Friday's QuizzesMar 8
Terrible Jokes II

by ZYX

You might call this sequel 'the terrible twos'.
'A' Logos Close-Up

by BoggelTeam

Let's get up close and personal.
Movie Word Quintets XVII

by Larryholmes79

Here's a quiz fit for a king.
Captain Marvel's Powers

by Thebiguglyalien

'Glowing majestically' is a power of most superheroes.
Day or Night in Song Titles

by JoeBeta

This quiz is open 24 hours.
Hidden Neighbors of Italy

by markassonne

Are the neighbors concerned about that leaning tower tipping over onto their property?
South America by Area Then Population

by strokes_static

This quiz is huge. Then most populous. You'll see.
In Plain English: Richard III

by druhutch

Acing this quiz could be your crowning achievement.
Thursday's QuizzesMar 7
Anything but DC Characters

by 777Shrek

"No Superman" is exactly what you're looking for in this quiz.
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Actress Winners

by B_Awesome_87

These ladies know how it feels to W.I.N.
Geography 'J' Blitz

by nspyred

This one's more like Jeography.
War Idioms

by alinrotundu

War, huh, yeah - what is it good for?
Scrambled City Sets II

by BanjoZebra

Were you considering a summer holiday in LUKAA PLURUM or REALBACON?
Eliminate Your Options: Literature Edition

by senordingdong

Eliminate your options, not your books!
Video Games by Text Message

by bhenderson79

They already live in a digital world, so texting makes sense.
Music Notation: Scores (Advanced)

by Smeddlesboy

Moving beyond the bass-ics.
Wednesday's QuizzesMar 6
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XXV

by Thebiguglyalien

Time to step out into another dangerous minefield.
Any NFL Team Besides the Colts

by sathyamc

Some football teams have no Luck.
Complete the Dad Joke... With a Picture

by Noldeh

When it comes to making you groan, father knows best.
Images for Every Subcategory: Movies

by El_Dandy

It turns out movies and images go together pretty well.
The United States Circa 1754

by MortyJSocks

Back before the United States even existed.
'G' TV Character Match

by metashades

Who knew that Art Vandelay starts with the letter 'G'?
Tuesday's QuizzesMar 5
First Names First: Movie Characters

by gingerlover

Yo, Adrian! What's my name again?
Know It: Literature

by BanjoZebra

There's a lot to know, but not a lot to type.
Black, White, Green or Brown

by DesertSpartan

This quiz is well-camouflaged.
'C' US Cities

by Toon1

Populous cities from C to shining C.
Follow That Rhyme: Beatles Lyrics

by needapausebutton

If you're holding the lyrics sheet, that might be a bit of an unfair advantage.
Finish the Card Game

by strokes_static

Try not to get lost in the shuffle.
Intertwined Movies

by gazzso

Test your vocabulary skills and your movie knowledge at the same time!

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