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10 Words 20 Definitions XV
DesertSpartan 7,4274.51
Rhymes with BILL
soxfan1 5,8524.38
20 Ways Not to Listen to the Cure
timmylemoine1 5,3674.61
One-Minute Crossword V
Qaqaq 4,1364.52
Commonly Misspelled Words
jsed85 3,3573.29
World Languages Bunker
Bolafssonify 2,6453.86
Nahuatl Words You Probably Know
markassonne 2,5474.66
The Only Letter III
giveupyet 2,3874.61
What's the 'PUN'chline?
giveupyet 2,0924.51
Rhymes with Truck
slipkid 1,8654.19
4-Letter Words A to Z
sproutcm 1,8194.49
A World Language Logic Puzzle
THEJMAN 1,3793.85
One-Minute Crossword
Qaqaq 1,0204.51
Missing Letter Blitz
gunthertoody 9614.19
Japanese Hiragana
CommodoreAmazing 9004.54
1-10 Letter B Words
sproutcm 8604.22
Going Green
WorldWhiz 6993.82
Stop! In the Name of Language
Hejman 6853.89
One-Minute Crossword II
Qaqaq 5974.44
One-Minute Crossword IV
Qaqaq 5704.54
Japanese Katakana
CommodoreAmazing 5574.33
Vocabulary Blitz XXII
iglew 5464.42
Spanish Number Blitz
jack1234567 5374.41
One-Minute Crossword III
Qaqaq 5354.60
Rhymes with 'L'
Chenchilla 4074.67
20 Ways Not to Get 'Mail'
timmylemoine1 3984.72
Vocabulary Blitz X
iglew 3984.40
One-Minute Crossword XIX
Qaqaq 3954.54
One-Minute Crossword VI
Qaqaq 3844.46
Dutch Words You Probably Know
markassonne 3484.60
Two-Letter Words That Begin With U
bcimmet 3483.56
The Only Letter II
giveupyet 3324.57
Two-Minute Crossword
Qaqaq 3294.63
Spanish: Body Parts Match
LTH 3214.50
One-Minute Crossword VII
Qaqaq 3194.26
One-Minute Crossword VIII
Qaqaq 3134.70
Rhymes With Oak
slipkid 3084.05
Isogram State Names
ShepherdBook 2864.40
10 Words, 20 Definitions
DesertSpartan 2794.21
The Only Letter
giveupyet 2794.53

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