Wednesday's QuizzesJun 14
'L' Authors
Some people choose to write simply for the 'L' of it.
7,292 plays
NBA Same Last Name Trios 2
Basketball players must be really messy eaters, they're always dribbling.
27,958 plays
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 1
This quiz is definitely easier than attempting this with Quidditch Through the Ages.
120,984 plays
Old Glory of USA
You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag.
20,069 plays
True or False Blitz: Music
If it's music, can it ever really be considered 'wrong'?
13,794 plays
6-Letter Words Without First or Last Letters
So, now they're four-letter words?
12,560 plays
Name Any Country...
Well, not ANY country.
36,706 plays
Movie Quote Picture Click - Action Films
This quiz is where the action is.
20,259 plays
Who's That Greek God? II
Here's to hoping that if you ever actually meet a Greek god, you'll recognize them.
11,862 plays
Find That Movie! V
Where did those movies get off to this time?
19,922 plays
Tuesday's QuizzesJun 13
TV Shoes
A quiz about shoes? Why knot?
11,774 plays
10 Words 20 Definitions VIII
We're surprised cats read the dictionary. We thought they'd be more interested in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.
18,974 plays
19th Century: First or Second Half
This is a game of two halves.
12,961 plays
Click the Correct Animal III
Now that is a mustache!
18,486 plays
Even More Similar Song Titles
This well be fun. Don't believe me? Just watch.
16,488 plays
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle II
Keep calm and click carefully.
30,361 plays
4 to 13 Letter 'F' Places
These 'F' words are harmless.
24,579 plays
24 Movie Posters with Backs
Just don't turn your back on this quiz.
14,214 plays
Monday's QuizzesJun 12
Mammal by Necktie
If a giraffe wore a tie, do you think they'd put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks?
12,573 plays
War Bunker
An army of octopuses would be the most well-armed around.
75,166 plays
One-Star Disney
There's just no pleasing some people.
28,510 plays
Complete the Book Title... With a Picture
Here is proof that every book would be better with pictures.
35,494 plays
'Tear Down This Wall!'
30 years ago today, Ronald Reagan made this famous plea to Mikhail Gorbachev.
6,044 plays
10 Sub- Words
If vocabulary isn't your thing, why not sub someone else in to take this quiz for you?
13,482 plays
Short but Stout
Short athletes are still pretty tall, if you ask us.
16,281 plays
Find Five 'G' Things
This quiz is brought to you by the letter 'G'.
42,411 plays
Ancient Ruins by Night
These ruins just light up at night.
12,987 plays
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common XI
Well for starters, they're all movies.
25,158 plays
Sunday's QuizzesJun 11
Star Maze! II
Can you navigate the maze and earn yourself a gold star?
8,108 plays
Airlines by Tail Logo
It's kind of hard to see the tail logo from the ground after a plane has taken off.
13,478 plays
Whom Did Will Smith Play?
We'll give you a hint: None of the answers are 'The Fresh Prince'.
13,663 plays
When Harry Met Shakespeare
This is a fitting crossover, considering much of the 'Harry Potter' cast had performed Shakespeare on-stage.
17,997 plays
'C' in Asia
Not if we C U in Asia first.
10,243 plays
Almost Useless Movie Trivia XII
It's only useless trivia if you aren't compelled to see the movie after playing this quiz.
24,637 plays
Name Any Capital... FAST!
You're going to need to know your capitals AND your border shapes for this one.
33,137 plays
Anyone but Barack Obama
We see you stylin' over there, President Obama. Keep on keeping on, chief.
16,757 plays
Saturday's QuizzesJun 10
Traffic Light Colors Blitz
Finally, all those hours spent playing red-light, green-light as a kid will pay off.
16,222 plays
Think Fast Math II
Think fast, click faster.
9,816 plays
Big 4 5-Letter Teams Match-Up
Are we still talkin' about practice?
16,935 plays
Mixed Flags
Vexillology meets mad science experiment.
18,843 plays
Spot the Difference XVI
This quiz really hits the spot.
15,938 plays
French Borders Minefield
Parlez-vous sporclais?
45,931 plays
Going Up In Movie Numbers
You can count on these movies.
16,084 plays
First Five: Music
Without music, the world would B flat.
10,035 plays
Friday's QuizzesJun 9
Days Consonants
Go ahead, make my day.
20,085 plays
Europe by First and Last Letters Blitz
Think you know your countries of Europe? Good luck with this.
45,409 plays
Visual Missing Word: Song Titles
Today you get to fill in the blanks with pictures instead of words.
13,391 plays
Greater GDP than the US Defense Budget
This list of countries might not be as big as you think.
13,933 plays
5-Star Parts of Speech
This noun is so adjective.
10,351 plays
NOT Johnny Depp
We don't serve his piratey kind here.
9,872 plays
Color the Logo: NBC
NBC clearly needs help transitioning from black and white to color.
9,269 plays
Thursday's QuizzesJun 8
'H' Vocabulary (Medium)
What the heck could these words mean?
24,487 plays
Click the Animal in the Movie Quotes
Maybe monkeys with typewriters really are working for Hollywood...
27,899 plays
Many Letter Countries Per Letter
Not sure if you'll need an atlas or a dictionary for this one.
20,253 plays
'Pop' Foods
We decided to pop a few questions.
21,466 plays
Top Tobacco Producing States
There's always a few surprises in these state produce quizzes.
16,784 plays
Time Travelers
Someone really needs to go ahead and invent a time machine already.
10,403 plays
Hand-Drawn History VI
Hopefully you don't draw a blank on any of these.
14,852 plays
South Park Character Click
Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!
17,665 plays
Movie Cast Match (1985)
Some years are just good for movies. 1985 is one of them.
16,329 plays
A Million Times for UK Parliament
It's a Parliament party!
9,802 plays

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