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Complete the Restaurant... With a Picture
Noldeh 21,9524.58
Sets of Three XII
nspyred 20,8134.71
15 Categories: Letter 'E' Blitz
Flick 15,0254.58
Multi-Category Sixsomes
strokes_static 14,9614.59
Pick That Color!
Qaqaq 13,6164.63
'C' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 13,2214.71
Spot the Difference XXVII
Cutthroat 8,9934.66
Find the Black & White Things (Blitz)
Rackie 7,7484.61
'Red' Things
babymonkee 7,6664.21
Two 'C' Words by One Hint
DesertSpartan 6,6154.54
Sets of Three XI
nspyred 6,0304.63
Logo Grab Bag II
BanjoZebra 5,5393.91
15 Categories: Letter 'A' Blitz
Flick 5,4364.52
12 Months Blitz
redhawkfever 5,3743.76
Sets of Three
nspyred 5,2674.43
50 Famous Faces
MSUKent 5,2054.19
Sort the Famous Brothers
DesertSpartan 5,0274.44
Vowel-less Fast Food Chains
WalshyMusic 4,8924.42
Sets of Three III
nspyred 4,7634.48
15 Categories: Letter 'B' Blitz
Flick 4,6814.69
Wrestlers or Mushrooms?
nabean 4,5884.66
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Miscellaneous
Chenchilla 4,5674.63
Food 7-to-1
samc67 4,5254.34
Sets of Three II
nspyred 4,5004.42
Groups of Four
RobPro 4,4544.56
Find Five 'S' Things
eyes355 4,2724.60
Also a Baby Name Blitz
Scott 4,0944.34
15 Categories: Letter 'D' Blitz
Flick 4,0064.64
Find Five 'U' and 'V' Things
eyes355 3,9654.32
30 in 90: Slogans
lolshortee 3,9304.06
Images That End in 'BLE'
BanjoZebra 3,9154.35
15 Categories: Letter 'C' Blitz
Flick 3,9074.39
10 to 1: Product Brands
filmstudy 3,7734.60
Sets of Three X
nspyred 3,7544.56
Same Name Trios
nspyred 3,6894.59
Sets of Three IV
nspyred 3,6814.63
Sets of Three IX
nspyred 3,5644.72
4-Letter Click Blitz
sproutcm 3,5544.62
'B' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 3,4984.75
Click a Car Logo
RobPro 3,4414.72

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