Wednesday's QuizzesApr 29
First Letter Europe Blitz

by Flick

Luckily, you wont have to travel Europe this quickly.
Click the 'C' Movie Title Character

by ddd62291

We promise it isn't a grade. Unless we didn't like the movie, then it is.
1990s: Animated Series II

by DIEGO1000

But how many of them are still going. And how many should keep going?
Fill the Hex Map: NHL Teams

by Acntx

They did tell us the hexagon was the most stable shape in chemistry.
What's in a Company Name?

by pdigoe

Probably letters, and maybe words from those letters?
Hatching Animals

by LyndonG

It's what happens when you celebrate Easter way too early.
Pieces of Art IV

by AuroraIllumina

"Stop staring at my hat!" Eyes down here.
1st Letter Elements 5 to 1

by sproutcm

If we had things our way, the only element starting with 'K' would be Kyrgyzstanium.
Harry Potter: Spell Spelling

by Pompom68

We're not sure how much of a spellcaster this will make you, but let us know how it goes.
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 28
Blind Secret Country IV

by goc3

For extra points, take this quiz blindfolded.
Click a Movie, Initially - Musicals

by B_Awesome_87

You're excused if you break out into song while playing this quiz.
Absent Letter Beverages

by RobFitz

Sorry, we drank them all. There isn't any more for sharing.
European Capitals First Letter Blitz

by El_Dandy

Generally the first letter is all you need to get your affairs in order, right?
One-Minute Crossword XXXII

by Qaqaq

If you can do a New York Times crossword in one minute, we'll be super impressed.
2000s Songs Meeting in the Middle

by ghcgh

Well everything is all about compromise, so meeting in the middle is a pretty important skill.
Click the 1,000 Game Pitchers

by Hejman

How many baseballs do you think these pitchers went through on average?
TV Shows Missing 'O' Words

by kfastic

Seeing some TV with a bunch of missing words would also probably make you say "Oh."
National Geographic Covers

by aglick

If they do articles on multiple nations doesn't that make them International Geographic?
Monday's QuizzesApr 27
5 in 15: Asian Countries

by Doctor_Arzt

If you get 1 in 3, it's like the same thing, right? That's how reducing fractions works.
Last Ten: French Presidents in Order

by thebail

Thinking about Macron makes us want a macaron. Or even some macaroons.
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Half-Blood Prince

by Quiztopia

Imagine if half-blood just meant they had half the average volume of blood inside of them.
Symmetric Crossword VII

by ml1234567

We're not sure if slapping some mirrors into the middle of your screen would help. You're welcome to try, though.
Changing NFL Logos: Green Bay Packers

by timschurz

They needed a new graphic designer. Figured we could get a head start.
Presidential Powers

by Thebiguglyalien

With great power comes great responsibility. At least it works that way for Spider-Man.
Past to Present City Match

by hockeystix3

The tough part is predicting what they'll look like as future cities.
4-Letter 'S' Words with Double Letters

by teedslaststand

"Ssss" isn't a real word unless you're a snake.
What's in the Box: Avengers

by Barbecue

We not sure if sitting in boxes is something Avengers do. Maybe if they all became housecats.
Sunday's QuizzesApr 26
Classic TV Actresses

by babymonkee

We only watch things when they're considered classics. Helps with the elitism.
Oscar Best Actor (2000s)

by minshkins

You can win a fancy statue if you're real good at pretending to be somebody else.
Beyond 2000: Cartoons Slot Machine

by gazzso

You're about to hit the jackpot.
N64 Games by Screenshots

by El_Dandy

Watch out for proximity mines.
Terrible Jokes VI

by ZYX

They're so bad, they made a statue facepalm.
Sunday Crossword: Fruit Salad

by BookishGirl98

Whoever you are, wherever you are, there's a good chance you could eat a couple more fruits.
1-10 Letter G Words II

by sproutcm

Time to get in a good gander at some great words.
Norwegian Borders Minefield

by Pastor_Maldonado

Neighbors that have always wanted to live in Norway but just can't a-fjord it.
Picture the Song VII

by PenguinsMeercats

Unfortunately there's no music video for us to pull inspiration from.
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