Sunday's QuizzesSep 23
Game Show by IMDb Description

by gingerlover

Are you game to play a game about game shows?
Grand 'ol Quiz

by BanjoZebra

You're a high-flying quiz.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Actresses

by MrWhiplash

How well do you know your leading ladies?
Languages by Cake

by Pilgab

This one's a piece of cake.
Bruce Springsteen Opening Lyrics

by Servo91

Assuming he doesn't open the song with a rasp.
Disney Animated Movie Titles by Word Count

by teedslaststand

Not exactly how we'd order our Disney movies, but to each his own.
First Name Frenzy!

by MSUKent

We're not joking about the word "Frenzy" here.
Saturday's QuizzesSep 22
Symbolic Scientists!

by Purple_Parrot

Make your science teacher proud.
Finish the Famous Hermione Granger Quote

by lolshortee

Can you compete with the cleverest witch at Hogwarts?
Multilingual Movie Quotes

by bhenderson79

Movie quotes are the universal language.
The 'Centenary Clock'

by needapausebutton

When all of the clock faces line up, do we get a prize?
10 Closest Capitals to Ljubljana

by GreenDragon

Hop on a bike and don't Slovenia down.
Colored Symbol Selection IV

by goc3

In this case, X doesn't mark the spot.
Miscolored Films

by geshmonkey

This quiz would have been impossible before Technicolor.
Friday's QuizzesSep 21
Find the Green Animals

by alvir28

It's not easy being green.
The Hail Mary


This is one quiz you don't want to pass on.
Around the Perimeter of Brazil

by mg10

But that's like a Brazilian miles!
European Car Manufacturers

by bortoluka

Getting these all correct will make Euro day.
Either or, but Which? IV

by nabean

You can solve this either which way.
'T' Natural World

by Cortez

We thought a tree pun would be too sappy.
Biggest and Best by Sporcle Category

by biggs364

Shine bright like a Sporcle category.
60 Second SPORCLE Blitz: Oscar Best Pictures

by sproutcm

We can already hear the "wrap-it-up" music playing.
Pieces of Maps (Canada)

by AuroraIllumina

It's not quite a piece of cake.
Thursday's QuizzesSep 20
Find the European Countries Beginning With 'M'

by PrincessMartell

'M' is perfect for those who like to start in the middle.
Big 4 Team Blitz

by MapleLeaf

Three right minutes can be game-changing.
The Only One: Months of the Year

by stepheash

Every month has their own unique thing going on.
Criteria Numbers (40-50)

by Babamots

Calculators are for cheaters. Real mathematicians still use an abacus.
Sun, Cloud, Rain, or Snow?

by El_Dandy

In some places, you ask yourself this question almost every day.
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - TV Show

by MrWhiplash

Categories are great and all, but subcategories are where it's at.
Sporcle at the Movies

by babymonkee

Popcorn -- check. Slushie -- check. Notebook to write down trivia notes -- check.
Find the Countries of Asia in Their Official Language

by teedslaststand

What do you call someone who speaks fifty languages? Quinquagintilingual, or genius?

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