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23 Ways Not to Take a 'Pill'
timmylemoine1 16,4434.42
Hebrew Words You Probably Know
markassonne 6,1754.57
5-Letter Greek Letters
geronimostilton 5,0554.82
Rhymes with 'Aim'
RubySue 3,6084.59
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Medium)
iglew 3,2874.57
19 Ways Not to 'Park'
timmylemoine1 3,1804.32
Palindrome or Not?
karatekick16 3,0014.44
28 Ways Not to Spell 'Tin'
timmylemoine1 2,8684.05
Rhymes with 'Cake'
catwoman0526 2,7914.19
Spanish Number Blitz
jack1234567 2,6964.43
Rhymes with Cat
gwukelic 2,4973.57
Commonly Misspelled Words
jsed85 1,7873.29
James Bond Films in Latin
Aunekris 1,7624.81
Norwegian Words You Probably Know
markassonne 1,4684.47
Language by Map
the_underground 1,0754.68
Japanese Hiragana
CommodoreAmazing 8364.60
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language II
metakoopa99 7844.65
Chinese Words You Probably Know
markassonne 5634.36
25 Ways Not to 'Bark'
timmylemoine1 5544.54
Dutch Words You Probably Know
markassonne 4304.62
'A' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 3654.67
22 Ways Not to Play 'Ball'
timmylemoine1 3524.34
Japanese Katakana
CommodoreAmazing 3284.27
28 Ways Not to Drink 'Wine'
timmylemoine1 3184.51
Rhymes with 'Ford'
CCCP 3002.81
Commonest English Words
davidr 2984.67
Morse Code Alphabet
HER 2764.38
Greek Alphabet
Matt 2634.66
'B' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 2494.60
'D' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 2484.62
Stuck in the Middle with 'U'
MovieGuru 2474.04
'I Before E' Spelling Test
MrChewypoo 2414.42
Misspelled US States Blitz
CaliRes3 2243.78
Spanish Verb Flashcards
druhutch 2224.60
'C' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 2184.59
Words With 'OOT' Minefield
NYYanks 2034.14
Spanish, French or Italian?
FilipinoBreloom 2034.24
Rhymes with 'Word'
Flick 1863.32
First Five: Language
teedslaststand 1804.53
ASL Fingerspelling Challenge
kfastic 1744.62

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