20 Terms: Spanish History

by DarkPhalanx

History 5m
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Vocabulary Blitz LXXII

by iglew

Language 60s
There's probably not enough time to get out your dictionary for help while the quiz is running.
Kansas City Royals 25+ HRs Single Season

by jgrub7

Sports 5m
These guys are like long-ball royalty.
Tracks on the Back: Solo Artists

by bhenderson79

Music 5m
It's time to go through your CD collection, if you've still got one!
Encanto Characters

by daniel124

Movies 3m
We heard somewhere that we're not supposed to talk about one of these characters.
Pick the Pixars

by woody24

Movies 3m
Try to say, "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled Pixar pictures"... ten times fast.
Asia: Four-Border Countries

by goc3

Sorry, island nations. We're not even considering you today.
2 Words, 1 Answer: O

by MSUKent

No need for lengthy hints today. We're getting to the point quickly.
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Thursday's QuizzesJan 20
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Nintendo

by MrWhiplash

Gaming 5m
"It's-a me... Nintendo trivia!"
Criteria 'Z' Cities

by BoggelTeam

We've made it through the alphabet, and we're pretty sure this is the last one since no cities start with a number.
6 Letter Words in 2010s Songs

by AwesumJuan

Music 2.5m
When you're done, you can turn it into your playlist for the rest of the day.
Nine in Time: MCU Characters II

by Doctor_Arzt

Movies 30s
If there's one thing the MCU has a lot of, it's recognizable characters.
Closest to Everywhere in the US

by vrh28

Geography 30s
Keep your friends close and your geography trivia even closer.
Arrow Logos

by t_rev19

We're hoping you get the point.
5 Answers to 1: Musicals

by mister_pianoman

You'll be narrowing down the field as you go.
2010s Top Scorers: New York Knicks

by gazzso

Sports 2m
Do you have the knack for trivia about the Knicks? The Knicks-knack?
Wednesday's QuizzesJan 19
One Gets the Lot: Oscar Noms

by Hejman

Movies 2m
One gets the lot. But which one?
'K' Logo Minefield

by Scimitar_2002

We're working our way through the full logo alphabet.
Continent by Capital Trio

by JohnFran

Geography 2.5m
You've got 3 times as many chances to recognize the location of the answer.
Finish the TV Show with a Movie

by strokes_static

Plenty of cancelled shows get a movie to tie off the loose ends. But that's not actually what we're talking about here!
Trees Logic Puzzle XVI

by Katie_Wandering

If you solve the puzzle, will you consider them 'happy little trees'?
Click a CBS Show (1970s)

by qlh27

In this quiz, does CBS stand for 'Clicking Bygone Shows'?
Fill the Hex Map of Oceania

by Acntx

Now we're making geography quizzes designed for bees.
Chilean Soccer Players

by smac17

Sports 5m
We've got some red hot Chile players.
Tuesday's QuizzesJan 18
Who Am I? Famous People XXVII

by DIEGO1000

History 5m
Those glasses can't keep you hidden, Tom.
Occupations in Literary Titles

by Badger40

Is 'Literature Trivia Expert' your job title?
2010s Movies by Poster

by Flick

Movies 3m
Ten years, ten posters.
Bordering 'I' Countries on a Map

by RobPro

For each one you get wrong we take a rubber band off the Earth.
Anagram Word Building XIX

by biggs364

We hope you find some harmony in the anagrams you build.
One-Word Albums

by rockgolf

Music 6m
These albums are getting their point across very succinctly.
TV Characters by Show Blitz X

by Doctor_Arzt

Here are some new ideas for the next time you're on Netflix.
Find the Rivers (Africa)

by markassonne

Are you in de-nile about your geography trivia skills?
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