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Who's That With Martin Luther King, Jr.?
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'H' American History Figures
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War Bunker
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I Have A Dream!
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Europe in 1914 Minefield
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Not Invented Yet
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Profile: Martin Luther King Jr.
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Reverse Alphabet: History
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In Memoriam: 2017
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19th Century US States
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'Eight' Year Major Events by Eight Word Clue
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30 in 60: US Presidents
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Which Year? (1970s)
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Three Images: Guess the Historical Figure II
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US Senator or Not?
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Overshadowed Events
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20th Century History: January
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Book and Painting Title Blitz
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Map of the USA in 1860
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1980s Match-Up
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Fifty Famous Figures
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Non-Politician Presidential Candidates
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Treaty of Versailles Nations
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13 Colonies (Redux)
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Who Did It First?
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Historical Murder Match-Up
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25 Facts About Thomas Jefferson
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