Saturday's QuizzesMar 24
Mapless State Capitals Armageddon!

by geshmonkey

Help put these capitals back on the map.
Countries by Major Islands

by hoobsher

Now these are some islands we wouldn't mind being stranded on.
Oscar-Nominated Historical Event

by Hejman

And the award for Best War goes to....
Cube Maze IV

by GreenGuineaPig

When it comes to cubes vs. spheres, we give cubes the edge.
Anyone but Richard Nixon

by lolshortee

When the president does it, we write a quiz about it.
Parental Words

by El_Dandy

If dad doesn't know the answers, go ask mom.
Quickly Click Over the Rainbow

by samc67

Fun Fact: Rainbows actually taste nothing like Skittles.
Movies Missing 'B' Words

by kfastic

This is not to be confused with B-movies.
Friday's QuizzesMar 23
US States Minesweeper III

by joeydeka

Keep calm and click carefully.
Vocabulary Blitz XLI

by iglew

We think you should be able to deduce the answers here.
15 Categories: Letter 'C' Blitz

by Flick

At least you can 'C' the blitz coming.
Odd One Out: Movie Words by Director

by jyrops

It's like you're helping these directors edit their films.
What Came First? 20th Century

by biggs364

Don't worry. There aren't any chickens or eggs in this quiz.
TV Shows By Apron

by alinrotundu

This is taking TV dinners to a whole new level.
Planets in Reverse Alphabetical Order

by mynameisowen13

And you thought the storms were bad where you live.
Splitting World Capitals

by LTH

No use splitting hairs over world capitals.
NCAA Men's Tournament Top Scorer 1980-2018

by bbystricky

We just hope this won't drive you to madness.
Thursday's QuizzesMar 22
National Security Advisors

by qfbhhq

How long do you have to be a security guard before you reach this position?
2018 March Madness Minefield

by armadilloking

Some in the Old Dominion are probably a bit upset about this year's tournament.
3 Songs, 1 Missing Word X

by ghcgh

Hopefully the lead singers of these songs didn't forget any of the words.
6 to 1: South America

by mg10

For this quiz, all roads lead to Rio.
Lucky Seven Crossword IV

by El_Dandy

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than to be good.
Things Our Bodies Do

by petenge

Underneath it all, we're all human beings with the same embarrassing body processes.
Michael Who?

by wilycub

Oh yeah, Michael Who. We remember him. He's the guy who founded The Who, right?
One Word 'N' and 'O' Movies

by Larryholmes79

Please, sir, may we have more movies?
David Bowie Songs by Any Word

by Skelettfejset

"Nothing will keep us together. We can beat them for ever and ever. We can be heroes, just for one day."
Colored Number Selection 1-100

by goc3

Keep your eye on the colors.
Wednesday's QuizzesMar 21
Categorical California

by pdigoe

They know how to party.
Criteria Characters: Harry Potter II

by biggs364

The hard part is figuring out if it's secretly Tonks in disguise.
Keep Your Hair On

by shirleyalpha

There're some hairy questions here....
Oscar Nominated 'B' Films

by qlh27

Don't confuse these with B-movies.
Anything but Latvia

by Pastor_Maldonado

Questions? We've got a lot-for-ya.
TV Roommates

by Noldeh

You'd need at least three more roommates to afford those apartments.
10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000

by senordingdong

Watch out for that tricky decimal place
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