Saturday's QuizzesMay 18
Erase Europe by Sorted Isogram

by goc3

If you finish the quiz and the whole screen has turned black, don't worry - that means you got 100%!
15 Categories: Letter 'O' Blitz

by Flick

Does the letter 'O' make you crave donuts?
Capital Cities: Official Language Sorting Gallery

by bhenderson79

We're on the hunt for a universal language here.
Movies Four Set Venn Diagram

by Peacemaker

We've created too many categories and now this Venn diagram looks like the NBC logo.
4 Decades of Sports Moments

by kfastic

40 years of sweaty people doing amazing things.
Vocabulary Blitz LII

by iglew

There are almost as many Vocabulary Blitzes as Super Bowls now.
Who Died and Made You King?

by Hejman

Probably the former king, in most cases.
Rappers Rainbow

by aglick

We'd buy this album.
Friday's QuizzesMay 17
Game of Thrones Kings & Queens: Order of Death

by Nietos

Dead kings can't repay their debts.
European Countries and Capitals on a Map

by SporcleEXP

Visiting each of these places would be a capital idea.
2010s Movies A-Z III

by ghcgh

Also known as, "have you kept up with movies lately?"
Baby Boy Name Blitz

by El_Dandy

You'll need to rush in this quiz, but please take your time when naming your own child.
10 to 1: 80s Pop Songs

by whssox

It's time to take this quiz and pop off.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Harry Potter

by MrWhiplash

Seven may be the most magical number, but this quiz gets its magic from three.
NCAA Nickname by Animal Click

by JackDots

You'd think they would postpone the game if an alligator got loose on the field.
Board Game Receipts

by Thebiguglyalien

Receipt reading? Now that is a bored game.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 16
16 Little Star Wars Pictograms

by bhenderson79

A long time ago, in a pictogram far, far away...
Absent Letter Alcohol

by RobFitz

Depending on how much you've had to drink, you may forget all of the letters.
NBA Champions Venn Diagram

by flibbidy

Just like we drew it up.
TV Show by Made-up Song

by Bolafssonify

Why do so many actors think they can also sing?
4 American Geography Foursomes

by sproutcm

Foursomes are a nice break from the usual fifty-somes in US geography.
Stats of the State of the Union

by Hejman

Does that make these the Stats of the Union?
4-Letter 'J' Words with Double Letters

by teedslaststand

This will help you the next time you're trying to flex on your friends in Scrabble.
Alternative Computing Definitions

by strokes_static

Don't you hate when your computer mouse gets all squeaky?
Vertically Symmetric Characters

by goc3

Just put a mirror by each one to really fine tune your results.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 15
The Perfect Sequence II

by PenguinsMeercats

You either get an A+, or you fail miserably; there is no in between.
Letter Grid: Asian Countries

by Joshie_the_great

Hopefully you don't find yourself in gridlock.
Actors by Same First Letter Movies II

by ghcgh

At least you won't have to spell "Schwarzenegger".
Find the Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees (2000s)

by Noldeh

Who knew so many memes come from Hall of Fame induction ceremonies?
US Presidents Templates

by gazzso

It's time to build some presidents.
Canadian or American Actor?

by Themavrickfan

Try to picture each actor wearing a Maple Leafs jersey if you need help deciding.
Matchy-Matchy Vocabulary II

by NO_r_WAY

The answers in this quizzy-quiz are fun to say.
Two Degrees of Separation - Hungary

by schnautza

If you're feeling Hungary, have a snack.

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