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On This Day: October 19th II
SporcleEXP 5244.56
Bullseye Blitz: History!
bhenderson79 1544.84
Three-Part Names: US History
khands 1454.52
Anyone but US Presidents
Mateo56 1353.62
US Presidents
Matt 1144.77
Obscure Knowledge - US Presidents
PenguinsMeercats 474.56
19th Century: First or Second Half II
kfastic 464.56
Presidents in Exact Order
lukebradford 434.46
Countries of Europe: 1914
Hejman 414.80
Monarchs of England
Matt 364.61
Win the Presidential Election Minefield
mhershfield 344.35
Youngest to Oldest Minefield
leppyfresh 313.84
Prime Ministers of the UK
Matt 284.52
Countries of the British Empire
zeppelinoid 234.50
Presidential Surnames as Popular First Names
jamesj0324 224.63
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History III
metakoopa99 184.49
Finish the Famous Quote
lolshortee 164.53
UK History Bunker
australiantiger 164.32
US Senators
Derek 164.61
US History Bunker
djquest 164.09
Olympics Cities
Matt 144.71
US Presidents Bunker
TJL 143.91
VP to President
farny31 134.46
World Population 1900
Booger 133.89
Historical Figures by One-Word Hints III
khands 104.21
History Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 94.18
Criteria Empires
durhamfan 94.15
20th Century: '80s or '90s?
kfastic 84.53
Major Events in 'Two' Years
El_Dandy 84.46
Finish the Famous Quote II
lolshortee 84.51
Ancient History Bunker
CCCP 84.31
The USA Declares War!
Booger 84.35
Former German Colonies in Africa
bareodin2 74.71
Historical Figures on Chat Shows
TheCleverone 74.00
Australia Z-A
Scott 74.67
Monarchs of France
EasilyConfused 74.37
US History Figures Match-Up
khands 74.26
US Cabinet Departments (All-Time)
sproutcm 74.65
Famous Wars
Ben 73.06
Donald Trump: Multiple Choice
manonthemoon 63.83

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