Saturday's QuizzesJun 2
Pick the Gemstone

by PrincessMartell

No mining pick required.
SNL Cast Hosts

by Hejman

Most jobs don't let you come back for a single-shift encore.
Old City Maps

by Darzlat

Future time travelers, make sure to memorize these.
Same Word, Different Movies VI

by Larryholmes79

These would make interesting crossovers.
Find Five 'U' and 'V' Things

by eyes355

Using UV light may or may not reveal all the patterns.
Movies by Rubber Ducky Fans

by timmylemoine1

Movie marathon ingredients: popcorn, candy, rubber ducky pal. Oh, and movies.
4-Letter 'CH' Words

by geronimostilton

We're giving you half of the letters straight up.
Friday's QuizzesJun 1
'Cinderella' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

Can you make it to the ball?
Which 20th Century Decade?

by strokes_static

The 21st century need not apply.
4 to 13 Letter 'D' Places

by FilipinoBreloom

This quiz is downright delicious.
Vocabulary Blitz XLIII

by iglew

We had to go to the thesaurus on this one.
Sitcom by IMDb Description

by gingerlover

It's the one with the quirky cast.
16 Little Video Game Character Pictograms

by bhenderson79

Can we get a cheat code for some of these?
Famous Figures on Cars

by aglick

There's more than one way to get ON a car!
Thursday's QuizzesMay 31
Presidential Surname Letter Trios

by sproutcm

This is a bully old quiz. Just bully!
Borders a Five Letter State Minefield

by El_Dandy

Be on your best behavior when crossing these borders.
Academy Award for Best Actress (2000s)

by Pilgab

An actress' best friend is a little fella named Oscar.
Three Hits in One Year IV

by ghcgh

The hits keep on coming.
TV Characters by First Action II

by DanKing26

Do you remember where you met these characters for the first time?
One Word 'I' and 'J' Movies

by Larryholmes79

If we had to pick one word to describe these movies it'd be either "Incredible" or "Jawesome."
Italian Cities: North or South of Rome

by morley518

How do you say "South" in Italian?
MLB: First Basemen with 2,000+ Hits

by ianmez

The biggest basemen carry the biggest bats.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 30
Obscure Knowledge - US State Capitals

by PenguinsMeercats

Hint: Washington, D.C. doesn't count.
Multi-Category Sixsomes

by strokes_static

Because six is so much better than five.
2018 World Cup Teams

by NO_r_WAY

Place your bets.
Board Game by Rules Argument

by Hejman

Isn't arguing part of every game?
Replace the 'F' A-Z

by Chenchilla

The only place we'd want to replace an F is on a report card.
Striped Creatures

by Cutthroat

Up next: Polka dotted creatures!
The Correct Combination: World Countries

by kfastic

Only true Geography buffs will get 100% on this quiz.
Horses in Movies

by babymonkee

Quit horsing around and play this quiz.

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