Thursday's QuizzesJan 10
Country Face-Off

by sgeoghegan2002

It's like a World Cup for country facts.
Any Doctors in the House? (Logic Puzzle)

by wildebeest

Doctors make the worst patients, but good logic quizzes.
States Without Income Tax

by hsox05

The Sixteenth Amendment only sort of applies in these places.
The Last Word: James Bond Actors

by Flick

James Bond's last word is often "stirred".
Badly Drawn Flags of Europe

by NarwhalNukeYT

Well, an effort was made.
Lemony Snicket: Cheerless Choices

by metashades

This is a series of unfortunate blanks.
Disney Dog Owner Match-Up

by triviahappy

All of these dogs are extremely jealous that Goofy doesn't need an owner.
50 Hits to Click: 2004

by caramba

All hits, no misses.
Wednesday's QuizzesJan 9
Find the Direction States

by mhershfield

Sorry, there's no East Dakota. Yet.
The Struggle Is Real - Monarchs & Royals

by tim_parr

It's definitely a struggle to be stuck with the nickname 'The Terrible' for the rest of time.
Around the Perimeter of China

by mg10

Like a walk on the Great Wall.
Book Title Overlaps

by hempick

Read multiple books at once - it saves time.
Which Best Picture Winner?

by strokes_static

Are you a fan of the Oscars, or more of an Oscars grouch?
NFL Team by Championship Years

by Hejman

The Super Bowl's just 53 years old, but the NFL has been deciding champions for almost 100 years.
Greek Beginnings

by BanjoZebra

Enjoy this delicious slice of pi.
US Athletes by Text Message

by bhenderson79

BRB, gotta go dunk, LOL. :)
Tuesday's QuizzesJan 8
Weakest Link: Solar System

by themightymoosh

It seems like Pluto already lost this game in 2006.
Cover the Alphabet - European Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

If you like geography quizzes, we've got you covered.
5-Letter Disney Animated Films

by sproutcm

Abbreviating The Princess and the Frog as TPatF will not get you a right answer here.
North American Cities 7-to-1

by samc67

Edmonton to Ecatepec, and everything in between.
NBA Alma Maters: Duke, UNC, or UConn?

by naqwerty3

Which school was worthy of being the alma mater of James Worthy?
Hello, My Name Is... 'T'

by El_Dandy

Hopefully this quiz is your cup of T.
Alligator States

by gingerlover

You can probably rule out Alaska.
15-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)

by Tom007

Let's find out if you know the difference between bioluminescence and phosphorescence.
Monday's QuizzesJan 7
Elements Alphabet Mine Soup

by Pilgab

We don't recommend an actual meal made of soup with mines in it.
50 Flicks to Click (2018)

by Theflash126

How much time did you spend in a movie theater last year?
6 to 1: Oceania

by mg10

Hopefully you know your islands!
Lost for Words: Literary Characters

by bhenderson79

This quiz about books contains no words whatsoever.
Nicolas Cage Movie by One Word

by scole9179

Sometimes, that one word is 'bees.'
Vice President Name Match

by Anne13

Some VPs know how to play it cool.
True or False Blitz: Just for Fun

by Smeddlesboy

Even if you have no idea what you're doing, you've still got a 50% chance.
TV Shows Cut Off at 'J'

by DIEGO1000

Who needs those other letters?

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