TuesdayJanuary 20th
Sports Teams Sorting Blitz
This is organized sports at its finest.
Odd But True Facts
Can you beat the odds?
State Ending Trio Pairs
If there's something more Sporcle-centric than 'trio pairs' we'd like to hear about it.
Forms of the Same Name: M
These names are not quite as original as you were led to believe.
Disney Character Mania
Be our guest down under the sea, and we'll paint with all the colors of the wind.
Monopoly: Sent by Chance
So you're saying there's a chance?
Three Images: Guess the Writer
Just imagine a few of these authors playing charades together and tell us you're not intrigued!
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MondayJanuary 19th
Italian Car Brands
In our experience, Italian cars are almost always driven by someone who looks like Magnum PI.
Which Happened First? (WWII)
In case you're confused, WWI definitely happened before WWII.
Fictional Fast Food
We all know we've wanted to go to at least one of these restaurants at some point.
Super Bowl Winning QBs by Picture
When it comes down to it, if you're a great QB and you haven't won the Super Bowl, you might as well have never played.
5-Letter Vocabulary II
These words are very important if you hope to be any good at crossword puzzles.
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SundayJanuary 18th
Figure Out The Lyrics (Grease)
Pink Ladies and Greasers unite!
1980s Match-Up
Nothing matched in the 80s, so this quiz already doesn't make sense.
NFC Championship Starting QBs
Sure they can start, but which of them finished with a win?
HELLO...My Name Is...'L'
There are oddly no Elle's on this quiz.
Vocabulary Blitz V
Faster, faster! Move! Move! Move!
Male Lead by Co-Stars
Who cares about the stars when you can have all the co-stars?
Same Start: Countries and Elements
Apparently variety is NOT the spice of life.
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SaturdayJanuary 17th
Periodic Table by Element
This quiz had us right in our element.
Fictional Maps
You won't ever be lost, even if the place you're in doesn't exist.
Countries Ending in 'N' per Letter
Globetrotter status: achieved.
Work and Play in Beatles Songs
If you know the Beatles at all, this won't be a hard day's night's work for you.
World Languages by Any 3 Letters
This is like high school Spanish class: you don't have to know all of the language, just enough to get by.
Famous Quotes About 'M'
You could say these quotes are magnificent.
TV Shows From 3-Word Clues
Coming up next: the most concise summaries of TV shows in the history of the internet.
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FridayJanuary 16th
Criteria Animal Species
This is no time to monkey around. Unless of course you are a monkey, in which case, carry on.
5-Hour Road Trip (New York)
If we took into account traffic time, there would of course be no quiz...
Singin' in the Movies
We don't advise singing in the movie theater. But we make a special case for the folks on screen.
'A' Logos
We're all about these A logos.
20 Largest Japanese Cities
Despite all the Godzilla movies, Japan's population is still going strong at 127 million.
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ThursdayJanuary 15th
Oscar Nominees (2014)
Which of these movies earned it and which made it in on pure luck?
Same TV Show Trios
Three's Company didn't make the cut this time. Sorry Suzanne Somers.
Single Name Musicians
We refuse to believe they were born with last names, like mere mortals.
A 'This or That' Quiz
This is this and that is that but this is not that and that is not this. Wait, we're confused.
Books that Lost a Word
Lost words probably make these books hard to read.
Cartoon Character by Outfit
It must be easy to pick out your clothes when you wear the same thing every day.
5-Letter Clickagrams
Can you resist the temptation to click?
Asian Country A-Z Blitz
Asia's a big place, you'll have to type fast to get through the whole alphabet.
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WednesdayJanuary 14th
Europe (Redux)
Ah, Europe. We meet again.
Rhymes with 'Ice'
Don't get cold feet for this one.
CMYK Printer Colors
We always thought CMYK was like the less cool version of CBGB.
US Presidents: Sudden Deaths & Close Calls
Being president is a dangerous job, but somebody's gotta do it.
80s Albums: Odd One Out
'Odd' sums up the 80s pretty well.
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