Thursday's QuizzesSep 27
Anything but State Capitals

by JohnFran

Capitals are always capitalized, which will not help you in this quiz.
Does It Anagram? (4 Letters)

by Alcas

There aren't that many permutations of 4-letter words.
Hide Your 'D' Movies

by timmylemoine1

Quickly D-cide which movie to hide next.
Word Hourglass XVII

by sproutcm

They say comedy is tragedy that happens to others, but I didn't think Hamlet was funny.
Prepositions in Album Titles II

by aduchscher

To the river and over the wood, through grandmother's house we go...
Football Penalties by GIF

by Azazello

You know better than the ref anyway, right?
Literature... By Other 14 Categories!

by Pastor_Maldonado

You gotta leverage your strong category to help you with the other ones.
Artist by Necktie

by hatefulmissy

Make coworkers realize that you're a work of art.
Wednesday's QuizzesSep 26
The Perfect Sequence

by PenguinsMeercats

We only have space for perfection here at Sporcle.
World Capitals 7-to-1

by samc67

This quiz is much cheaper than traveling to all of these places.
Movies Timeline

by hockeystix3

It's just a sign of the times.
'The' Bands by Picture

by qlh27

If you ever need a good band name, "The" is a good place to start.
Literature Pop-Ups

by Thebiguglyalien

These aren't the kind of pop-ups on your kid's bookshelf.
4-Letter 'D' Words with Double Letters

by teedslaststand

Double the letters, double the fun.
Pixel Art - NFL Team IV

by goc3

It's like Tecmo Bowl without Bo Jackson.
Modern Family: Phil's-osophy

by amyevg

It's hard to be so dumb and so smart at the same time.
Former German Colonies in Africa

by bareodin2

If you know African official languages, start there.
Tuesday's QuizzesSep 25
Tic-Tac-Toe Logic Puzzle

by Pastor_Maldonado

Remember back in the day when hashtags were only used to play Tic-Tac-Toe?
Top Grossing 'N' Movies

by Sheldon

Now these are some noteworthy films.
Populous Mediterranean Sea Countries

by mg10

A trip through the Mediterranean sounds pretty nice right about now.
Rock or Roll

by DesertSpartan

We prefer both.
What's in a Car's Name? II

by pdigoe

Car puns drive us crazy.
Know Your ABC's

by BanjoZebra

You should really know your ABC's by now.
Animals on Banknotes II

by kfastic

These animals are money!
Monday's QuizzesSep 24
State Border Blitz with Traps

by sproutcm

Try not to fall into any of these traps.
10 to 1: Beverages

by senordingdong

Try not to get too thirsty.
Famous Overlapping Names II

by hempick

If any of these pairs ever started dating, we know what their power couple name would be.
Movie by Four Character First Names II

by babymonkee

At least these characters have memorable names.
Finish that Insult: Big Bang Theory

by emberly13

Who knew Sheldon could be so mean?
Which Queen Elizabeth?

by christopherjulia

Pick an Elizabeth, any Elizabeth.
Movie Word Quintets XIV

by Larryholmes79

All you need is one word.
Shape Venn Diagram VIII

by goc3

We're in love with the shape of these.
2017/18 Premiership Goalscorers (A-Z)


If you get all of these, you're probably a keeper.

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