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1st Letter US Presidents 5 to 1
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President Surnames Containing 'A'
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Criteria US Presidents
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Presidential Trivia Logic Game
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The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: '90s Fads
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'C' Presidents
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Historical Figures by Browser History
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20th Century History in Motion
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Hand-Drawn History IX
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Which 20th Century Decade? II
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Twice-Elected Presidents Minefield
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World Leaders' Eyes
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History To-Do Lists
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One Subcategory in 15 Categories - US Presidents
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Five Century Sorting Gallery
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Did It Happen Before or After 1500 AD?
scole9179 4,0894.68
13 Colonies Picture Click
eon 3,9754.36
US Presidents with Queen Elizabeth II
Ksus 3,9134.57
10-to-1: History
Slinenfest 3,7444.76
Honorary Knighthood Slideshow
gordonallan79677 3,7374.57
Famous Women of the 20th Century
Flick 3,3184.38
War Timeline Minefield
perplexed24 3,2874.42
Obscure Knowledge - US Presidents
PenguinsMeercats 3,2774.57
Map of the USA in 1860
scole9179 3,2114.69
History Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 3,2044.19
Alphabetical Confederate States
zalkon2004 3,1924.02
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: History
Thebiguglyalien 3,1563.94
US Presidents by Any 3 Letters
RobPro 3,1524.09
Civil War General or Avenger?
BetterThanKate 3,0664.34
19th Century US States
teedslaststand 2,9554.21
Find American Paintings
timmylemoine1 2,9434.66
Pick A Side: World War II
MortyJSocks 2,7904.59
The New York City Quiz
pbysr 2,5894.27
Art History Match-up
khands 2,4374.56
Famous Quotes About 'F'
citkeane 2,3084.61
Famous Quotes About 'L'
citkeane 2,2894.73
Birth Country Match
CCCP 2,1484.71
20th Century: '70s or '80s?
kfastic 2,0644.70
World History A-Z
History_Lover 1,9764.31
1920s Match-Up
khands 1,9484.64

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