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Autumn Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 1224.17
Anatomy of a Turkey
bhenderson79 1144.20
2015 Sporcle Christmas Card
rockgolf 833.41
A Halloween Murder Mystery
MovieGuru 833.93
Click the Irish Symbols
teedslaststand 704.42
Festivals of Lights
Scuadrado 674.51
Blackboard Blitz: US Federal Holidays
goc3 644.46
The Sporcle Magic Christmas Card
rockgolf 583.91
Christmas Socks
JackDots 534.34
Christmas Songs in Emojis
emilymarie07 464.49
Complete the Holiday... With a Picture
Noldeh 424.56
Click the Jumbled Christmas Characters
kfastic 414.55
Christmas Decorations
PrincessMartell 414.48
Christmas Characters by Quote
minshkins 414.59
Halloween Candy Click
JackDots 394.59
Easter Candy Click
JackDots 394.57
Thanksgiving Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 374.34
Catch the Turkeys!
Pilgab 374.52
Monster Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 364.54
Complete the Christmas Song... With a Picture
Noldeh 364.53
Charlie Brown Christmas Character by Quote
senordingdong 354.76
Complete the Christmas Tree
teedslaststand 343.77
Find the Sporcle Christmas Ornaments
mvheald 334.14
Holidays by Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 334.64
The World Goes on Holiday
LTH 314.60
Halloween Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 304.51
Halloween Wordfind Puzzle
gazzso 294.74
Pitbulls Dressed for Halloween
lolshortee 294.75
Spring Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 294.28
Winter Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 284.15
Holidays by Pumpkin
emilymarie07 264.45
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Holiday
bhenderson79 264.68
Valentine's Day Candy Click
JackDots 264.50
Holiday by Necktie
hatefulmissy 254.34
Movie Santa's Sleighs
alvir28 254.59
Find the Sporcle Pumpkins
mvheald 254.29
Summer Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 254.32
Connect the Dots: Halloween
bhenderson79 234.65
Pick the Movie Santa
lolshortee 224.67
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Character Click
Pushcake 224.76

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