Matt and Derek's Quiz Lab

Matt and Derek's Quiz Lab

Celebrating the love of trivia

  1. MDQL: Tick Tock Battle

    Tick...Tick... BOOM! The guys are going Head2Head using your best timey wimey quizzes! Play the quizzes here:

  2. MDQL: Spread Your Wings!

    The guys are taking flight as they play your greatest avian quizzes. Play the quizzes here:

  3. MDQL: Check, Please!

    Garcon! Compliments to the chef! Close me out. The guys are filling up on playing your quizzes! Play the quizzes here:

  4. MDQL: Up All Night!

    *Yawn* I'm not tired! I can go all night, just like the guys are doing... today? They'll be playing your best nocturnal quizzes. Hopefully you can stay awake! ...

  5. MDQL: Logos!

    Oh so many logos. So little time to play your best logo-based quizzes! What? Our new logo? I'm glad you like it! Play the quizzes here:

  6. MDQL: Tragedies!

    Oh, the humanity! The TRAGEDY! The guys will be playing your saddest, most tragic quizzes. Try not to shed a tear. Play the quizzes here: https://www.sporcle....

  7. MDQL: New Things!

    It's all new this week on MDQL! New Logo, New site design, New quizzes submitted by YOU! Play the quizzes here:

  8. MDQL: Mystery Stream!

    What will happen this week? What surprises do we have in store? Who will even be on camera...

  9. MDQL: Island Livin'

    Ahhhhh! The sandy beaches and the blazing hot sun of the island. The guys will be sipping pina coladas and mai tais as they play your best island quizzes! Quiz...

  10. MDQL: Superhero H2H

    What's that in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Peter and Derek going Head 2 Head on your best Superhero quizzes!

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