Las Vegas 2020 The Rio
Sporcle’s TriviaCon - 2020
TriviaCon has been postponed
In the best interests of our guests and volunteers we are looking to secure new dates for TriviaCon.


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  1. What is TriviaCon?
    A full weekend of trivia and puzzle based events in Las Vegas designed for individuals and teams of all skill levels. $50,000 in cash prizes will be awarded throughout the weekend. Find out more here.
  2. What does my ticket include?
    Entry to every event scheduled for all three days of TriviaCon, giving you the ability to win your share of $50,000 in cash and prizes throughout the weekend. Each ticket also includes ten raffle tickets for prizes to be given away at the conclusion of the event.
  3. When does the event start and end?
    In the best interests of our guests and volunteers we are looking to secure new dates for TriviaCon. Read more here.
  4. Are single day or single event tickets available?
    No sorry, not at this time.
  5. What if I don't want to do trivia all weekend?
    This event is designed for you to come and go as you please. You can stay and play with us all weekend or simply hit the events that interest you the most.
  6. Do all the events award prizes?
    All events will award either cash or raffle tickets. $50,000 in cash will be given away throughout the event.
  7. I'm by no means in the trivia elite. Why should I come?
    Many events are designed to award cash prizes to different skill levels and not just the top players. This weekend is also more about a celebration of all things trivia and puzzle and you don't have to be in the top echelon of trivia players to enjoy that.
  8. For the team based events, how many people can I have on my team?
    All team events that award cash prizes will have a strict limit of six players per team.
  9. What if I don't have six people for my team?
    Don't fret. We've had teams of two win our tournaments in the past. However, during registration, you'll be able to indicate if you want us to help find you a team.
  10. Should I come if I don't have a team of six coming?
    Absolutely. There are several individual based events happening over the weekend and for Battle of the Brains, we can help find you a team if you so desire.
  11. How do I know which prize pool tier my team is in for Battle of the Brains?
    Your team will be required to take a placement quiz at some point throughout the weekend. There will be four different opportunities to do so. Your placement in that quiz and whether or not your team has anyone that has won $10,000 on a TV game show will determine your tier.
  12. What if my team doesn't take the Battle of the Brains placement quiz?
    You'll automatically be placed in the lowest prize pool tier.
  13. What is the food/beverage situation?
    The conference area of the Rio is conveniently located near several bars/restaurants and a Starbucks. During bigger events, we'll offer beverages/concessions in the show area.
  14. I want to be one of the "Trivia Pros" for the TriviaCon Pro-Am benefiting Pancreatic Cancer Research. What do I do?
    Send an email with "Trivia Pros" in the subject line to indicate your interest and share what makes you a trivia pro.
  15. I want to apply for the Guest Contributor challenge. What do I do?
    Check back to in July as we open up submissions.
  16. If I'm selected to be a Guest Contributor, do I need to buy a ticket?
    If you plan on competing in other events over the weekend, you will need to purchase a ticket. If you only plan on presenting, you will not need a ticket.
  17. Are employees of Sporcle eligible for prizes?
    Employees of Sporcle are not eligible to win prizes at TriviaCon. We may allow them to compete in certain events if space allows, however, it will be on a "just for fun" basis.
  18. I'm interested in sponsorships for TriviaCon. Who should I contact?
    Send an email with "Sponsorship" in the subject line for sponsorship opportunities.
  19. With so much money on the line, how will you ensure there is no cheating?
    For cash events, we will have a minimum of one staff member working the floor per five teams competing. We will have a strict no cell phone policy during play.
  20. My team finished in the Top 3 of a Sporcle Live State Championship in 2019. What does that mean?
    Your team at TriviaCon will get to compete in the Sporcle Live Pub Champions Trivia League National Championship event. This is the only event all weekend that requires pre-qualification. Everyone on your team still needs to have a ticket in order to compete. There is a $10,000 prize pool for this particular event.
  21. For team events, do I have to play on the same team all weekend?
    Definitely not. You are free to play with whomever you'd like at any given event.

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