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Get Your Friends Together for Trivia Hunt by Sporcle.

You Could Win $2,500!

Sporcle’s TriviaHunt

Are you ready to join the hunt?!?

Trivia Hunt is the latest and greatest virtual trivia offering from Sporcle! It’s a game that combines pub quiz trivia with a scavenger hunt. Players will receive 25 multi-layered questions where you’re encouraged to use any resources you want – your brain, your friends, the internet or maybe even an old-fashioned encyclopedia. The first three teams to submit all 25 questions correctly will take home $500 each, and anyone else who gets a perfect score within three hours will split $1,000! It's only $25 per team, so sign up today! Join us for our next hunt on March 6th, 2021 where we'll focus on all things pop culture. Hope to see you there!

You could win $2,500!

You've got to be fast, and you've got to be smart.

Get ready. Set... HUNT!

Sporcle’s TriviaHunt

What moon of Uranus shares its name with a film that was released nationally in the US on the same day as Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Can you get the answer? Go ahead and use all the research materials and friends you can find. Be the first to solve 25 questions and you win $2,500! Want to practice? Check out the recap and questions from our latest hunt.



Prize: $2,500

Mar 6th, 2021
8:00PM EST
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Standings for Feb 13th, 2021

Rank Player Time Correct
1 Neutral MILF Hotel & Friends 00:33:47 25
2 Controlled Frenzy 00:45:15 25
3 GinoBigSus 00:53:23 25
4 Exotic Fruit Basket 00:55:57 25
5 The Hex 01:04:12 25

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