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Clickable 1-100 Mines
RobPro 12,185,8494.07
iurewhiuerw 6,622,0084.06
Typing Challenge
HenryFieldstone 4,325,9174.22
Drawing a Blank
jdfulp 3,540,2053.95
True or False Logic Quiz
Government_Agent 3,399,8604.21
1-50 in 60
carrgrecss 3,264,0763.91
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Qqoobbllss 2,866,8424.17
The Odd/Even Challenge
manonthemoon 2,477,3334.06
Eye-Numbing Numbers
sproutcm 1,837,6823.71
Drawing a Blank II
jdfulp 1,625,8373.52
Find Voldemort! An H. P. Logic Puzzle
gambitgambit 1,575,8093.96
Animals A-Z
lupin 1,384,4544.38
1-20 Clickable Mines
Benjamin_M 1,331,1054.08
Word Race (3 Letters)
paranoid_android 1,257,8783.91
Colors of the Rainbow
Derek 1,235,9523.81
Spacebar Challenge II
LumpyJ3 1,135,5683.51
Pick Which Color?
Matt 1,117,6754.25
The Diabolical Minefield Maze
MrChewypoo 1,036,6713.56
60 Second Blitz: States
miyomiyo1 980,4964.21
The Heinous Lying Logic Puzzle
MovieGuru 856,2264.39
30 Second Logic Puzzle
eon 820,3864.13
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle
NYYanks 801,5624.62
Safe Cracker
Flick 800,5023.80
Green or Red? A Logic Puzzle
NYYanks 790,3883.56
Drawing a Blank III
jdfulp 764,7423.30
Clickable 1-10 Mines
Benjamin_M 749,4763.99
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle II
Always_Toria 748,6224.21
A Minefield Puzzle
vikZ 747,0164.72
Test Your Memory
MSUKent 693,6314.04
Big Mac Ingredients
Derek 680,3532.15
Typing Challenge II
HenryFieldstone 679,3254.08
Classroom Grades Logic Puzzle
Henry820 678,9443.57
Figure Out the Lyrics
awix 658,8554.37
Anything but US States
Mateo56 654,7524.18
Codebreaker Logic Puzzle
dm21uk 629,2314.42
Don't Say the F-Word
drappo 626,5653.92
25 Number Logic Puzzle
Skinkwe 625,5214.32
Color Logic Puzzle
geogeorge 612,6403.77
Quick! Click the Only One!
MSUKent 595,5444.41
Cereal in Milk!
RyanM 575,6224.13

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