Friday's QuizzesNov 30
Odd But True Facts XX

by babymonkee

Get ready to learn something odd about Chicken McNuggets.
States that Border Kansas

by scole9179

This quiz is about the state, but feel free to listen to 'Dust in the Wind' while playing.
Binary Logic Puzzle 8x8

by Susan300

Who knew it could be so challenging to fill a grid with nothing but ones and zeros?
Words Within Words 'P' Blitz

by Scuadrado

Remember, you're adding a 'P' - not taking a 'P'.
Blitz: US State Capitals by Any 3 Letters

by LTH

Lots of cities, but not a lot of typing.
Mis-Matched Bands & Solo Artists

by stevenmiller61

A Jackson/McCartney mash-up sounds like a great idea.
That's Not the Right Month!

by rer2121

Do calendars know their days are numbered?
'And' TV Shows

by Pilgab

It takes two to make a thing go right.
Mario Typing Challenge

by evan23

No finger speed power-ups available here.
Thursday's QuizzesNov 29
Smaller Than Portugal?

by metakoopa99

It's a small world, and an even smaller Portugal.
4x4 Word Grid

by HappyWife

4x4: a relevant measure for trucks, lumber, and now words.
Six Degrees of Mega-Movie Franchises

by Hejman

Unfortunately, the answers are not all Kevin Bacon.
Logo Anagrams

by survivor

These logos are confused. Help them.
Mini Sudoku IX

by 31415926535

Miniature versions of things are always fun. Like cupcakes!
4 Literature Foursomes

by sproutcm

If three's a crowd, four's a party.
'R' TV Shows by Cast Photo

by lolshortee

Generally considered the best TV shows by pirates everywhere.
Element by Crossword Clue

by BanjoZebra

Praseodymium is not very popular in crossword puzzles.
Lost for Words: Video Games

by bhenderson79

Some video games get so intense, you're just left speechless.
Wednesday's QuizzesNov 28
Triple Double Definitions

by jrage2009

But not quadruple. That would be too much.
Disney & Pixar Titles in Other Words

by emberly13

It's like a glimpse into the rejected ideas of Disney's marketing department.
Build a Book Title 'A'

by gazzso

It's hard to read a book built with Legos.
19th Century: First or Second Half III

by kfastic

Bet you wish you'd paid attention in history class now, huh?
Which Character Belongs?

by metashades

Some of these characters are a long way from home.
Shared Name Multiple Choice

by LTH

Can you tame this game about names that are the same?
US Presidents: Succeeding the Assassinated

by christopherjulia

Under these circumstances, nobody wants to be voted Most Likely to Succeed.
Tuesday's QuizzesNov 27
'Frozen' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

Do you want to build a snowman?
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines

by smac17

There are no outlines, and you're not allowed to use a GPS either.
4 to 13 Letter 'V' Places

by FilipinoBreloom

Unfortunately, Valhalla was considered slightly too mythological to make it into this quiz.
Cartoon Character by Debut

by senordingdong

Misclick and you might find yourself saying, "Ruh-Roh!"
Finish the Famous Harry Potter Quote

by lolshortee

Here are some choice quotes from the Chosen One.
NFL Teams Mini Word-Cross Puzzle

by AuroraIllumina

Time to put on your puzzle-solving helmet.
Presidents Who Went to Harvard

by sproutcm

Apparently it's supposed to be a pretty good school.
Movement in Movie Titles

by JoeBeta

They're called motion pictures for a reason.
US Declarations of War Match

by gingerlover

War! What is it good for?

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