Friday's QuizzesMay 18
South America Population Quest

by mg10

Is it getting crowded on this continent, or is it just us?
23 Ways Not to Take a 'Pill'

by timmylemoine1

This should be one easy pill to swallow.
Comedies of the Last 25 Years II

by lolshortee

We're gunna need you to go ahead and play this quiz....
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: US Presidents

by MrWhiplash

Hopefully everyone here knows more than three things.
Countries by Capitals: A

by PrincessMartell

Maybe you'll even score yourself an A+.
Orange Logos Close-Up

by BoggelTeam

Just don't mix your apples with your oranges!
Songs by Text Message

by bhenderson79

These songs make your hotline bling.
Avengers: Infinity War - The Infinity Stones

by Rackie

Infinity Gauntlet not included.
Mismatched Television Dramas

by stevenmiller61

Some quizzes just have a flair for the dramatic.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 17
Campsite Puzzle II

by daisy67pet

Pitch your tent away from nature's perils.
Where Is That 'D' City? (USA)

by geronimostilton

It's either "duh" or "darned if we know."
Seemingly Unrelated Trivia IV

by sproutcm

This quiz is not as it seems.
It'd Have Been a Shorter Movie If... The Trilogy

by scole9179

The movie's over already? But we just got our popcorn.
Lost for Words: Surnames

by bhenderson79

Images on Multiple Choice quizzes? This will leave you speechless!
Chris Who?

by wilycub

Looks like we've got a Chris crisis over here.
Matching: Countries per Continent II

by beforever

Worse come to worse, you'll only be off by a whole continent.
Wasting Time in the '60s

by metashades

Listening to these bands is never a waste of time.
One-Step Equations

by alieberman

Let's see...carry the one.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 16
Complete the Disney Song... with a Picture

by Noldeh

Ev'rybody wants to be a Sporcler.
'L' in Geography

by RobPro

We don't know how you're spelling geography, but we don't see any L's in there.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language II

by metakoopa99

Only a true polyglot will get 100% on this.
Beatles Albums (Redux)

by JeluPotter25

The Beatles sure liked to put their name in their album titles.
Cartoons by Last Name

by gingerlover

If only more cartoons were referred to by their surnames.
You Know, THAT Movie (Mixed Up Roles)

by Hejman

You know, that guy from that movie... He played the character who did that thing...
There's a Simpson Character in My Slogan!

by christopherjulia

Excuse me, can I get a new slogan? Mine has a character in it.
Song Prequels

by Exodiafinder687

We'd love to read the lyrics to these prequels.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 15
50 Flicks to Click (2015)

by mynameis1183

2015 was a generally good year for movies...with a few exceptions.
Spot the Difference XXVI

by Cutthroat

You're going to want to take a look at this.
Video Game Countdown

by pdigoe

Finish the level before time runs out!
Click the Niger River Countries

by PrincessMartell

Because other rivers are too mainstream.
House, Park, Road or Street Songs

by JoeBeta

When in doubt, take the high road.
Books Missing 'B' Words

by kfastic

Check out these big, beautiful books.
OCEANIA but Not Oceanian

by Rackie

Well, that’s an oxymoron right there.
First Name Basis: Spanish Speakers

by petenge

Google Translate won't help you here.

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