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Animal Spelling Bee II
Pilgab 15,6114.20
First Then Last Blitz: Alphabet
Doctor_Arzt 9,3324.38
16 Little 7-Letter Word Pictograms
bhenderson79 7,4194.66
Moms Around the World
MTwhiz 6,9854.54
Rhymes with 'Hard'
thebigbigcheese 6,0953.98
Word Fragment
baldorr 5,5524.69
Somewhere in the Middle (Language)
pdigoe 4,8384.69
Three-Letter Words Ending in 'W'
minshkins 4,7544.16
Rhymes with Drink
kendaroo 4,6874.41
-som Definitions
NO_r_WAY 4,6794.70
15 Seconds: Question Words
Flick 4,4654.70
Fill in the Middle: Three Consonants
Purple_Parrot 3,6584.82
Animal Spelling Bee
Pilgab 3,5094.22
7-Letter Word Scramble II
razorz 3,4864.71
Rhymes With 'Dip'
amazingjosh 3,4184.16
Is That French?
strokes_static 3,2404.46
Vocabulary Blitz XXIII
iglew 3,1594.60
These Definitions Are Bugging Me!
bhenderson79 3,0764.72
Word Wheels IX
hockeystix3 3,0174.82
Italian or Romanian?
Pastor_Maldonado 2,9774.66
The Only Letter VI
giveupyet 2,6074.33
Rhymes with Sheep
Flick 2,5834.40
Body Language
popestcyril 2,5594.54
Star Wars Movies in Spanish
whssox 2,4924.49
Word Laddyrinth III
betraisefold 2,4164.24
22 Ways Not to Play 'Ball'
timmylemoine1 2,3504.34
Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag II
BanjoZebra 2,2294.76
'T' Vocabulary (Hard)
beforever 2,1724.65
English Puns
Puzzgal 2,1554.26
Parts of Speech Sorting Blitz
jyrops 2,0364.44
Missing Word Crossword: Idioms
BookishGirl98 1,8854.70
Missing Letter Sorting Blitz
jyrops 1,8064.47
'O' Vocabulary (Medium)
beforever 1,7554.73
Vocabulary Blitz VII
iglew 1,6824.29
Word Ladder Grid II
Purple_Parrot 1,6624.55
16 Little 8-Letter Word Pictograms
bhenderson79 1,6534.85
ASL Fingerspelling: Companies
kfastic 1,5514.74
Sign Language as Official Language
Susan300 1,4634.61
Word Ladder Grid
Purple_Parrot 1,4174.78
Can it Follow 'DU'?
manonthemoon 1,4124.37

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