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On This Day: December 13th II
SporcleEXP 1,2324.82
Triumvirates of Rome
MiSuChLl 6754.30
US Presidents
Matt 3904.77
England & France: At War?
Tasi 3084.60
Presidents in Exact Order
lukebradford 784.46
Win the Presidential Election Minefield
mhershfield 714.34
Prime Ministers of the UK
Matt 704.53
Map of the USA in 1860
scole9179 654.70
UK History Bunker
australiantiger 574.32
US History Grab Bag II
hscer 554.38
History Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 524.17
World War II: Start to Finish
HistoryReview 484.14
Monarchs of England
Matt 424.60
British Monarchs Minefield
gaydog 413.99
US Presidents (Redux)
akabuca96 374.26
Ancient History Bunker
CCCP 354.30
1960s World Leaders Names Match-Up
khands 334.70
Anyone but US Presidents
Mateo56 313.62
Youngest to Oldest Minefield
leppyfresh 293.84
US Presidents Bunker
TJL 283.91
US Presidents in Reverse
blue 234.55
Prime Ministers (Redux)
knight_of_ni 233.18
US History Grab Bag
hscer 224.41
Original 13 Colonies
Matt 224.36
Countries of the British Empire
zeppelinoid 214.51
US Presidents Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 204.76
Find the Confederate States (Minefield)
tim_parr 204.53
Olympics Cities
Matt 204.71
Find Five: Historical Figures
eyes355 194.71
US Declarations of War Match
gingerlover 194.51
US Citizenship Test: Would You Pass?
Jupy 184.66
13 Colonies (Redux)
Saints09 184.32
Profile: Barack Obama
Chuck316 174.13
US Presidents: Succeeding the Assassinated
christopherjulia 174.57
Confederate States
pbrown 174.37
Monarchs of France
EasilyConfused 164.37
US Presidents Marathon
Comgrue 164.48
US History Bunker
djquest 164.08
US Presidents by First Letter Blitz
El_Dandy 164.56
Famous Historical 'A' First Names
Aprilli 154.62

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