Monday's QuizzesFeb 6
Movies with Typewriters
You could say these actors were typecast.
9,305 plays
According to Netflix: TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
If it's according to Netflix, it must be right.
12,671 plays
Entertainment Speed-Picking
The speedier you are, the more entertaining this will be.
43,366 plays
'I' Boy Names by Decade
Here are some 'I' names for 'U'.
18,831 plays
Just the Red: Sports Logos
This quiz will have you seeing red.
28,063 plays
Catchphrase to Character Picture Match
We wish people in real life had catchphrases.
36,155 plays
Absent Letter Elements
We're in our element when it comes to this quiz.
14,360 plays
Find the Countries of Asia by Capital
If you do well on this quiz, don't Brag-dad.
22,101 plays
Grab Bag by Initials
You never know what will come out of a grab bag.
14,549 plays
Sunday's QuizzesFeb 5
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XVI
That fuse looks awful short...
40,633 plays
Click the Isogram States
Don't make these states repeat themselves.
21,705 plays
30 Two-Word 'T' Musicians Match-Up
Take your time and put on a good song for background listening.
13,117 plays
Super Bowl LI (Patriots vs. Falcons)
One Quarterback seeks to win more Super Bowls than any other QB in history, while the other seeks to prove himself for the first time. Best of luck to both!
22,695 plays
Keep it down in there! We're trying to play movie quizzes.
16,051 plays
Who Tweeted Whom? (Video Games)
It looks like there are fewer than 140 characters in this image.
10,851 plays
Ends With 'ANDER'
Does not include awkward pauses between words that go, 'And, er...'
11,316 plays
Born in the USA? II
Are you thinking of playing this quiz? JUST DO IT!
12,006 plays
'50s Timeline Picture Click
We still like Ike.
9,537 plays
Saturday's QuizzesFeb 4
The Last Word: Canadian Acts
What's this quiz here aboot, eh?
8,295 plays
Pixar Movies With No Repeating Vowels
You won't find Nemo in this quiz.
15,527 plays
College Town Matchup II
These towns have their fair share red cups scattered everywhere.
19,507 plays
Clickable Math Minefield (0-15)
This is your chance to use those math skills you didn't think you'd ever use after graduating.
14,972 plays
Shape Venn Diagram
Time to get in shape.
22,806 plays
Big 4 Teams with 'W'
Some of these teams have a lot more Ls than Ws.
21,406 plays
Hand-Drawn Movies IV
This quiz would make a great feature length flip book.
25,683 plays
20 Country Snapshot VI
Alright Earth, try to look like you're having fun.
21,331 plays
Friday's QuizzesFeb 3
Where Is That City? II
We think you're going to need a bigger map.
29,227 plays
50 Flicks to Click (1978)
'Nothing is over until we decide it is!'
22,348 plays
1-10 Letter O Words
Not sure if you have the vocabulary to get them all? O, ye of little faith.
20,306 plays
New England Patriots' Super Bowl Opponents
You Belichick yourself before you wreck yourself!
23,733 plays
Freeze Frame TV Ladder
There's more than one way to climb a ladder.
16,534 plays
Pacific Countries (Americas)
For a quiz about the world's largest ocean, this is surprisingly short.
11,105 plays
Movie by Home
There's no place like home.
16,516 plays
Sports Teams by Cake II
Disappointed your team isn't playing in the Super Bowl? Here's your chance to eat away your sorrows.
13,775 plays
Thursday's QuizzesFeb 2
Football Referee or Judge?
The attorney has declined to prosecute...and will defend the north goal!
11,006 plays
Five-State Borders
The answers are all right in front of you. This should be easy, right?
70,271 plays
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Sports
Even if you don't know sports, you still have a 1-in-4 chance of kicking a grand slam!
31,279 plays
Prolific Oscar Nominees
These films are in some elite company.
12,278 plays
Multi-Category Letter Board
Not sure if this is a letter board or one big honeycomb.
12,240 plays
One-Word Movies by Actor II
These film titles decided to go one-and-done.
12,536 plays
Sahara Desert Country Click
Clicking your way across the Sahara is much easier than traveling by camel.
12,973 plays
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'T'
Don't go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the 'T' bands and musicians that you're used to.
14,626 plays
Wednesday's QuizzesFeb 1
Movies by IMDb FAQ III
We just want to know who takes the time to ANSWER these questions.
26,104 plays
US Cities Ending in... III
We'll save you the trouble, Gotham is not an answer.
14,912 plays
'I'-Less Presidents
These presidents know that there's no "I" in USA.
24,428 plays
Uncertain Literature
Literature is so full of symbols, it's hard to be certain of anything.
12,080 plays
Find the Countries of the World
Good luck, you have about 4 pixels where you can click on those tiny islands.
78,826 plays
Not That Character Chain
We hope we don't start a chain reaction.
15,655 plays
Musician Images (A-Z) IV
If we had an alphabet book for musicians, these are the people we'd like to see in it.
16,350 plays
Before and After...and After
Before long, it'll just be one name after another.
27,060 plays
AP NFL Coaches of the Year
Do your job.
17,775 plays
Tuesday's QuizzesJan 31
Border Chain Minefield VIII
We're not saying this is the quickest route, but it is certainly the most exciting.
53,954 plays
Super Bowl Quarterback Colleges
It's back to school time for these quarterbacks.
31,618 plays
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
37,381 plays
Countries by Logo
These logos have gone international.
26,743 plays
Plant Parts We Eat
This is your chance to find out if you've been eating the wrong part this whole time.
14,988 plays
10 'Tri' Words
Will you be tri-umphant? You'll never know unless you tri.
22,097 plays
Fake or Real Secret Service Codenames?
After seeing some of these, we think 'Sporcle' would make a totally acceptable codename.
9,796 plays
Actors' Best Known Movies
It's important to remember that 'best known' does not necessarily mean 'best'.
25,306 plays

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