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Obscure Knowledge - Champions League Winners
PenguinsMeercats 26,9214.33
Sporcle's Easiest Premier Team (Per Letter)
Flick 21,3944.49
Premier League Clubs All Time
Derek 16,5914.65
Isogram Blitz: MLB Teams
HappyWife 14,2114.08
Any NFL Team Besides the Cowboys
sathyamc 12,5424.57
Big 4 Teams Venn Diagram
awesomeness365 9,9464.36
Negative Sports Logos
Darzlat 9,3994.07
NFL 'C' Teams
sproutcm 9,3414.38
Matching Fields and Balls
Cutthroat 8,1684.51
10,000 Loss MLB Teams
scole9179 7,8684.42
Sports... By Other 14 Categories!
Pastor_Maldonado 7,1094.38
Sort the New York Teams
lolshortee 6,9774.32
This 'Sports Event' Really Happened?
needapausebutton 6,4174.45
MLB 3-Decade All-Stars
JWilson7 5,2064.71
NBA: Finals 3-Point Leaders
jonesjeffum 5,1364.73
Multiple NCAA Champion States (Basketball)
DesertSpartan 4,6064.38
NBA States & Provinces
teedslaststand 4,5614.35
Sports Puns
bowsntoys 4,1274.50
Premier League Players in 2018 World Cup
FourFourTwo_ 4,1104.15
2018 World Cup Stars
manonthemoon 3,9732.97
Sports Pop-Ups
Thebiguglyalien 3,8833.45
NBA 30+ Point Season Openers Since 2000
alidarjarok 3,8284.81
Major Bowl Teams of the 1990s
Mick23 3,6994.58
Sports 7-to-1
samc67 3,5784.51
College Sports Logos
Hejman 3,5444.30
MLB: Most Career August HRs
dabbas 3,4614.55
Sports by Emoji
geronimostilton 3,3844.52
NBA Nickname Picture Click
pdigoe 3,2354.48
Closest MLB Teams to Canada
Darzlat 3,1804.18
Top 50 NBA Scorers Minefield
nbadarinh 2,8903.66
Closest NBA Teams to Canada
Darzlat 2,8423.92
ESPN's 100 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time
Gangsterls 2,7834.38
College Football National Champions
Ion 2,7784.48
NFL: 1990s Opening Day QBs
PTAC 2,7704.83
College Sports Logos III
Hejman 2,7484.27
Find the Big 4 Animals
Rackie 2,6924.73
College Sports Logos II
Hejman 2,6904.22
No Sport US States Minefield
acabrrr999 2,6544.27
NFL 500+ Passing Yards QBs
jared 2,5864.52
Sports on Wikipedia
Scott 2,5754.37

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