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James Who?
wilycub 6,4624.41
Faces on TIME (1980s)
googlebird 3,2534.50
Pixelated Superhero Logos
Chenchilla 2,0544.20
Tom Who?
wilycub 2,0114.20
Michael Who?
wilycub 1,8674.46
Entertainment Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 1,8633.66
Chris Who?
wilycub 1,7944.33
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Villains
MitchellGoosen 1,7744.71
This or That Blitz: 'A' Entertainment
JeluPotter25 1,3044.22
Faces on TIME (2000s)
googlebird 6074.65
Faces on TIME (1990s)
googlebird 5624.53
Disney Sorting Gallery II
gorilakila 5554.41
Disney Bunker
LTH 5473.58
Shorter Than a Kardashian Marriage?
MrChewypoo 5214.42
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Heroes
MitchellGoosen 4684.55
Celebrity Sorting
WalshyMusic 4584.10
Superhero Party Logic Puzzle
druhutch 4124.48
Cartoon Characters by First Names
Noldeh 4014.52
Lost for Words: Surnames
bhenderson79 3754.90
Drug or Pokémon?
LinkinMarc 3314.19
Complete the Broadway Song... With a Picture
Noldeh 3194.71
3-Word Anime Name Matching
jr637 3124.05
Faces on TIME (1970s)
googlebird 2404.58
Faces on TIME (1960s)
googlebird 2224.60
Anime by Picture
PinkMaggit 2104.31
Hamilton's Monologue: 'The World Was Wide Enough'
___meep___ 2033.80
Faces on TIME (1950s)
googlebird 1964.48
Missing Middle Names
Poque 1904.25
Cartoons by Socks Click
JackDots 1894.64
Marvel Picture Find: The Marvel Universe
MitchellGoosen 1774.83
Disney Sorting Gallery
gorilakila 1704.67
Disney Sorting Gallery IV
hanlov 1654.50
Follow That Lyric: Disney Songs
MovieGuru 1634.54
Blackboard Blitz: Disney Cartoon Characters
goc3 1614.50
Images for Every Subcategory: Entertainment
El_Dandy 1604.40
Marvel Picture Find: The Movies
MitchellGoosen 1584.69
Follow That Lyric: Hamilton
Paigelepuff 1454.54
'Hamilton' Songs
lunalovegoodcat 1404.41
Disney Sorting Gallery III
gorilakila 1314.55
Cartoon Dog Breeds
lolshortee 1144.81

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