Sunday's QuizzesAug 5
What Movie? Back to the Camera XXII

by Larryholmes79

If you turn your back on a movie, you'll miss all the action!
One Artist, Two Different Number Ones II

by B_Awesome_87

It pays to be popular on both sides of the pond.
Classic McDonald's Character Click

by pdigoe

We hope you hung on to all those Happy Meal toys.
Video Games at the Beach

by Thebiguglyalien

The beach is a great place for handheld gaming.
Vocabulary Blitz XLV

by iglew

Finally, all those Scrabble games pay off.
Find US States That Are Commonwealths

by mhershfield

There's nothing uncommon about these states.
Sort the Wise Monkeys

by DesertSpartan

See more Sporcle, hear more Sporcle, speak more Sporcle.
Which 20th Century Decade? II

by strokes_static

How well do you know the last century?
Saturday's QuizzesAug 4
Dystopian Fiction

by LisaSimpsonOH

To write a dystopia, you mostly need pessimism and a good imagination.
Prefix, Meet Stem!

by nabean

Pre-broken for your prefixing convenience.
Scientists and Inventors in Movies

by MoMosMoProblems

Invent something cool enough and they'll make a movie about you. Probably.
'White' Things

by babymonkee

Don't raise the white flag too early on this one.
Who Said It? Brooklyn Nine-Nine

by bhenderson79

This quiz is cool cool cool.
Five Decade Movie Medley III

by Year_of_Glad

Hope you've got a huge stockpile of popcorn for this fifty year movie marathon.
Disney Songs by Antonym

by Disney_Eyeworks

The perfect sing-a-longs for opposite day.
Colored Symbol Selection III

by goc3

The mastery of colors and shapes required here should impress any kindergartner.
Countries by Capitals: B

by PrincessMartell

A is for Abu Dhabi, B is for...?
Friday's QuizzesAug 3
Movie Gadgets!

by BigAl1994

If only there were a gadget to help you ace this quiz.
The Beatles' Vocabulary

by lolshortee

All you need is... a dictionary?
Cougar States

by gingerlover

Here, kitty, kitty...
Island or Liqueur?

by bobinwilder1

Um...can we have both?
Sporclin' Through the '40s

by kfastic

Almost 80 years later and that cat and mouse still can't get along!
High, Higher, Highest

by Pilgab

You have a tall order ahead of you.
'V' in Geography

by RobPro

A VVVery good quiz.
Click the Misfit

by MSUKent

These misfits are trying to turn over a new leaf.
Strange and Creepy Facts

by Zipcity

Prepare to be shocked.
Thursday's QuizzesAug 2
Pick Your Nose!

by kagomeshuko

Just don't do it in public.
Fast Food Countries

by mszzz

Wouldn't it be smart to get your franchise right to the Hungary people?
Hide Your 'C' Movies

by timmylemoine1

Come 'C' these movies!
Clothing Idioms

by alinrotundu

Our version of Idioms for Dummies!
Which One's the Oldest?

by BoggelTeam

If you need help, ask your grandparents.
52 Weeks of Sequels

by MRL

The old Hollywood mantra: If it made a lot of money, let's make ten more.
Third in Line: Studio Albums

by pdigoe

The third album seems to be where a lot of bands hit their stride.

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