About SporcleCon

The Sporcle community is filled with a rich tapestry of people, and we've created SporcleCon to connect them all together in one great event.

From trying to remember Burkina Faso on the "Countries of the World" quiz to acing the Final Question at Stump! Trivia Quiz. From determining which color is best for a pickup truck in an OpinioNation game to not clicking in the wrong spot for Rhode Island in the "US States - No Outline" quiz.

We can't wait to get together over a shared love of knowledge, learning, and trivia.

SporcleCon 2022 is for all of you.

The Washington Hilton

washington hilton hotel

Our historic location is within blocks of Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan. Hang outside on the deck complete with fire pits or pick up a sightseeing bus right in the lobby. The White House and National Mall are a short walk away.

We chose the Washington Hilton not just because of its great location, but because it's ripe with history. The National Prayer Breakfast and Press Correspondents Dinner are held here annually.

You'll be in the same hotel where Obama famously dropped the mic, where George W. Bush conducted the Marine Corps Band, and where countless music legends have performed.

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