Friday's QuizzesApr 14
Who Originally Hosted My Show?
We're still trying to lure Jon Stewart into hosting Sporcle TV.
9,526 plays
Miscellaneous Non-Fiction Books: The Subtitles
Despite what you might be inclined to believe, the title of Sporcle's memoir isn't: 5 People Who Died During Sex.
13,796 plays
Geography 'B' Blitz
We expect all Sporclers to get an 'A' in geography, not a 'B'...
30,966 plays
It Never Happened!
Some people just have selective memory.
10,595 plays
Athletes A-Z by Picture II
Remember to be a good sport if you don't do well.
15,650 plays
Code Cracker! IV
Don't lock up once the timer starts.
24,272 plays
Hidden Neighbors of Slovakia
Over six thousand caves have been discovered in Slovakia. That won't help you with this quiz, but hey, it's good trivia.
16,226 plays
Movies With Payback
Revenge is a dish best served cinematically.
14,874 plays
Thursday's QuizzesApr 13
Laughing Stocks
We'll see who's laughing when these stocks are going up.
13,207 plays
Six-State Borders
If you don't play this quiz, you'll be bored-er than you were before.
44,585 plays
What Should I Click?
This is a good test of how well you can follow directions...maybe.
18,554 plays
Who Owns These Islands?
Sporcle considered owning an island once, but the taxes and insurance were too much. It was too hard to stay afloat.
20,227 plays
Just the Red: Sports Logos II
How logo can you go?
23,147 plays
Three-Letter 'P' Words
The title of this quiz has our inner 10-year-old giggling uncontrollably.
23,403 plays
Find the Cartoon Cats
Cat Fact: Cats sleep 70% of their lives.
19,884 plays
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (2000s)
Movies don't really start until 30 mins in anyway.
27,649 plays
Wednesday's QuizzesApr 12
Comic Book by Socks
These socks won't give you any superpowers, but they may make you feel a little more heroic.
10,435 plays
Minefield Map: African Capitals
This quiz is a minefield? Uganda be kidding me.
52,924 plays
Old Norse Words You Probably Know
We can't act like a viking, but it's ok if we talk like one.
20,280 plays
You Sly Dog, You Got Me Monologuing!
Somewhere at supervillain school, you'd think they would have a class on the importance of keeping your mouth shut!
19,238 plays
Big 4 No Playoffs 2010s
You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
23,822 plays
50 Hits to Click: 1990
When you think about it, clicking is kind of like hitting your mouse.
21,251 plays
Animals by Ear Close-Up
Let's 'ear it for the animals!
18,753 plays
Television: Behind the Scenes! III
So this is really how you make a scene.
12,000 plays
Countries: After L
Sometimes you take a quiz, just for the 'L' of it.
18,778 plays
Who's That Roman God?
Finally reading all those Percy Jackson books will pay off.
12,966 plays
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 11
Unmissing Word: Disney Animated Films
We've found the words, but where are the rest of the titles?
23,332 plays
Saudi Arabian Borders Minefield
Choose wisely and watch out for that timer!
27,514 plays
TV Characters at the Gym
It's hard to get off the couch and go to the gym with such good shows on TV.
15,425 plays
5-Letter Words A to Z
Only 5-letter words? This should be easy, right?
10,712 plays
1910s Match-Up
If the '20s were roaring, what were the '10s?
12,319 plays
Movie Titles Said in Movie VI
It's helpful when characters remind you what movie you are watching.
23,085 plays
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'C'
This is this type of quiz you'll want to Cher with your friends.
18,075 plays
Pick the Capital: Asia
It's much easier to click these capitals than to actually spell them.
14,386 plays
Bible Books With Only 'SPORCLE'
Fun fact, 'Thy world is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path' was the original tagline for Sporcle.
5,088 plays
Monday's QuizzesApr 10
Click the 'A'-Less US States Minefield
If only this was asking about Q-Less states...
115,482 plays
This, But Not That
This quiz is tricky, but not impossibly so.
32,350 plays
Top Row Typing Challenge
Your typing will need to be in tip-top shape.
14,394 plays
Things That Go UP & down
Taking this quiz while jumping may or may not improve your score.
6,830 plays
5 Books Per Century
Not to get all judgy, but if you only read 5 books a century, you might consider selling your Xbox.
14,763 plays
Movies: Original vs. Remake
How much of the plot can a remake change while still being considered a remake?
18,706 plays
Brief Movie Quotes: 1980s
Here's movie quotes!
19,588 plays
Uncertain TV Shows II
Nothing is ever certain when it comes to TV.
12,511 plays
Red Sox Opening Day Starting Pitchers
The 'Red Sox' isn't exactly a name that stirs fear into us.
7,660 plays
Sunday's QuizzesApr 9
Movie Word Quintets V
Quint stalling. There's so many movies left to watch.
13,338 plays
History... Hip Hop Style!
Ain't nothin' but a Warren G. Harding thang.
11,253 plays
Words De'TACH'ed
We've snatched out a few syllables from this quiz.
7,386 plays
Psychology Multiple Choice
Have a seat on our couch. It's okay to play. You're safe here.
13,236 plays
4-Word '70s #1 Match-Up
Keep pushing so hard a dream, keep trying to make it right through another lonely day.
13,066 plays
Animation Studio Sorting Blitz
Discussions between friends about which of these studios has put out the best films can become rather animated.
41,346 plays
The Big Board: Word Ladders
Whether you go top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top, be sure to climb every rung.
18,482 plays
4 to 13 Letter 'C' Places
Put on your cartographer's hat for a moment.
23,076 plays
Saturday's QuizzesApr 8
No Outline European Capitals
This would be way easier if capitals were always in the middle of the country.
28,715 plays
More Last Names in Movies?
Because these people weren't famous enough, they got a movie named after them too.
22,801 plays
Shapes Blitz
This is for all shapes and sizes.
15,683 plays
Which Element Is It?
We're really in our element with this one.
8,998 plays
Movies by Three Unnamed Characters II
A character by any other name would smell as sweet.
22,370 plays
'Superstition' Lyrics
It's a Wonder we haven't done this quiz before.
7,692 plays
2008 Redeem Team Photo
Commence debate about a hypothetical Dream Team vs. Redeem Team matchup.
28,073 plays
20 Country Snapshot VII
Were these countries even asked if they wanted their pictures taken?
23,430 plays
1-10 Letter T Words
Truth be told, we think 'T' words are terrific.
16,256 plays

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