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Celebrity Early Head Shots
HappyWife 8,6734.36
Movie Title, Song Title or Both?
FilipinoBreloom 7,5704.36
Prepositions in Musicals
aduchscher 2,7444.68
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History
HappyWife 2,2194.58
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History II
HappyWife 1,3714.17
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History III
HappyWife 1,2463.80
Super Stick Figures
Rakanadyo 1,0554.19
Celebrity Man Buns
HappyWife 7324.22
Entertainment Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 6773.70
Disney Bunker
LTH 5363.59
Cities in Entertainment
DesertSpartan 4804.38
Animated Character Sort
Puzzgal 4344.52
Superhero Party Logic Puzzle
druhutch 4204.48
Click a Chris
DesertSpartan 3224.57
Anime by Picture
PinkMaggit 2574.25
Lost in Entertainment
DesertSpartan 2354.22
Celebrity Last Names in Songs
JoeBeta 2194.75
Hamilton's Monologue: 'The World Was Wide Enough'
___meep___ 2053.76
Silhouettes: Family Guy Characters
Perspektive 1774.44
Famous Cartoon Eyes
lt2009 1734.22
Marvel Picture Find: The Marvel Universe
MitchellGoosen 1654.82
Marvel Picture Find: The Movies
MitchellGoosen 1634.68
Click the Hero Logos
teedslaststand 1624.47
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
bhenderson79 1514.70
Hero Logos
SporcleAdmin 1354.04
Lost for Words: Surnames
bhenderson79 1274.90
5 by 5 Famous Names
lolshortee 1274.42
Famous Jennifers
SporcleEXP 1233.26
Are You There, X? It's Me, Y
ZYX 1214.57
Just 3 Words: Commonly Misspelled Celebrities
karenmcginty33 1214.51
Three Actors, One Role
Bolafssonify 1164.34
Drug or Pokémon?
LinkinMarc 1134.19
Superheroes by Browser History
bhenderson79 1044.79
5 by 5 Famous Names II
lolshortee 1034.38
5 by 5 Famous Names IV
lolshortee 1024.14
TV Characters in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 1024.72
This or That Blitz: 'A' Entertainment
JeluPotter25 1004.23
Marvel Picture Find: Avengers
MitchellGoosen 974.55
Marvel or DC
jdfulp 974.33
Spouses in Common II
rockgolf 972.83

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