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WWF World Title Matches at MSG 1974-82
Created by: PaulyVercillo
WWF/E King of the Ring Final Fours
Created by: RDT
Wrestler of the Year
Created by: RDT
Charlie Kelly Quiz
Created by: gladiatorkid
USWA Unified World Champions
Created by: Alro
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Most WWF/E Raw Matches per Year
Created by: dungeonmaster
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NWA/WCW/World Heavyweight Champions at the New Year
Created by: dudemanbearpig
Wrestled on both a WWE and WCW PPV
Created by: spark3
Main evented both a WWE and TNA PPV
Created by: brockstyles
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Wrestlers who have main evented a WCW PPV
Created by: RKOLEGACY0
WWE: Top 10 Win Percentage (2003-2012)
Created by: djohnson87
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WWE Royal Rumble Final 10
Created by: marinduqueking32
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Sting's Opponents On WCW Nitro
Created by: vaderbomb93
All Former Champions of the WWE
Created by: Shakabrah
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WWE Linear Championship
Created by: ostpies
WWE/WCW: The First Four
Created by: MSiNX
Most PWI 500 Selections
Created by: Gorms316
Jumpin' Jeff Farmer - Best Wrestling Promo Ever
Created by: Gorms316
Wrestlemania and WrestleKingdom Competitors
Created by: ryanonrasslin
WCW Battle Royal Participants
Created by: Charuas
Every WWE Single TItle Champions
Created by: Forrestfire13
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All SummerSlam Participants
Created by: DJL83TKD
Wrestling Championship Supremacy
Created by: antagonjst
Pro Wrestling Flagship PPV Main Events
Created by: antagonjst
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Zack Ryder Victories
Created by: Rowlandinio