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Anything but the NHL
JohnFran 15,6564.51
NFL Winningest Teams Minefield
Tominator 11,1813.47
Pick the NBA Teams Alphabetically
eyes355 7,2684.15
First Name: Super Bowl MVP Blitz
Sports987 7,0864.50
Sports Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 6,4634.06
Letters Minefield: NBA Teams
LTH 6,3054.42
NBA Teams by State
FilipinoBreloom 5,2494.19
World Cup Final Teams
mselby 4,6534.48
Sort the Pennsylvania Teams
lolshortee 4,4934.54
Any MVP by NFL Team
windmill71 4,4844.52
NFL Touchdown Leaders A-Z
roccstar15 3,8624.57
College Football Disappointments
naqwerty3 3,6824.64
Pro Athletes in Yearbook Photos
zaphenath 3,3684.65
Flashing MLB Logos!
FilipinoBreloom 2,9184.33
2014 World Cup Stars
manonthemoon 2,7352.24
Sports Teams Sorting Blitz
jyrops 2,7263.85
Which Logo Is NBA? (Blitz)
lolshortee 2,6664.47
NBA All-Stars by Current Team
jaysee 2,6404.16
Which Big Four Minefield (Blitz)
Derek 2,5953.89
NBA Logos
alex7 2,5194.39
Find the NBA Teams
NYYanks 2,4084.41
Letters Minefield: NFL Teams
LTH 2,0204.55
Closest MLB Teams to Canada
Darzlat 2,0004.18
Formula One Champs
Matt 1,9344.48
NBA Teams
Derek 1,7724.63
Pixel Art - NFL Team
goc3 1,7444.65
NFL Teams
Matt 1,5334.67
Premier League: Top 5 Finishes Minefield
pitchorneirda 1,2854.56
More Sporty Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 1,2704.51
NFL 1,000 yards, 40% of Team Receiving
jsnellerwm 1,2374.70
Obscure Knowledge - NFL Teams
PenguinsMeercats 1,1814.26
Big 4 Sports Letter Loss
manonthemoon 1,1013.83
NFL (1990-2010)
miles26 1,0514.58
World Cup Final Four
happyjoe5 9844.61
2018 World Cup Stars
manonthemoon 9642.98
Christmas Teams
Exodiafinder687 9604.77
Which Logo Is NFL? (Blitz)
lolshortee 9194.47
NBA Players by Face
jonesjeffum 9154.60
Avoid the 'A' Big 4 Teams
colludacris 8134.20
Most NBA Single Game Points per Season
MechaSnoopy 7624.69

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