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Father's Day Jokes
bowsntoys 10,7834.20
Paint by Lyrics: The Star-Spangled Banner
Tr4pD00r 10,4824.70
Sporc-tacular Fathers
pdigoe 8,4244.09
Bad Valentine's Day Pick-Up Lines
Tootsnsuch 6964.47
The Sporcle 2012 Christmas Card
rockgolf 4554.11
A Halloween Murder Mystery
MovieGuru 3773.98
Clickable Valentine's Day Jokes
KStericker 2904.23
Holiday Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 2614.20
First Five: Holiday
teedslaststand 2124.33
Blitz: Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa?
BillyJoelRulez 2064.42
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
samc67 1994.50
The Big Board: Holidays
bhenderson79 1694.57
Find the Sporcle Christmas Ornaments
mvheald 1624.22
Have a (Rubber) Ducky Halloween!
timmylemoine1 1484.51
'The Star-Spangled Banner' Clickable Lyrics
citkeane 1354.34
Have Another (Rubber) Ducky Halloween!
timmylemoine1 1354.12
Wiki Holiday Picture Click
metashades 1274.46
Rhymes with 'Earth'
sproutcm 1214.29
Rhymes with 'Gift'
sproutcm 1204.03
U.S. Federal Holiday Free Months
MRL 1164.16
Pitbulls Dressed for Halloween
lolshortee 1074.72
Thanksgiving Dinner Logic Puzzle
razorz 1014.45
Candy Rush
Tootsnsuch 1003.66
Wiki Halloween Picture Click
metashades 994.62
Holiday Words in Book Titles
metashades 944.54
Christmas Songs in Emojis
emilymarie07 844.57
Frosty the Snowman Building Supplies
Sarah_Hendrix 833.99
US Holidays in Order
hscer 774.20
5 by 5 Animated Christmas Characters
lolshortee 764.22
Stupid Christmas Jokes
manonthemoon 764.32
I Hate St. Patrick's Day Jokes Too!
amazingjosh 723.71
The Sporcle Magic Christmas Card
rockgolf 713.97
Tough Choices: Holiday Edition
Purple_Parrot 684.26
Home for the Holidays Logic Puzzle
ThumbsUpGuy 644.14
Not Quite Federal Holidays
El_Dandy 644.57
Follow That Line: Elf
slipkid 624.63
Religious Days Sorting Blitz
PrincessMartell 614.52
Complete the Halloween Jokes
jar514 604.50
Is THAT Holiday on THAT Date?
william2 603.94
That's Not a Turkey!
DesertSpartan 584.18

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