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'Say Cheese!' Around the World
El_Dandy 1,9944.64
'C' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 7764.23
Hebrew Words You Probably Know
markassonne 3874.56
Japanese Hiragana
CommodoreAmazing 3604.61
Morse Code Alphabet
HER 1434.38
Commonly Misspelled Words
jsed85 1383.29
World Languages Bunker
Bolafssonify 1373.86
Japanese Katakana
CommodoreAmazing 1154.27
'C' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 954.59
Call the Grammar Police
Lprdgecko 914.54
Click a Cat: Language Edition
qaxi 844.47
5-Letter Greek Letters
geronimostilton 694.83
Commonest English Words
davidr 694.67
World Language Sorting Blitz
jyrops 674.33
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language II
metakoopa99 594.65
23 Ways Not to Take a 'Pill'
timmylemoine1 504.42
Commonly Misspelled Words II
roeyn 473.24
Norwegian Words You Probably Know
markassonne 444.47
Chinese Words You Probably Know
markassonne 444.36
Food in French
beforever 444.45
Words With 'OOT' Minefield
NYYanks 444.15
Greek Alphabet
Matt 434.66
Giant Word Ladder III
sproutcm 414.45
Dutch Words You Probably Know
markassonne 384.62
Language Family Sorting Gallery
Mateo56 374.43
5,000 Most Common English Words
darinh 354.27
'A' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 334.62
Three Letter 'F' Words
Chenchilla 314.51
'B' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 304.56
Rhymes with Cat
gwukelic 303.57
'D' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 294.62
Giant Word Ladder I
sproutcm 294.04
'D' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 284.32
Rhymes with 'DOUG'
sproutcm 274.23
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
iglew 274.57
'A' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 274.67
Get Me a Homophone, Stat!
christopherjulia 274.42
True or False Blitz: Language
Smeddlesboy 274.59
Criteria Languages
mic747 264.35
Japanese Words You Probably Know
trusting365 244.56

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