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  1. Here's the quiz link: Holly and Maria totally don't get hung up on one question. ...

  2. One Pottermaster to rule them all! Holly takes on Maria's Defense against the dark arts quiz:

  3. Try the quiz yourself! Holly and Maria take on their toughest challenge yet. Can ...

  4. Try the Harry Potter quotes quiz: Can Holly and Maria fill in the blanks with Harry Potter witticisms...

  5. Love Trivia? Subscribe! → Play the quiz: Holly and Maria stay happy as they click ...

  6. Holly and Maria do their best Harry Potter character impressions. Play the quiz:

  7. Holly and Maria try to get into Hogwarts by solving this Ancient Runes cryptogram quiz. Will they pass the test? ----- Play the quiz:

  8. Holly, Maria, and maybe a snake, play this chapter title quiz. Strong core, you say? --------- Play the quiz:

  9. Holly and Maria try to pick the right Potter characters. Will they make no mistakes? Play the quiz:

  10. Holly and Maria are stuck in a bunker, can they make it to the end without making a mistake? ---------------------- Play the quiz:

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