Saturday's QuizzesMay 1
Trivia Maze: US States

by borogove

Imagine if we just turned all of the continental United States into one giant hedge maze.
Click a Superhero Show (2000s)

by Extinctanimals22

Knowing lots of random trivia is our super power.
Find the Mantis Animals

by alvir28

Imagine how much more we could get done if we had giant blades for arms too.
Longest Answer: Pixar Movies

by becca379

In this quiz, the goal is not to be concise.
Pictured Anagram Pairs VII

by Exodiafinder687

If you didn't realize that you could anagram a picture... well, here you go.
Saturday Sudoku XCIX

by Rackie

Remember, solving Sudoku puzzles on any other day doesn't count.
Hidden Odd One Out: Food

by khake43

It's all about trying to land that balanced diet.
May Day... But Not Labor Day

by caseyw690

It'll be Labor Day eventually. Just not right now.
African Independence Leaders

by iglew

“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.”
Friday's QuizzesApr 30
Tic-Tac-Trivia: Africa

by bhenderson79

You'll wreck your map if you actually play tic-tac-toe on it, so maybe don't do that.
TV Shows Cut Off at 'Q'

by DIEGO1000

You also know which letter is likely to follow the 'Q', but after that you're on your own.
15 Seconds or Less (Minefield)

by DesertSpartan

This will only take a second.
Five Decades of MVPs

by jrage2009

We're pretty sure none of these guys were the MVP for 50 straight years.
Movie Timelapse IX

by Frostfire77

Does a good montage sequence count as a movie timelapse?
Periodic Table Grid Blitz

by Hejman

We like blitzing through science. Periodically.
1980s Songs by 5 Words

by BorezU

You know the lyrics are memorable if you can pick them out from just a few words.
US Presidents by Numbers

by knightlancer

The President is supposed to be a person we can count on.
Hollywood Squares IX

by big8dog88

Well, you're probably not too square if you're a star in Hollywood.
Thursday's QuizzesApr 29
Continents by Number of Countries

by nba2439

Spin your globe and get this right.
Vowel Cut Celebrities VI

by I-Am-Batman

We'd like to introduce you to Bru Spri, Zo Sa, and Ru Ba Gi.
Artist to Badly Drawn Song (1980s)

by MoMosMoProblems

Badly drawn, but proficiently sung.
International Footballers: Expose the English

by Horgems

We think you might get a kick out of this one.
3-Word TV Shows in 1 Word

by MSUKent

These shows are on sale. 67% off.
Movies of 1971

by El_Dandy

If you get them all correct, feel free to celebrate with a Fizzy Lifting Drink.
Grab Bag Game

by LTH

Like how you have to grab from the bag of tiles during Scrabble?
5 Science Fivesomes II

by timschurz

Or is it just one big scientific twenty-fivesome?
Wednesday's QuizzesApr 28
Pick 6: Sports

by jackaronson23

Quarterbacks usually like to avoid a Pick 6, right?
Word to Your Movie: Colors

by Arnott

We've selected some very vividly titled films.
'F' Countries by Area Minefield Blitz

by evanmurph

Country areas would be so much easier to calculate if they all had rectangular borders.

by Zipcity

But don't try to take the quiz while standing on a ladder. That seems unsafe.
15 Seconds: US Presidents

by Flick

That seems like a really short term in office.
Cover the Alphabet - Monopoly Properties (US)

by PenguinsMeercats

But don't roll doubles three times in a row.
Boat by Country

by CaiustheTall

There's no British boat in this quiz because we couldn't get a hold of Boaty McBoatface.
Concentration Click-a-Pic: Religion

by Hejman

Blink and you might miss it.

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