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Commonest English Words
davidr 3,328,6564.66
Commonly Misspelled Words
jsed85 2,938,6303.29
Rhymes with Cat
gwukelic 862,7503.55
Most Spoken Languages
Matt 856,3773.98
Greek Alphabet
Matt 748,1894.66
Word Laddyrinth
betraisefold 717,5403.74
US/UK Words
ntnon 662,7364.04
Giant Word Ladder I
sproutcm 649,0714.05
Commonly Misspelled Words II
roeyn 562,8013.28
The Black Quiz
SporcleAdmin 543,1774.21
Begins and Ends with 'D'
Derek 503,8274.01
Japanese Hiragana
CommodoreAmazing 494,1074.56
Giant Word Ladder II
sproutcm 490,6784.10
World Languages Bunker
Bolafssonify 466,2513.90
Commonly Misspelled Words III
trusting365 446,1783.06
World Language Sorting Blitz
jyrops 423,7264.34
Word Laddyrinth II
betraisefold 417,3054.31
OO Words
Derek 360,0064.23
Every 2 Letter Word Minefield
bazmerelda 353,4283.73
Commonest Two-Letter Words
boyochels 346,9954.68
The White Quiz
Ben 344,5804.25
Derek 331,5904.30
Spanish: Colors
Derek 315,0124.45
Giant Word Ladder III
sproutcm 305,4444.46
Countries per Largest Languages
nrsilver 295,6744.60
Word Laddyrinth III
betraisefold 286,9054.25
Rhymes with 'Late'
HovercraftEels 283,7414.39
Speed Jumble
LTH 278,9914.38
Call the Grammar Police
Lprdgecko 277,1444.54
In & Out Labyrinth
betraisefold 274,6284.08
Word Laddyrinth VIII
betraisefold 272,5733.65
Criteria Languages
mic747 265,2554.36
HenryFieldstone 263,9744.12
Palindromic Words
SporcleAdmin 257,0893.99
Rhymes With Jump
slipkid 256,4204.30
Word Laddyrinth VII
betraisefold 254,5554.00
Official Languages of Europe
MathijsP 253,8974.51
Top 20 Surnames (US)
Derek 249,8234.39
French Speaking Countries
Jam1 247,6084.48
Spanish Speaking Countries
Jam1 239,6084.53

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