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Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield
mhershfield 502,9964.39
Countries of the World
Matt 251,6594.75
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
31415926535 225,3984.00
Europe: Few Outlines, No Skipping Minefield
kfastic 202,2564.02
US Presidents
Matt 197,1724.77
Countries of Europe
Matt 167,9914.77
Find the US States
Matt 143,8724.67
US States
Matt 124,6984.74
Bible or Quran?
Hejman 118,2534.39
Countries of Asia
Matt 99,2054.76
Erase Africa (No Outlines)
goc3 97,9844.53
Countries of Africa
Matt 97,7414.82
Countries of North America
Matt 61,2154.77
Flags of the World
SporcleAdmin 60,2784.72
Clickable 1-100 Mines
RobPro 55,6214.06
Countries of Africa Without Outlines Minefield
kfastic 53,8714.19
Countries of South America
Matt 53,4204.80
Erase the USA (No Outlines)
goc3 52,8274.55
Countries of Oceania
Matt 52,6284.76
Country Trivia Logic Puzzle
skuban 49,8004.01
2014 World Cup Stars
manonthemoon 45,9222.20
Find the US States Ultimate Minefield
mhershfield 45,7294.30
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Oldest to Newest
johnnytaken 45,0294.07
151 Original Pokémon
Matt 40,9744.70
'G' Countries by Area Minefield Blitz
evanmurph 39,9154.05
Find the Countries of Europe
Chenchilla 37,8854.77
Erase the World
goc3 37,7254.30
League of Legends Champions By Ultimate
Wizidross 35,9643.88
Continents in Order of Area (Minefield)
BillyJoelRulez 35,6624.51
NBA Logic Puzzle
DLink47 35,4113.30
Countries of Asia Without Outlines
kfastic 35,2874.20
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines Minefield
smac17 34,6063.94
Obscure Knowledge - US States
PenguinsMeercats 30,6593.74
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: UK
Thebiguglyalien 29,1834.42
4-to-1 Blitz: Europe
BookishGirl98 28,5604.62
US States by Last Letter Minefield
Barbecue 28,2974.52
Japanese Hiragana
CommodoreAmazing 28,2144.67
NBA Teams
Derek 27,7654.64
Countries of Asia Without Outlines Minefield
kfastic 26,8764.02
1-20 Clickable Mines
Benjamin_M 26,1954.16

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