3 TV Shows, 1 Thing In Common VIII

by Ricky490

Binging on one of these shows counts three times over.
Secret Country XXXVIII

by goc3

Geography 60s
Shh....don't tell anybody.
Pick 6: Logos

by jackaronson23

Scoring anything less than 100% means these companies' branding teams are not doing their jobs.
24 Indian Dishes

by bhenderson79

A lot of these foods curry our favor.
MCU Actors by Age II

by Pilgab

Movies 2.5m
The actors' ages are all well and good, but someone needs to tell us the age of Ultron.
Bird by Necklace

by KStericker

Science 3m
You don't need to be ost-rich to own many of these necklaces.
#29 Athletes

by NYYanks

Sports 3m
29 athletes is more than enough to field an entire baseball team.
Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover VI

by t_rev19

You shouldn't cover the judge with a book either.
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Wednesday's QuizzesDec 1
Match Game: Christmas Movies

by DIEGO1000

Movies 3m
It's officially okay to start watching Christmas movies now.
Find 7 Cities: -stan Countries

by Tasi

Geography 2.5m
Well at least we're not making you spell 'Kyrgyzstan'.
4x4 Grid Match: Science

by metakoopa99

Science 4m
Use your animal instincts to get through this quiz.
Coastal US States

by Olliejoseph1997

If you know your geography you should be able to coast through this quiz.
Misc. Missing A-Z

by MSUKent

Sometimes we like to just mix things up a bit.
Breakfast Cereal Mascots Minefield

by harleydog

The worst part of being an adult is that all of the cereal boxes are mascot free.
Clocks in Art

by hazelnuts

History 4m
Time to clock in and take an art quiz.
Norwegian Soccer Players

by smac17

Sports 5m
For these footballers, there's a right way, a wrong way, and a Norway.
Logos Through the Ages: Xbox

by timschurz

Gaming 60s
We're going to spare you the confusing history of Xbox console names. It's just the logos here.
Tuesday's QuizzesNov 30
4-to-1 Blitz: North America

by BookishGirl98

Geography 30s
It's like putting together travel plans, but really poorly and really quickly.
Movie Timelapse XIV

by Frostfire77

Movies 3m
Just don't have a (time) lapse in judgment.
Decade by Three Historical Events

by jimbaz

History 3m
Take a tour through history, three events at a time.
Click an Animated Fox Series

by qlh27

The Simpsons already did it.
Capital Photo by Country

by CaiustheTall

Beautiful scenery around the world.
Seven Dwarfs by Definition

by CooCooCachoo

Language 45s
Snow White is feeling a little left out right now.
Only One Path

by PolarSloth

You should not take the road less traveled in this quiz.
One Gets the Lot: Religion

by Hejman

We have faith you can ace this quiz.
War Stories

by knightlancer

The drama, the terror, and the romance during wartime.
Monday's QuizzesNov 29
USA by Unique 3-Letter Combos

by goc3

Geography 2.5m
U.S.A. - Unique States by Alphabet?
15 Categories: Letter 'E' Blitz II

by Flick

Blitzed by the most commonly used letter in English. Again.
4x4x4 Blitz: Movies

by SL_Kpop136

Movies 60s
Quadruple the fun!
TV Character Image Sorting VIII

by Doctor_Arzt

Isn't everything on TV just a lot of images in sequence?
Moving Flags II

by Barbecue

A moving flag might just mean that it's really windy.
Which 1980s Movie?

by WalshyMusic

Movies 4m
Let's rewind those VHS tapes all the way back to the 1980's.
Hanukkah Crossword

by PatentExaminer

Holiday 8m
Someday someone will find a way to use the Menorah as a crossword template.
Pre-Columbian Landmarks of the United States

by Extinctanimals22

History 4m
Here's a nice change of pace from your usual American landmarks quiz!
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