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Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield
mhershfield 2,2774.46
East of the Mississippi, Larger than Louisiana
El_Dandy 1,6464.48
Find the US States
Matt 1,4074.81
Europe Population Map Crawl
Hejman 8754.38
Countries of the World
Matt 7964.75
Country Sorting Blitz
jyrops 7264.56
US States
Matt 7064.75
4 Geography Foursomes
sproutcm 4634.43
100 Cities East of the Mississippi
Mr_L 4604.45
Country Trivia Logic Puzzle
skuban 4264.04
Countries of Europe
Matt 3594.76
Countries of Africa
Matt 2634.82
Flags of the World
SporcleAdmin 2404.72
Obscure Knowledge - Countries of North America
PenguinsMeercats 2354.26
Erase Europe
goc3 2194.56
Countries of Asia
Matt 2174.77
Find the Countries of Europe
Chenchilla 1974.81
Click the Dutch-Speaking Countries
mg10 1934.47
Countries & Capitals Sorting Blitz
jyrops 1773.85
United States Logic Map
bhenderson79 1763.92
US Capitals
Matt 1554.64
Erase the USA by Capital
goc3 1474.57
Geography Bunker
ruuub 1393.73
Criteria Countries (Europe)
geshmonkey 1353.79
Countries of South America
Matt 1264.81
Most Populous Country of Europe per Letter Minefield
Mateo56 1234.24
Capitals of Africa
Matt 1154.70
Capitals of Europe
Matt 1104.73
Carmen Sandiego Logic Quest
MovieGuru 1084.18
US States Population Map Crawl
Hejman 1024.40
Countries of the World (Redux)
gwukelic 994.23
Pieces of Maps (United States)
AuroraIllumina 954.58
Erase the USA
goc3 944.61
Countries of North America
Matt 944.77
'L' States Blitz
Thibs1475 904.34
Where Am I in Europe?
bhenderson79 884.78
Countries of Oceania
Matt 884.76
States That Border Alabama
Blackhawks65 854.22
Erase Africa
goc3 804.69
Capitals of the World
Matt 794.78