PatentExaminer

Holiday 8m
Someday someone will find a way to use the Menorah as a crossword template.
Pre-Columbian Landmarks of the United States

by Extinctanimals22

History 4m
Here's a nice change of pace from your usual American landmarks quiz!
Sunday's QuizzesNov 28
American History Slideshow: 1820-1840

by Hejman

History 8m
Sorry 1850s, we'll cover you some other time.
Jewish Holidays by Stamps

by aglick

Holiday 3m
So... Is postage paid?
Cut Off Video Games (A-Z)

by jrage2009

Gaming 4m
Who's been going around cutting up all of our video games?
20 Questions Wrong: Music

by Tr4pD00r

Music 2m
We're tired of clicking correct answers, so we're flipping that script.
20 Sports, 20 Stars, and 20 Countries

by DesertSpartan

Sports 4m
All of a sudden we seem to have 20/20/20 vision.
Sunday Crossword: Play Ball

by razorz

We're just having a ball today.
Absent Letter Periodic Table Elements

by RobFitz

Science 2m
When you don't know chemistry, the periodic table is just a bunch of letters.
Country on a Map Per Letter: North America

by NO_r_WAY

Geography 60s
The continent only uses 14 unique letters to start countries, so you can actually ignore half of the alphabet!
2 Words, 1 Answer: N

by MSUKent

The clues are much more concise than this description, which is admittedly more wordy than is strictly necessary.
Saturday's QuizzesNov 27
2010s Top Scorers: Detroit Pistons

by gazzso

Sports 2m
Were they hitting shots from downtown in Motown?
Sliced Up: Cartoons

by Barbecue

You can make some pretty intriguingly mismatched characters this way.
Word Cloud Click: Country Singers

by C22zm

Music 90s
Maybe our head is just in the clouds today.
TV Studio Items

by QuizzesForMe

This quiz was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Answer Strings VII

by MrWhiplash

Hopefully you can string together the correct answers.
Saturday Sudoku CXXIV

by alvir28

If you're playing it on a wooden board, is it called Woodoku?
Movies Missing 'L' Words

by kfastic

Movies 3m
Our movies have fallen apart and we need your help to make them whole again.
Ends in EAR (Minefield)

by mister_pianoman

Language 60s
Friends, Romans, and quiz players... lend me your ears!
Mystery Phrase Blitz: Asian Capitals

by bhenderson79

Geography 90s
Life's more exciting with a little bit of mystery.
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