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Three-Part Names: US History
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2016 in Pictures
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History Acrostic Puzzle
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UK History Bunker
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Historical Events by Year and Location Match-Up
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Criteria Empires
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'Y' American History
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Communist Figures Name Match-Up
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Misspelled US Presidents
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Original Constitutional Words
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Let's Conquer the World Together!
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Pick the Middle One: US Presidents
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Historical People at Disneyland
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Presidential First Name per Letter
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10-to-1: History
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Original Fortune 500
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Europe in 1914 Minefield
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Living Children of US Presidents
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Finish the Famous Quote
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Find the Confederate States (Minefield)
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US Citizenship Test II: Would You Pass?
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Twice-Elected Presidents Minefield
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Keep Calm and Make History
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How Much Do You Know About The Titanic?
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13 Colonies (Redux)
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US Presidents Minefield
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Original 13 Colonies
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1980s Match-Up
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World Leaders Quick 7-to-1
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American Civil War Match-up
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US Politicians Sorting Blitz
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US Presidents
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British Monarchs Minefield
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Old Professions by Description
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15th or 16th Century
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Famous 20th Century Quotes
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1950s Match-Up
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