Friday's QuizzesMay 8
7-to-1: World War II

by Cutthroat

Today marks the 75th anniversary of V-E Day.
Find the 80's Sitcom

by gingerlover

Actually, we already found them for you. You just have to click them.
Letter 'I' Bunker

by Flick

Not an Eye Bunker. This is something different.
Typing Challenge: The Beatles

by lizbsn

It's not just typing 'The Beatles' 40 times - that would be too easy.
4x4 Image Crossword: Flags

by bhenderson79

The perfect quiz for all of you vexillologist cruciverbalists out there.
Pick a Southern US Dish

by hellofromUK

If it's from the Southern US, it's a pretty good bet that it'll be fried.
The Only One: MLB

by stepheash

If you've got only one baseball, the game's probably going to end when the first foul ends up in the stands.
Harry Potter Name Game

by LTH

Playing the name game would be easier if we didn't have He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Religion

by Chenchilla

Sorting them all into "religion" is cheating. You know it, we know it.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! XX

by BigAl1994

Most movies normally have a lot more than 8 scenes, but someone's got to make the budget cuts.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 7
Match Game: Classic Comedies

by DIEGO1000

This match game is not hosted by Gene Rayburn or Alec Baldwin.
Hidden Neighbors of India

by markassonne

Bhutan? Nepal? Where did you go?
Only One Is Not...a US President II

by MSUKent

But the real question is, who is the one who isn't a President?
Three Plus Five

by BanjoZebra

It would be nice if the quiz started and you could just type '8' to get 100%, but that's not how it works.
Movies of 1978

by El_Dandy

So did they actually start the DCEU way back then?
Which Video Game Character?

by strokes_static

We really want to figure out how to play this quiz with an N64 controller.
'K' TV Character Match

by metashades

Everywhere you look, it's Kates, Kyles, Karens, and Khal Drogos.
Anyone but Draco Malfoy

by ceciliacarlid

"Think my name's funny, do you?" Also yes. We do.
David Bowie Songs by Image

by I-Am-Batman

Also known as "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Clickable Image Quizzes from Mars."
Oceanian Capital per Letter

by sproutcm

Have you been brushing up on your Micronesia & Fiji trivia lately?
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 6
Criteria 'J' Cities

by BoggelTeam

This will be the world's fastest trip between Jerusalem and Jakarta.
2019 Movie Characters by Film Blitz

by Doctor_Arzt

This wasn't long ago, so hopefully you remember them.
Any NFL Team Besides the Buccaneers

by sathyamc

Don't ask Tom Brady, they're the only team he wanted to choose.
4-Letter Countries by Flag

by RobPro

If you were looking for a break from typing 'Kyrgyzstan', come play this quiz about countries with short names.
According to Disney Songs II

by lolshortee

According to Disney, everyone is liable to break into song at any given moment.
One Per Category: Literature

by Hejman

How jam packed are your bookshelves?
Find the Peacock Animals

by alvir28

There's one! We found it!
Mastermind VI

by goc3

Time to give this quiz a piece of your mind. Maybe a couple pieces.
Word Wheels IX

by hockeystix3

Just don't get a flat tire. Spare word wheels are hard to come by.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 5
NBA Point Guard Photo Minefield

by gazzso

This quiz is explosive in more ways than one.
Celebrity Sorting XII

by WalshyMusic

Some day, will Julia Roberts become a politician and break this quiz?
Sort the Bordering Countries: Europe II

by Jordi38

Not to be confused with countries that 'sort of' border Europe.
Pick the Word - 'D' Movies

by sproutcm

They might be D-Movies, but they star A-Listers.
Literary Title Role Characters

by LTH

You'd hope they'd be pretty memorable if their names are on the book covers.
Find the Cartoon Rodents

by kfastic

We smell a rat. And also some hamsters, squirrels, and chipmunks.
Fix the Mexico Map

by mikenew

We're not sure who broke it, but hopefully you can help.
Which Jovian Planet?

by El_Dandy

We won't fault you if you just click Uranus for every question.
Dogs Celebrating Holidays

by BookishGirl98

If you needed an adorable break from the rest of your day, this is it.
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