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The Beatles or Rebecca Black?
rockgolf 1,524,1033.07
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics II
supergal 1,143,3554.14
Finish the Lyric
Derek 1,026,9283.94
You Better Lose Yourself
druhutch 1,011,4373.77
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics
supergal 924,9244.01
VH1's 100 Songs ('90s)
Derek 889,1424.57
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics III
supergal 883,8554.42
Musician by Picture
lupin 772,4413.14
'The' Bands
Ben 761,0464.22
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics IV
supergal 748,4984.06
Song Title Fill-in-the-Blank
SporcleAdmin 687,5054.29
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics V
supergal 614,2254.22
Opening Lyrics
HenryFieldstone 589,7194.14
Figure Out the Lyrics II
awix 587,9913.67
30 in 60: Music Artists
MSUKent 580,2304.17
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VI
supergal 557,1514.43
Song Time
sufradley 537,8884.43
Misheard Lyrics
Derek 507,8492.51
Opening Lyrics II
HenryFieldstone 475,1384.44
Figure Out the Lyrics III
rockgolf 443,1274.35
Music Clip Challenge
Saulmeister 420,6424.48
Best Songs (2000s)
rockgolf 418,2873.89
Bohemian Rhapsody Clicky-oke
manonthemoon 395,8424.68
Bands by Antonym
youngs2009 365,0134.06
Finish the Famous Song Lyric
lolshortee 362,1174.45
Don't Stop Believin'
samsabs 357,6994.19
VH1's 100 Songs ('80s)
Derek 349,5054.65
Album Covers
Matt 349,1534.11
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Ben 344,1764.61
4 Second Music Challenge
Kiwi_Buckle 343,2704.32
Figure Out the Lyrics: TV Theme
stoof_dancer997 338,3393.91
30 in 60: Lead Singers
MSUKent 335,6923.96
One Named Musicians
SporcleAdmin 334,1723.16
K-pop Groups by Picture
miomio 332,3983.54
Figure Out the Lyrics IV
JCASEYFU 328,2213.67
Opening Lyrics III
Derek 324,7174.30
Musician By Picture II
lupin 310,5523.87
Rap Lyrics in More Scholarly Language
Mattomic 308,3184.65
Figure Out the Beatles Lyrics III
fiendishthingy88 306,9274.18
First Hit Song
Ben 300,4564.03

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