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US Presidents
Matt 38,4594.77
Youngest to Oldest Minefield
leppyfresh 16,4853.92
Mother Figures
KingPhoebus 5,5294.38
Famous Green Paintings
hazelnuts 4,6844.67
Food Discoveries
LyndonG 4,5384.80
Famous British Men in Movies
mucciniale 3,9204.74
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History III
metakoopa99 3,4994.43
Win the Presidential Election Minefield
mhershfield 3,2684.36
US Presidents Bunker
TJL 2,1353.93
Presidents in Exact Order
lukebradford 2,1204.47
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: 1990s
Thebiguglyalien 1,9114.38
Famous Historical 'D' First Names
Aprilli 1,5284.56
Criteria Empires
durhamfan 1,3204.13
Prime Ministers of the UK
Matt 1,0954.57
Monarchs of England
Matt 1,0714.59
Historical 'A' Figures in Movies
mucciniale 9524.78
World War II: Start to Finish
HistoryReview 8844.15
Constitutional Amendments
3sticks 8414.07
Click the Louisiana Purchase States
sproutcm 7914.54
US Presidents (Redux)
akabuca96 7184.34
100 Years of Historical Figures
kfastic 7084.65
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History II
metakoopa99 7064.36
Ancient History Bunker
CCCP 6984.28
Anyone but US Presidents
Mateo56 6913.62
Napoleon or Nopoleon
Scimitar_2002 6064.60
Timeline Blitz: English Monarchs
Barbecue 6054.56
15 in 15: US Presidents
pecheneg 5694.54
Obscure Knowledge - US Presidents
PenguinsMeercats 5584.52
US Presidents by Picture
baseball4825 5324.70
Olympics Cities
Matt 5254.72
War Bunker
Bolafssonify 4844.44
US Senators
Derek 4744.60
Click the US Presidents by Picture (Minefield)
El_Dandy 4734.73
US Presidents by Numbers
knightlancer 4704.55
US History Bunker
djquest 4704.08
Chronological Presidents
howdijyaguessit 4654.46
History Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 4394.19
20th Century Wars in Order
Pilgab 4373.53
15 Seconds: US Presidents
Flick 4344.54
4x4 Image Crossword: Historical Figures
bhenderson79 4284.68

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