Sunday's QuizzesJun 5
7 Countries that Border Poland
Grab some pierogi and kielbasa, it's time for a trip to Poland.
21,342 plays
Food Sorting Gallery III
It's not polite to play with your food, but in this case, we'll make an exception.
30,830 plays
'P' American History
A potpourri of people and places from the past.
14,953 plays
9-Letter Countries on a Map
Get all these correct and you might just find yourself on cloud 9.
15,299 plays
TV Show by Breakfast Cereal
These cereal boxes are gr-r-reat!
14,155 plays
1-Word Songs by 1-Word Artists
Let's not clutter up these hits with all sorts of extraneous words.
15,954 plays
Pictured Anagram Pairs V
They might have the same letters, but these pairs don't have much else in common.
18,249 plays
Actors' Movies by Role IV
A stockbroker, a sheriff, and a magician all walk into a quiz...
12,509 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Quick Pick
'90s TV Shows
Saturday's QuizzesJun 4
Amazon Movie Reviews III
"I did not like the zombies. It was scary." --Some guy on Amazon.
27,362 plays
Overlapping TV Shows and Movies
Making up fake TV and movie titles is one of our greatest joys.
12,916 plays
'80s Rock Music Slideshow
By the end of this quiz you will have a new appreciation for the power of hair spray.
14,777 plays
Biography Books: The Subtitles
We really wanted the subtitle for 'The Bedwetter' to be 'One Name, Two Fates' wasn't.
9,293 plays
Taylor Swift or Harley Quinn?
This is one scary thought that we just can't shake off.
18,601 plays
TV Comedies by Cast III
Some of these cast photos are simply laughable.
15,910 plays
Africa: 20 Most Populous Countries
We were Ghana make a joke here, but population isn't a laughing matter.
25,775 plays
1-10 Letter N Words
This is language fun to the Nth degree.
13,417 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Game of Thrones
Missing Word
'Re' A-Z
Quick Pick
Friends Characters
Friday's QuizzesJun 3
Graduating Dogs
One of these graduates just might go on to be the next Benji or Marmaduke. Their owners must be so proud.
8,186 plays
Words in Words Minefield
The truth is that as we go deeper into this quiz, we're also going deeper into these words. And... We're not sure were gonna like what we find.
42,071 plays
TV Timeline Picture Click
This quiz is very handy if you choose to binge watch in historical order.
21,732 plays
'C' in History II
Come on, no need to be confounded.
13,474 plays
Female Solo Artists by Picture III
'A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.'
11,045 plays
Romantic Comedy Movie Posters
This quiz is basically 20 first dates rolled into one 4 minute diversion.
22,453 plays
South American Countries on a Globe
French Guiana not included.
18,583 plays
Places You Can 'GO'
If Monopoly and Risk had a baby, it might look a little like this.
11,248 plays
Three Best Pictures
We'll give you a hint, She-Devil didn't quite make it for Meryl's list.
16,264 plays

Daily Dose

Missing Word
June Days
Thursday's QuizzesJun 2
Which Logo is NBA? (Blitz)
Hint: If the logo features a football or baseball, you probably shouldn't click it.
48,870 plays
Same Actor, Different Role II
But can the same actor play different roles at the same time?
15,084 plays
Same Name Trios III
This quiz just might have your name written all over it.
30,146 plays
The 'IS' Quiz
What IS it with this quiz?
8,921 plays
Find That Movie!
Back in our day, we had to drive to Blockbuster if we wanted to find a movie.
36,785 plays
Asian Country Letter Pair Blitz
Double the letters, double the fun.
14,702 plays
'Lousy' Definitions from A-Z
Not to be confused with definitions about lice.
11,160 plays
That's What 'H' Said
You can't say history without the letter 'H'.
11,287 plays
R.E.M. or Green Day?
Are you a man on the moon or an American idiot?
18,398 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Antonym Clues
Missing Word
Elton John (A–Z)
Quick Pick
Literary Couples
Wednesday's QuizzesJun 1
Find the Quadrilaterals
To get 100%, all you have to be able to do is count to 4 and click like heck!
51,463 plays
Five Letter Names (Female) Blitz
These names are only 5 letters long, but we're sure someone will complain that they don't know how to spell them.
17,159 plays
'W' States Blitz
We wonder just how many people will try 'Arkansaw' and throw their keyboards across the table?
27,846 plays
Morgan Freeman Movies Without Morgan Freeman
Happy Birthday to Morgan Freeman, who turns 79 years old today.
16,735 plays
NBA 40 Points in a Finals Game
If there's any time to score 40+ points, a Finals game is the game to do it.
21,766 plays
When They Were Young (Musicians) II
Time has not treated some of these musicians well.
18,051 plays
More Musical Artist Cakes
We hope these cakes are as good as the artists who are on them.
11,894 plays
5-Star Box Office Actresses
These may not be their most critically acclaimed movies, but we love them all the same.
21,034 plays
TV Fan Theories II
Give them enough time and people will come up with conspiracy theories about anything.
20,055 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Carrey-Cooper Flick
Missing Word
'D' Things
Quick Pick
Stephen King Books
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 31
4-Letter Country Match-Up
These countries might have short names, but they sure make every letter count.
35,308 plays
Movie Bromances
Stop brocrastinating and give this a play!
23,332 plays
Upside-Down Alphabet Click
Flipping your monitor upside-down will not make this quiz easier.
30,770 plays
Greatest Songs by Lyric II
Three things in life are certain - death, taxes, and people arguing about greatest song lists.
21,235 plays
Irregular Plurals
Who are you callin' irregular, punk?
21,672 plays
'AC' Words
You must act on your acute problem solving skills to answers all these accurately.
11,145 plays
Animated Superhero Teams
No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again.
12,208 plays
'C' in Science
This quiz title sounds like it belongs on a high school report card.
16,268 plays
NBA 3-1 Comebacks
'Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.'
12,518 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Opposites Attract
Missing Word
Movie Anagram Pairs
Quick Pick
'G' Movies
Monday's QuizzesMay 30
Animated TV Shows by Mug
Who doesn't want to drink coffee out of their favorite character's face?
18,762 plays
Lest We Forget
In honor of Memorial Day, take a tour of these memorials that honor American conflicts.
11,640 plays
10-to-1 Literary Characters
These characters can't find their books! Help them get back where they belong.
16,578 plays
'Sw' Countries
These countries are super sweet.
21,473 plays
Finish the Famous Fours
Without the last member, these groups are much less memorable.
28,635 plays
3 Roles (1980s Edition)
An '80s quiz would just be incomplete without Molly Ringwald.
13,966 plays
Click Your Way Across the USA
This is the most popular road trip the USA has ever seen.
190,344 plays

Daily Dose

Word Ladder
Ron Swanson Actor
Quick Pick

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