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Find the US States
Matt 110,3084.85
Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield
mhershfield 73,5104.48
United States Population Quest
mg10 63,6404.46
Geography Bunker
ruuub 41,7693.73
US States (Redux)
ChicagoGuy88 39,1693.91
US States
Matt 33,1784.75
Months Consonants
Flick 30,8164.62
Countries of the World
Matt 27,2524.75
Find Five 'P' Things
eyes355 24,0114.48
Almost Useless Trivia XVI
seanpconnolly 21,7013.70
3 Things: Movie Edition
TimtheImpaler 20,7734.42
7-Letter European Countries
oldkent 20,4284.45
Erase Europe
goc3 20,2824.64
Historical Puns
alinrotundu 19,5714.41
Disney: Oldest to Newest
codename 19,1973.12
Clickable 1-100 Mines
RobPro 18,9924.08
Sets of Three XI
nspyred 18,9614.70
30 Second Logic Puzzle
eon 18,6994.18
NFL Teams by Entire Season QB
hscer 18,2034.44
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XXI
Thebiguglyalien 17,4224.59
Countries of Europe
Matt 16,8754.77
Where Did It Happen II? (US History)
bhenderson79 14,6294.67
Badly-Drawn Company Logos
NarwhalNukeYT 14,5724.40
War Movie Title Match-Up
TheFlyingFinn 14,1864.72
Ridiculously Obvious Signs
NO_r_WAY 14,0754.77
10 Most Populous US States by Any Census
phil_quiz 13,8684.62
Anyone but Bill Clinton
lolshortee 13,3404.58
Find the Cartoon Kids II
kfastic 12,9704.78
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Qqoobbllss 12,8324.13
Common Sayings: Missing 'E' Words
beforever 12,7414.49
Movies Bunker
Moise 12,5263.60
5 by 5 Harry Potter Characters
lolshortee 12,3894.50
Historical Name Chains
jakethegoldfish 12,3444.36
Minefield Map: North American Capitals
citkeane 12,3174.46
4 to 13 Letter 'L' Places
FilipinoBreloom 12,1634.43
Click a Risk Territory
sproutcm 12,0334.84
Movies by the Wide Shot II
BigAl1994 12,0004.50
US Cities: North to South
citkeane 11,9363.53
Name One Between
Qaqaq 11,6963.96
g_norm 11,6894.76