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The Perfect Sequence
PenguinsMeercats 32,6754.04
Finish the Famous Slogan
lolshortee 22,8454.68
Bullseye Blitz: General Knowledge!
bhenderson79 15,1624.83
10 to 1: Beverages
senordingdong 14,4844.20
Ends in 'MAN' II
LTH 12,0494.07
Two 'A' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 11,9504.36
T.G.I.F. Game
BanjoZebra 10,5294.40
Fantastic Foursomes by First Names
Noldeh 10,0544.67
Famous Overlapping Names II
hempick 9,6164.33
15 Categories: Letter 'I' Blitz
Flick 8,4814.55
Spot the Difference XXIX
Cutthroat 7,8754.64
1, 2, 3 or 4?
MSUKent 7,4434.25
Seemingly Unrelated Trivia VII
sproutcm 6,5454.35
Pick a Chicken Dish
hellofromUK 6,5444.21
Find the Multicolored Things (Blitz)
Rackie 6,3624.64
Click the US Coins
nateeverett 6,0424.27
Miscellaneous Anagrams
beforever 5,4954.48
The First Three
kagomeshuko 5,4884.09
Things That Are Pink
MSUKent 5,4094.06
Sporclin' Through the '60s II
kfastic 5,3564.56
Vowel-less Vegetables
WalshyMusic 5,3534.14
Black Logos Close-Up
BoggelTeam 4,8334.38
Almost Useless Trivia XIII
oliverlloyd0210 4,8314.53
Guess Who in 3 Words
MSUKent 4,7624.26
Grand 'ol Quiz
BanjoZebra 4,6674.61
Two 'M' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 4,6284.57
Know Your ABC's
BanjoZebra 4,4324.62
10 to 1: Breakfast
senordingdong 4,3934.09
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? II
sproutcm 4,2764.36
Most Popular US Websites (2014)
MrPerspective 4,1764.12
Grab Bag by Length
BanjoZebra 4,1403.75
'Road' Things
babymonkee 4,0834.39
Five Plus Three
BanjoZebra 4,0464.55
15 Categories: Letter 'C' Blitz
Flick 3,9074.39
Sort the Famous Brothers
DesertSpartan 3,8984.43
Two 'B' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 3,8054.56
Two 'C' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 3,5794.59
Multi-Category Foursomes
strokes_static 3,4574.56
Eliminate Your Options
senordingdong 3,4464.51
Which Logo Is It?
Cutthroat 3,4434.08

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