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Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield
mhershfield 115,0494.47
Find the US States
Matt 93,7994.82
Erase Europe
goc3 34,5074.59
Erase the USA by Capital
goc3 31,3164.66
Countries of the World
Matt 28,5504.75
US States
Matt 27,7094.75
Rhymes with Peach
Flick 27,2174.62
Green or Red? A Logic Puzzle
NYYanks 25,7513.58
Find Five 'M' Things
eyes355 25,3444.20
Odd One Out: Pop Culture Trios
emilymarie07 23,3974.24
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word VIII
ghcgh 22,3934.60
5 to 1: Colors
mg10 21,3814.51
30 in 60: World Capitals
joshas87 19,9984.39
Clickable 1-100 Mines
RobPro 19,5544.08
Click A Movie, Initially - Horror Movies
B_Awesome_87 19,5534.79
Geography 'G' Blitz
nspyred 18,4754.36
Europe: That Doesn't Border Italy!
christopherjulia 18,0794.03
Countries of Europe
Matt 17,9474.77
Find the 'N' Countries
teedslaststand 16,7834.65
Five Decade Movie Medley
Year_of_Glad 16,4694.59
Blackboard Blitz: Comedians
goc3 16,4183.74
US State Nicknames Multiple Choice
geronimostilton 15,6824.43
Disney Bunker
LTH 13,9623.60
Mismatched Cartoons
stevenmiller61 13,9394.63
Connect the Dots: Halloween
bhenderson79 13,8974.71
2014 World Cup Stars
manonthemoon 13,8972.26
24 Movie Posters with Glasses
Sheldon 13,3073.80
ASOIAF: Point of View Characters Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 12,8754.04
States That Border Kentucky
triviauser15 12,5984.64
Criteria NFL Quarterbacks
sonofwil55 12,4473.83
Animals That Start with 'E'
bowsntoys 12,3824.70
Lost in Translation - Movies According to Italy
MrChewypoo 12,1934.64
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Qqoobbllss 11,8494.14
Click an NBC Show (1990s)
qlh27 11,8244.70
True or False Blitz: 1980s
Smeddlesboy 11,6894.43
Two 'S' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 11,5174.62
1 to 10 AFI Movie Quotes II
DesertSpartan 10,9444.77
Sun, Moon, Wind or Sky Songs
JoeBeta 10,8014.71
Food, Drink, and Poison Sorting Blitz
jyrops 10,6384.43
'Harry Potter' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 10,6064.17