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I'm an ubernerd who loves cartoons, so that's mostly what I'll be quizzing about. Other dorky stuff may crop up, however.
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The Simpsons
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Sesame Street Characters
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DreamWorks Animated Movies
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Common Passwords
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Well-known Character, Obscure Name
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TV Theme Challenge
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Famous Last Words
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Cartoon Character Hodgepodge
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Batman Comic Villains by Picture
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'The Gashlycrumb Tinies' Rhymes
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Animal Photographers
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Simpsons Character Anagrams
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Simpsons Characters
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Batman Villains Anagrams!
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Characters from The Venture Brothers
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Surnames Of Simpsons Characters
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Batman's Rogues Gallery
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Simpsons Characters by Quote
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Every Other Letter Simpsons
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amusing Simpsons quotes
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The Simpsons Characters Singing (Audio Clips)
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Middle Names From The Simpsons
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Simpsons Gangs
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Simpsons minor characters 2
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A-Z Batman Villains
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Better Known As (The Simpsons)
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Almost Useless Simpsons Trivia
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Name the United States - NO Map
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The Dreidel Song
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Batman A-Z
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Grandpa Simpson's 'onion on my belt' speech
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Follow that Line: Community
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