Sunday's QuizzesSep 16
'C' Books By Opening Lines

by metashades

Some books have you hooked by the very first line.
Movies: Here's the Mail

by HPGirl

Special delivery!
Queen's Vocabulary

by lolshortee

Please curtsy before playing.
Iconic Celebrations

by pdigoe

Nothing wrong with a little celebrating!
Numbers Reaction Test

by AuroraIllumina

For an extra challenge, play this without a numpad.
Flag History: Mexico

by Darzlat

Those early flags look nothing like the flag we know and love today.
2010s Song Title Match Up II

by babymonkee

Good luck getting these songs out of your head.
Saturday's QuizzesSep 15
Figure Out the Lyrics: 2000s

by amyevg

Are we calling the early 2000s the 'aughts' still, or did we find something better?
'To' and 'Fro' Vocabulary

by jar514

Excellent vocabulary options for the indecisive. Or maybe not?
Animals by Lego

by Darzlat

Do you think stepping on a Lego shark would hurt more or less than a regular brick shape?
Gaming Receipts

by Thebiguglyalien

Used games don't get you a lot of money back, so save those receipts.
Where Is That 'M' City?

by geronimostilton

Alphabetizing is great for music or movie collections. Not that great for travel plans.
Harry Potter Name Chain II

by crookshanks

Harry is so famous that "Seven Degrees of Harry Potter" is probably a fair game
Mini Paint-By-Numbers X

by sproutcm

If these mini-paintings get any smaller, you'll need a microscope to work on them.
Freeze Frame Film Ladder

by bhenderson79

The first known freeze frame was in Hitchcock's 'Champagne.'
Friday's QuizzesSep 14
6 to 1: United States

by mg10

If you know your US geography, you should fly through this pretty quick.
NFL Hall of Fame (Offense) Sorting Blitz

by AdamL

Any good offensive player knows to watch out for the blitz.
ID the Herb

by Bratista

Take all the thyme you need.
True or False Blitz: Movies

by Smeddlesboy

For a secret agent, James Bond sure says his full name a lot.
Aa-Az Images


If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we only get two letters here?
Sea Idioms

by alinrotundu

This should be e-sea.
Hidden Neighbors of Arizona

by smac17

It's easy to get lost in the desert.
Was it Built Before or After 1700 AD?

by scole9179

Want to hear a construction joke? Sorry, we're still working on it.
Tomb Raider Games

by tarfromyemen

We thought this video game franchise was in ruins.
NBA: Western or Eastern Conference?

by Torres35

Some of these so-called western teams are pretty far east.
Thursday's QuizzesSep 13
Draw A Pixel Picture XII

by vikZ

We're training a new generation of pixel artists. Bring back 8-bit!
Backwards Typing Challenge: Countries of the World

by Rackie

.daer t'nod :sdrawkcab gnipyt ot yek ehT
Movie Duos Multiple Choice

by LTH

The word 'duet' seems to be limited to music, but maybe it shouldn't be.
24 Pink/Purple Movie Posters

by Sheldon

Just in case you're bored of blue and orange.
-ght Definitions

by NO_r_WAY

Two wrongs don't might a right, but three lefts do.
Roald Dahl Novels by Any Word

by teedslaststand

Children's books have way wilder titles than books for adults.
Hidden Initials: Historical Figures

by filmstudy

Sometimes hiding things makes them more even more attention grabbing.
Female Singer Blitz III

by minshkins

People say they don't like country, but 'Jolene' has been covered in almost every genre now.
Mixed Up UNO Cards

by kfastic

For the most serious of game nights: mix your UNO decks and prevent card counting.

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