Sunday's QuizzesAug 20
Musicians Upside Down
Note: Hanging upside down will not improve your singing voice.
15,468 plays
Jerry Lewis Movies
For those who understand, no explanation is needed...For those who don't, none will do. R.I.P. Jerry Lewis.
1,376 plays
TV Family by First Names II
Lorelai is the very definition of a cool mom.
10,957 plays
Silhouettes: DC Superheroes
Super silhouettes assemble!
17,474 plays
Eminem's Vocabulary
"You see, I'm just Marshall Mathers. I'm just a regular guy, I don't know why all the fuss about me."
11,009 plays
Multi-Category Letter Board IV
A game of hopscotch through Sporcle.
13,146 plays
Where Did It Happen II? (US History)
You'll have to be more specific than: "Somewhere between sea and shining sea."
23,016 plays
Movies by the Wide Shot II
Experience the epic scope of cinema one more time.
14,181 plays
4 to 13 Letter 'L' Places
Where the 'L' are we, anyway?
22,429 plays
Saturday's QuizzesAug 19
Badly-Drawn Company Logos
We don't think these companies will be reaching out to us for logo assistance anytime soon.
20,592 plays
Disney & Pixar by Mug
Kids, don't try that at home.
17,183 plays
10 Words 20 Definitions X
After further review, the ruling on the field is confirmed - English is a strange language.
14,479 plays
Let's Draw the Central American Borders
Hopefully the Central Americans won't mind.
16,804 plays
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Sorting Blitz
Wasn't this a TV show?
11,546 plays
Common Sayings: Missing 'E' Words
Easy does it.
22,377 plays
Unique Starting North American Countries
We can't fault these countries for wanting to stand out.
10,741 plays
I'm Not Going to Take This Lying Down!
Clearly, acting can be hard work.
12,791 plays
Friday's QuizzesAug 18
Find Five 'P' Things
Be prudent and precise when picking.
47,694 plays
7-Letter European Countries
It turns out Europe really likes their 7-letter countries.
25,415 plays
Historical Puns
Here we present a synopsis of the First Pun-ic War.
27,118 plays
You got this quiz going for you, which is nice.
17,671 plays
Colored Star Selection II
Here's your chance to really shoot for the stars.
10,397 plays
Who's Narrating?
The answer should always be Morgan Freeman.
8,442 plays
Maritime Borders: Island Countries
This takes border quizzes to a whole new (sea) level.
7,954 plays
10 'Mis' Words
You won't want to 'mis' this.
11,330 plays
Skillful MLB Teammates
This quiz is proof that it takes more than a couple all-stars to win a World Series.
14,123 plays
50 Hits To Click: 1993
I'm every Sporcler.
13,757 plays
Thursday's QuizzesAug 17
Months Consonants
Here's a quiz that will help you get up-to-date.
34,940 plays
Africa by Five Letters
Take five and give this a try.
15,019 plays
Anyone but Bill Clinton
See what old Bubba has in common with his fellow presidents.
19,981 plays
10 Most Populous US States by Any Census
It's safe to say things have changed quite a bit from that original 1790 census.
16,332 plays
Find the Cartoon Kids II
You might want to look for some of these kids in the 1990s.
18,644 plays
The Best 'of' Pictures
It was the Best of Pictures, it was the Worst of Pictures...
5,487 plays
'P' Television Characters
That's what 'P' said.
8,774 plays
NHL Close-Up Logos
Careful though. Get too close and you might just lose a tooth.
16,040 plays
'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' Click-a-Long
If you give me a cookie... I'll be happy.
7,136 plays
Wednesday's QuizzesAug 16
'C' Big 4 on a Map
These teams know what it takes to put their city on the map.
20,578 plays
Colombian Borders Minefield
Not to be confused with 'Columbian Borders'.
12,647 plays
Spot the Difference XVIII
This quiz won't be so elementary.
18,490 plays
Song by Two-Word Hint
Better a two-word hint than a two-hit wonder.
15,234 plays
Leonardo or LeonardNo?
"Learning never exhausts the mind."
6,620 plays
Two by Four II
Sporcle tested, carpenter approved.
13,305 plays
Flag Color Click: Germany
Alright Germany, time to show your true colors.
17,396 plays
Small Carnivorans Slideshow
Who knew predators could be so cuddly?
6,652 plays
Movie Cast Match (1983)
A match made in (movie) heaven.
13,793 plays
Tuesday's QuizzesAug 15
Logic Puzzle: Black, White or Grey
Don't worry, this quiz isn't as gloomy as the title would suggest.
47,175 plays
US States by First and Last Letters Blitz
XQ, UY, and WZ need not apply.
42,482 plays
'J' Vocabulary (Medium)
Get these all right and you just might jump for joy.
22,520 plays
Click A Movie, Initially - Animated Movies III
No need to over-complicate these movie titles.
30,274 plays
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word VI
Some of these movie titles just seem to miss the mark.
25,387 plays
Timeline of 20th Century Dates
We think you'll have a good time with this one.
18,056 plays
TV Actors: Which Character Did I Play More Often?
Elaine Benes or Selina Meyer?
14,000 plays
Aqua-Themed Trivia
Not sure if it is a light bluish green or light greenish blue.
10,308 plays
Monday's QuizzesAug 14
Risky Map Clicking: States with Long Names
Play at your own risk.
111,709 plays
Google Typing Challenge
Unfortunately, you can't google the answers to this one.
25,905 plays
24 Movie Posters Looking Left
Just hope none of these come out of left field.
20,863 plays
'S' TV Shows by Cast Photo
A satisfying series of super splendid TV show slides.
17,933 plays
Ancient History Match-up
Et tu, Sporcler?
13,225 plays
NFL #1 Draft Picks (1990s)
Busts, Hall-of-Famers, and everything in between.
23,794 plays
Over/Under: Presidents
Unfortunately, you can't win any money on this over-under.
10,879 plays
A '-ton' of Words
We always thought Gaston should've won a No Belle Prize for his role.
17,130 plays

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