Friday's QuizzesMay 7
7 to 1: Women in Sitcoms

by zoeysydney

Maybe you can use this for suggestions on what to binge-watch next.
'E' Logo Minefield

by Scimitar_2002

This is some explosive marketing.
Geography Honeycomb

by Barbecue

This is what happens when you make bees stare at maps for too long.
One Gets the Lot: #1 Hits

by Hejman

Is sharing not an option for the one who gets the lot?
Image Word Wheel XVI

by JoeBeta

One does not simply make a word wheel out of images.
Click the Really Long Titled Movies

by senordingdong

At some point they were probably flexing their vocabularies.
Higher or Lower: World Series Wins

by skipster73

In the World Series there's no room for middle.
Rosetta Stone Languages

by metashades

Bonus points if you're personally able to read all three.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 6
Numbers in French

by beforever

Here's a quiz you can count on. But only in French.
Island Countries Spelling Bee

by Pilgab

It's too bad they aren't islands, because we'd have loved to include Beelarus and Uzbeekistan in this quiz.
2012 Oscar Nominees Movie Posters

by mucciniale

But which one would you nominate for Best Poster Design?
Trivia Triangles: Superheroes

by bhenderson79

Has DC or Marvel released a Captain Triangle comic yet?
What's It Stand For? Three Letter A-Z V

by LTH

Once we figure out what they stand for, can we determine what they lie down for?
LogiCrossword: Taxonomic Ranks

by El_Dandy

This quiz is recommended only for Homo sapiens.
Mystery Phrase Blitz: Harry Potter

by kfastic

Hogwarts is usually chock full of mysteries. Why is it always up to the students to solve them?
Food Discoveries

by LyndonG

We've just discovered that we're quite hungry.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 5
Click the 'N' and 'O' Movie Title Characters

by ddd62291

Wait, are there 'NO' characters in this quiz?
America: At Least Four-Border Countries

by goc3

We're guessing you probably shouldn't bother clicking the islands.
Name the Southern Premier League Teams

by eyes355

We always like going South. Somehow, it feels like going downhill.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers XXVI

by sproutcm

After you paint the town red, you can paint this quiz green.
Cities That Have Lost an MLB Team

by sonar1313

No, we're not talking about the 1915 Newark Peppers.
8-Letter Word Scramble III

by razorz

Who's ready for a ride on the scrambler?
History Hunt: Mexico

by hjckr

No license required for this hunt.
Above and Under: Countries by Population

by MMG_

We like a good mix of prepositions in our Geography quizzes.
Clickable Bible Quotes

by JoeBeta

Who's ready for Bible study?
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 4
Geographically Closest African Countries: G

by Cutthroat

Does the "G" stand for "Geography"? Probably not, but you will have to take the quiz to be sure.
Image Sorting: Star Wars

by Barbecue

May the sort be with you.
Find the Band Member

by MSUKent

We're pretty sure the swan wasn't in the band.
Dumb Yahoo! Answers Questions

by MoMosMoProblems

After a while, it seemed like that was the point of Yahoo! Answers, right?
5-Letter States

by NYYanks

If you put them all together would they be united?
Finish the Athlete II

by strokes_static

And then take a much needed water break.
Who's Voiced by a Star Wars Actor?

by Peacemaker

You can tell once they start making lightsaber noises with their mouths.
MLB History Multiple Choice

by Hejman

If you know your baseball history, you'll knock this one out of the park.
Star Wars Years

by Pilgab

They really seem to have ramped up production lately.

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