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Same Name Trios
nspyred 6,9034.61
Pick the European Cuisines II
awesomeness365 4,9904.55
Multi-Category Letter Board III
Purple_Parrot 4,8984.32
Up, Down, Left, or Right? Multiple Choice
El_Dandy 4,8894.69
Find Five 'E' Things
eyes355 3,7664.14
Almost Useless Trivia XIII
oliverlloyd0210 3,6744.50
Miscellaneous Trios IV
jvwald 3,6244.04
Sporcle Speed-Picking VI
BillyJoelRulez 3,2584.12
Find Five 'B' Things
eyes355 3,2344.49
Yellow Logos
whammypower788 3,1704.14
Quotable Slogans II
druhutch 3,0134.46
Sporcle Speed-Picking IV
BillyJoelRulez 2,9424.34
Famous Foursomes
BlueWingX 2,3414.51
'L' Logos
Quizmaster91 1,8184.15
Same Name Trios II
nspyred 1,7064.48
Multi-Category Letter Board
Purple_Parrot 1,4944.61
Find Five 'A' Things
eyes355 1,4004.02
Multi-Category Letter Board II
Purple_Parrot 1,3784.63
Almost Useless Trivia III
wmcb 1,3034.19
Find Five 'C' Things
eyes355 1,2724.35
Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge
Cutthroat 1,2704.56
Top Food Chains (US)
Booger 1,2254.39
Green Logos
Chenchilla 1,0444.14
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XXIV
sproutcm 9424.25
Sets of Three X
nspyred 8784.59
Famous Foursomes II
BlueWingX 8343.96
Miscellaneous Trios III
jvwald 7194.43
Sporcle Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 7194.47
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XXI
sproutcm 6854.39
S'Mores Ingredients
SporcleEXP 6843.69
Almost Useless Trivia
wmcb 6834.29
Find Five 'D' Things
eyes355 6424.11
Red Logos
BanjoZebra 6284.35
Blue Logos
minshkins 6224.21
Clickable Matching Pairs
johnspartan4187 6174.14
Same Name Trios III
nspyred 5594.63
Dog Breeds by ANY 3 Letters
KBHoleN1 5534.57
Orange Logos
minshkins 5224.20
Which of the Three
DesertSpartan 5134.15
Pick the European Cuisines
awesomeness365 5124.58