Friday's QuizzesApr 23
Nine in Time: Actors II

by Doctor_Arzt

Anything under 30 seconds will count as 'in time', in case you were wondering.
Song Lyrics Mini Acrostic Puzzle

by bhenderson79

It's almost as puzzling as getting your guitar pick back after you drop it in the hole of the acoustic guitar.
One Per Category: 1980s Sports

by Hejman

We're guessing your answer for the 'NBA Champion' category won't also work for the 'Indy 500 Winner' category.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Characters

by Nietos

We're hoping you can at least identify two specific characters here.
Anything but the Picture: Entertainment

by GeoEarthling

Maybe you can take the picture too... if you give the blue guy a cookie?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature II

by Chenchilla

Here we thought we wouldn't need sorting skills if we became English majors.
Foursomes From Every Category II

by Pilgab

We heard three was a crowd so we solved that.
Thursday's QuizzesApr 22
First Letter Africa Blitz

by Flick

Africa starts with 'a'. Is that it? Did we solve it?
Hide Your 'U' Movies

by El_Dandy

These movies were picked especially for 'U'.
Sports by Scoreboard

by t_rev19

How many people would actually attend the game if they didn't tell you who was winning?
World Leaders by First 3 Letters

by Slinenfest

These could make good nicknames. We're going to start calling them 'Oba', 'Ard', and 'Tru'.
5-Star DC Villains

by ddd62291

Are we leaving Yelp reviews for villains now?
Women Nominated for Best Director

by Margann

Real talk: this list is way too small.
Click the Normal Pokémon (Gen. 1)

by beforever

Most of these Pokémon don't look entirely normal, if we're honest.
Wednesday's QuizzesApr 21
Geography 7 to 1: Letter 'B'

by iluvgeo

This quiz will take you from Bishkek to the Baltic Sea and back again.
Weakest Link: Elements

by themightymoosh

Iron seems like it would generally make a pretty strong link, right?
Multi-Category Threesomes IV

by strokes_static

Three cheers for clickable trivia!
15 Seconds of Fame: Will Smith

by Doctor_Arzt

Fifteen seconds of Will Smith is nowhere near enough Will Smith.
Click the Fictional Jenny

by Jovahkiin

Do they all share the same phone number, and is it 867-5309?
Big 4 Champions of the 1990s

by Anne13

You can go ahead and just skip entering the Bills.
5-Letter Asian Country Blitz

by sproutcm

We're going to say that 'United Arab Emirates' is not a good guess in this one.
Classical Composer by Haiku

by biggs364

Here are some poems
About classical music
For your enjoyment.
Historical Figures Mix

by Scimitar_2002

We're building one historical figure out of nine other historical figures. Like a very influential Frankenstein.
Disney Movie Background Quartets

by mariapiscitelli5

Sorry, if you were looking for foreground trios.
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 20
How Close Can You Get To...? VI

by gazzso

If you're using a GPS, you can probably get pretty close.
4x4 Image Crossword: Albums

by bhenderson79

We hope this quiz inspires you to rearrange your CD collection into a grid that spells out some words.
Connect the Movies

by ElPonDeLeon

Once you've connected them, you've made a double feature.
Premier League Players Face/Off

by Eobo

Were Jon Travolta and Nicolas Cage ever in the Premier League?
Movies by Three Unnamed Characters VII

by Qaqaq

A character doesn't need an official name to be memorable.
Animal to Country Match-Up

by nibperrychub

How'd the animals end up in the wrong country in the first place?
Sportswomen by Image

by BookishGirl98

Thanks for reminding us we haven't been outside in so long.
States by 'W' Cities

by stereo_love

They're in an everlasting battle with the "L" cities. They're still winning.
3 Books by Jane Austen

by zonkeda

Bonus points if you were told to read Jane Austen and then you didn't.

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