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Hogwarts History of Magic Exam
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Begins and Ends: Classic Books
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Find the Children's Books
Rackie 3,9474.81
3 Books, 1 Common Word
MSUKent 3,3684.50
'B' Literary Characters
Mutford 3,1014.50
Literary Series Sorting Gallery
THEJMAN 3,0434.43
Diagon Alley Apparition Race
bhenderson79 2,8424.72
'B' Books By Opening Lines
metashades 2,8164.58
Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Blitz
Robyn408 2,7653.72
Literature Speed-Picking
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Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures Exam
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Harry Potter Deaths in Order Minefield
HikariYang38 1,8724.29
Hogwarts Apparition Exam
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Nobel Prize in Literature by Decade
twilightzone 1,7574.57
Harry Potter Characters in All Books
Davidos 1,7294.61
Harry Potter Minefield
Flick 1,6794.18
Hogwarts Potions Exam
bhenderson79 1,4804.79
Harry Potter Bunker
12bball 1,2114.04
'Red' Literature Match
NJSB 1,1834.32
Harry Potter Top 200
GeoGod 1,1694.76
Green Eggs and Ham
Booger 1,1634.48
Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts Exam
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Hogwarts Quidditch Exam
bhenderson79 1,0074.84
'A' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 8124.60
Hogwarts Transfiguration Exam
bhenderson79 6784.78
A Song of Ice and Fire Logic Puzzle
beforever 6544.47
Doctored Literature
NJSB 6404.54
ASOIAF Characters A-Z
beforever 6184.39
Hogwarts Charms Exam
bhenderson79 6044.71
Hogwarts Herbology Exam
bhenderson79 5464.82
Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice
MTwhiz 5134.31
Harry Potter Name Chain
crookshanks 5114.28
Invisible Shakespeare Plays
CodyL 5034.45
The North Logic Puzzle (ASoIaF)
beforever 4014.51
'A' Literary Characters
Mutford 3224.21
3 Literature Threesomes II
sproutcm 3074.17
'H' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 3064.42
Harry Potter Character Name Mix-Up
JeluPotter25 3044.54
Harry Potter Bunker II
me111731 2853.76
'G' Books by Opening Lines
metashades 2844.28