Thursday's QuizzesFeb 28
Countries With Most Remote Islands

by xyz_

Are you looking to really get away from it all?
4 Decades of Oscar Movies II

by kfastic

There was a Lord of the Rings movie released in the 1970s, but we're pretty sure it wasn't the one that won Best Picture.
One-Minute Crossword XXIII

by Qaqaq

These crossword quizzes all have their ups and downs.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: 20th Century Inventions

by MrWhiplash

The 20th century is starting to feel like a long time ago.
Movies by Last Name VI

by gingerlover

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.
Literary Jumbles

by beforever

Read fine prank nested. (Speak friend and enter.)
TV Pop-Ups IV

by Thebiguglyalien

Error messages aren't just for computers anymore.
Wednesday's QuizzesFeb 27
Find the 'I' Countries

by teedslaststand

This is a pretty 'I'-catching quiz.
Alternating Consonants and Vowels

by DesertSpartan

If you're feeling inconsonant, just remember about your vowel movements.
Almost Useless Literature Trivia

by bhenderson79

A good book is never useless.
Find the Missing Colors in TV Shows

by timmylemoine1

Black and white TV makes us melancholic, so we prefer color.
Words Missing 'AEIOU'

by esmeyny

Those are usually pretty important letters.
Anyone but Dwight D. Eisenhower

by lolshortee

“Never waste a minute thinking about people you don't like.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Disney Character Speaking II

by SuperSolver98

When Disney characters speak, they're liable to break into song at any moment.
Vowel-less Backwards US States

by I-Am-Batman

Do you know your US states backward and forward?
Tuesday's QuizzesFeb 26
5 to 1: Cities

by mg10

We built this city on geography trivia.
Who Am I? Famous People II

by DIEGO1000

Who am I? Am I Santa? Not quite.
15 Categories: Letter 'M' Blitz

by Flick

This quiz won't melt in your hand.
Disney Animated Movies: Oldest to Newest

by Derek

If you make it all the way through this one, you've earned the right to do a celebratory dance.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (1980s)

by samc67

It takes more than a letter to ruin the best 80's songs.
Single Name Movies

by jvwald

When you're a title character, you can really make a name for yourself.
Athletic Presidents

by Hejman

When you're president, the refs are afraid to call you for traveling.
Image Word Wheel VIII

by JoeBeta

The struggle is wheel.
Find Canada's Walk of Fame Inductees

by Noldeh

Most of these celebrities belong on ANY walk of fame.
Monday's QuizzesFeb 25
Movie Titles Connection

by WhoFan1979

Featuring films such as "When Max Was Water" and "The Most Golden Mockingbird."
'U' in Geography

by RobPro

Are U ready for some geography?
Missing Metals Multiple Choice

by El_Dandy

Put the pedal to the metal.
8 Super Bowl Appearances Blitz

by sproutcm

These teams might need to step aside and give the Browns a chance now and then.
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Animal

by MrWhiplash

No vegetables or minerals here.
U Can't Touch This

by Pilgab

This quiz is touch-and-go.
World Leaders' Wedding Photos

by aglick

Weddings fit for a king and queen.
Missing Alphabet: Holidays

by LTH

These holidays seem to be missing something.
Asian Countries by Phonetic Name

by Pedro188

Working these answers out is strangely satisfying.

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