Thursday's QuizzesMay 3
Pub Crawl: Pick the US Beers

by matthijsbp

Stumble your way through this quiz.
Europe: What Does It Border?

by WalshyMusic

There's not a lot of wiggle room between European countries.
Any NFL Team Besides the Raiders

by sathyamc

Once you enter the Black Hole, there's no getting out.
Find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees (1990s)

by Noldeh

"All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff."
Two 'M' Words by One Hint

by DesertSpartan

Who're the masterminds behind this quiz?
Who Was Top Billed? IV

by g_norm

The bigger the cast, the bigger the billing.
Food and Drink By Socks

by JackDots

A whole new meaning to the phrase, "Put your foot in your mouth."
Keyboard Quiz: Shakespeare's Plays

by Quiztopia

Shakespeare never had the benefit of using a keyboard, so consider yourself fortunate.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 2
Haiku Multiple Choice: Animals

by bhenderson79

Animals are cute
and haikus are amusing.
What more could you want?
Big 4 Teams (Redux)

by sportfreak642

If you accidentally click a mine, be a good sport about it.
Fancy Pants Monopoly Boards II

by kfastic

How fancy can a monopoly board really be?
Song Title Overlaps IV

by ghcgh

One song crossfades into another.
NFL Passing TDs (2017)

by baros1

Naming all the quarterbacks will get you started.
Landlocked Africa Map

by phosphorus51

You have the map right in front of you, all you need to know is which country is which.
TV Show Back to the Camera

by lolshortee

Because "... Front to the Camera" would be way too easy.
When Harry Met Book Titles

by christopherjulia

Harry sure likes to try and solve mysteries, but he's no Sherlock Holmes.
'A' Country Names in 6 Languages

by LisaSimpsonOH

So many countries, so little time.
Big Movie Posters

by babymonkee

All movie posters are big, but these movies know it.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 1
Words Within Words 'D' Blitz

by Scuadrado

Making new words has never been so easy!
5 to 1: Fruits and Vegetables

by mg10

Kid tested, mother approved.
The Last Word: Movie Genres III

by Flick

Will you ultimately have the last word?
Big 4 Sports Teams by Division Blitz

by El_Dandy

Blitzes: they're not just for football anymore.
Pieces of Maps (South America)

by AuroraIllumina

Good luck getting through this all in one piece.
World Leaders' Signatures

by alinrotundu

Legible handwriting is obviously not a requirement to lead a country.
ABCD Movies

by JoeBeta

Let these movies take you for a ride.
Games by Song Trios

by Purple_Parrot

"You've got to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em."
Neville Longbottom Multiple Choice Trivia

by seantlittle

"Sorry, but have you seen a toad at all?"
Monday's QuizzesApr 30
Obscure Knowledge - European Capitals

by PenguinsMeercats

If you just remember the capital you always forget, you should be good to go.
Holiday Spelling Test

by LTH

There's no place like Sporcle for the holidays.
Vocabulary Blitz XLII

by iglew

Only about a thousand more of these to go before we've done the whole dictionary.
30 Two-Word 'A' Musicians Match-Up

by braverobot

Anyone out there who doesn't like music puns has our symphony.
Highest Grossing Movies (2016)

by manonthemoon

How many of these movies did you see?
TV Show by Cast Reunion Photo II

by WillieG

We love seeing these people back together.
Stupid Spring Jokes

by lolshortee

These jokes are sure to put a spring in your step.
Find the Cartoon Mice

by kfastic

Our puns are so cheesy, we could feed all these mice.

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