Saturday's QuizzesNov 10
One Shot: South America

by mg10

Technically you can always play the quiz again.
30 in 60: Albums

by RobPro

You gotta move fast, even for the slow albums.
Movie Word Quintets XV

by Larryholmes79

We can tell you this quiz has five 'right' movies, but we can't tell you the right movies.
Blackboard Blitz: Novels II

by goc3

Smartboard blitz doesn't have the same nostalgic ring to it.
Months & Days in French

by beforever

Really helpful if you a have a rendezvous to plan.
Famous... from D.C.!

by hscer

One of these celebs even has the initials D.C.
#8 Athletes

by NYYanks

Some of these #8s were actually #1s.
Hide Your 'E' Movies

by timmylemoine1

'E'ven these movies need a safe space.
Friday's QuizzesNov 9
Correctly Spelled States

by Sssophie

If you click any wrong answers, you'll be in a state of confusion.
Any NFL Team Besides the Dolphins

by sathyamc

With apologies to Dan Marino.
Movies of 2012

by El_Dandy

Shockingly, the movie '2012' came out in 2009.
Hello, My Name is...'S'

by lolshortee

We all know celebrity names can be ridiculous, but 'S?'
North American Countries by Internet Code

by PrincessMartell

And here we were thinking the US had an exclusive hold on '.com.'
Clickable Lyrics: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

by Pushcake

You'll have to provide your own Roast Beast.
Word Hourglass XVIII

by sproutcm

We're not talking about Kansas here.
Batman Villains by Movie

by oriole78

Who's challenging the caped crusader today?
Thursday's QuizzesNov 8
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Foods

by Thebiguglyalien

It's like an all-you-can-answer buffet.
Find the 'T' Countries

by teedslaststand

The 'tea' countries are a totally different set.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: History

by Chenchilla

Recorded history is so massive at this point that even the mega-est gallery couldn't hold it.
4 Decades of Music Hits III

by kfastic

Some artists have long enough careers that they could justify a 4 decade quiz of their own.
-s-/-c- or -sc-?

by nabean

Thanking us after this quiz won't be nescessary. Or is it necessary?
NBA Top 5 Playoff Scorers By 5-Year Period

by purplebackpack89

It must be rough to be sixth or eleventh best at these things - always missing the cut off. Some players never experienced it.
Pick the Amy Adams Movie

by beforever

Make sure you don't start thinking of Isla Fisher movies.
Literature by Definition: George R. R. Martin

by Noldeh

Apparently he writes using WordStar. Does that even have spell check?
Wednesday's QuizzesNov 7
'X' States Blitz

by NYYanks

'X' marks the state.
NHL: Anything But Canada

by christopherjulia

Probably the only NHL quiz where Canadian answers are bad.
Click the Harry Potter Characters by Initial

by FantasticBowTies

You might think this is hard initially but then you'll get the hang of it.
Vocabulary Blitz XLVII

by iglew

Just memorize the dictionary and you'll get 100% on all of these.
One-Minute Crossword XX

by Qaqaq

You might find yourself a bit cross if you run out of time.
Odd One Out: Album Words by Band

by jyrops

I would pay good money to hear some of these mashed-up albums.
Cryptogram Map: Sitcoms

by caramba

When you hear 'the TV is scrambled' this is not what comes to mind.

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