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1-10 Letter N Words II
sproutcm 10,3244.33
Languages per Continent Minefield
Ubbiebubbie 9,3053.67
Anagram Word Building XII
biggs364 9,1234.43
Acronyms and Initialisms Sorting Minefield
acat42 8,5554.49
One-Minute Crossword XXXVIII
Qaqaq 6,5174.57
Moms Around the World
MTwhiz 5,5774.54
Complete the Expression... With a Picture
Noldeh 4,8574.38
Common 'Other' Language per State
MrChewypoo 4,0994.77
Two-Minute Crossword
Qaqaq 3,9664.61
The Only Letter IV
giveupyet 3,9164.48
Pictured Anagram Pairs VII
Exodiafinder687 3,7434.05
Rosetta Stone Languages
metashades 3,6864.58
Word Cloud Click: Languages
C22zm 3,6814.75
Double Letter Replacements
gazzso 3,5714.67
1910s Slang
Hejman 3,4794.68
Rhymes with 'Fine'
RubySue 3,3474.18
Official Languages World Map
bhenderson79 3,2334.82
Anagram Word Building III
biggs364 3,2204.52
8-Letter Word Scramble III
razorz 3,1114.72
Numbers in French
beforever 3,0564.69
Top 10 European Languages Blitz
Flick 3,0124.18
Indefinite Definitions XI
metashades 2,7534.72
Word Wheels XIV
hockeystix3 2,6994.78
4-Letter Ends in Y
sproutcm 2,6004.43
Star Wars Films Titles in Latin
scole9179 2,5754.20
1-10 Letter O Words
sproutcm 2,4414.36
Rhymes with 'Oat'
flying_tapir 2,3414.48
The Only Letter IX
cwfuturewrestler 2,1884.37
11 Ways to Avoid the 'Team'
giveupyet 2,1594.44
6 Animals, 6 Languages
slipkid 2,0684.49
Name the Nutty Knights!
yippeeyappee 1,9934.28
Anagram Word Building II
biggs364 1,9814.42
16 Little 6-Letter Word Pictograms
bhenderson79 1,8714.46
Trivia Triangles: Languages
bhenderson79 1,7544.83
Vocabulary Blitz LXVII
iglew 1,6514.60
Missing Letter Sorting Blitz
jyrops 1,6314.48
Two-Minute Crossword II
Qaqaq 1,6284.54
Palindrome or Not?
karatekick16 1,6144.48
US/UK Words
ntnon 1,6124.04
Italian-English Name Dictionary
nightfloat 1,4924.50

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