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'00s Song Title Match Up II
babymonkee 12,6404.54
Song Title Overlaps V
ghcgh 10,8524.62
Ruined By A Letter: Band Names
samc67 10,6224.67
Six-Letter Bands and Musicians
BanjoZebra 7,8924.22
Find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees (2010s)
Noldeh 7,3454.75
Three Hits in One Year IV
ghcgh 7,1074.43
4-Letter Singers by Picture
rockgolf 5,7264.22
Prepositions in Album Titles
aduchscher 5,6544.63
20 Stories Behind Famous Songs
Hejman 5,6094.37
Women in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
nscox 5,2484.34
Lost for Words: Musicians
bhenderson79 5,1674.84
Female Singer Blitz II
minshkins 4,9754.21
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'R'
kfastic 4,5474.46
2000s Lyric Match
mason88 4,3993.86
50 Hits to Click: 1999
caramba 4,2444.29
'80s Bands Lead Singers
ejperrine 4,2154.49
History In Song
DesertSpartan 4,1234.59
God Bless America
wolfsbro 4,0744.06
Song Titles In The Rain
JoeBeta 4,0124.53
Musicians by Lego
Probo11 3,7304.55
'M' Albums by 3 Singles
ghcgh 3,7034.31
Album by First 3 Songs
chief7575 3,6994.49
Song by Opening Lyrics (1990s)
stanvick 3,5834.31
1980s Lyric Match
fyffereddevils 3,4084.45
Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?
hjckr 3,3874.67
Album by First 3 Songs II
chief7575 3,2694.63
Song Title Overlaps II
ghcgh 3,1964.37
Famous People In Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 3,1764.67
Lead Singer Name Match-up
CCCP 3,1334.46
Song Title Overlaps
ghcgh 3,1164.52
1970s Lyric Match
alleyt1989 2,9584.49
Classic Rock Sorting Gallery
MrChewypoo 2,9244.62
Three Hits in One Year
ghcgh 2,9184.41
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XV
supergal 2,8684.09
'God Only Knows' Lyrics
bearfoot21 2,8114.72
Artist by First #1 Hit II
mason88 2,6784.35
Are You Ready to Rock?
beforever 2,6374.34
2010s Song Title Match Up
babymonkee 2,6064.52
'90s Song Title Match Up II
babymonkee 2,5824.63
1990s Lyric Match
fyffereddevils 2,5384.54

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