Sunday's QuizzesMay 24
Two-Letter Words in TV Shows

by aduchscher

No, splitting up longer words into two letter chunks is not allowed.
Missing Member: Science

by strokes_static

Ironically, we made need to use science to experimentally determine which member is missing.
First Half/Last Half: Movies

by jrage2009

Technically, if you watch the first and last halves, you've just seen the movie.
No Hint Sorting Gallery: Sports

by armadilloking

Well, we gave you one hint - that this is related to sports.
Spot the Difference XLIV

by Cutthroat

If you're stuck, maybe a lighthouse will help you find your way?
Sunday Crossword: Four-Letter TV Shows

by Zipcity

Once you go past five letters, things start getting out of hand.
Neville Longbottom, This Is Your Life

by WalshyMusic

“I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy.”
Find 7 Cities: Warsaw Pact

by Tasi

We're pretty sure they're no longer a part of the little secret club, but sure.
2 Words, 1 Answer: F

by MSUKent

We're 100% not guessing any grades with the quiz title. We promise.
Saturday's QuizzesMay 23
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (2010s)

by FilipinoBreloom

Hey, one hit is still better than zero, right?
A Friend Indeed! TV Friends and Partners

by dancinginhistory

Casually singing "You've Got a Friend in Me" might help a bit.
Italian or Romanian?

by Pastor_Maldonado

We're in the mood for a salad, so we'll just choose Italian dressing with Romaine lettuce.
Colorful Children's Literature

by Tom_the_Terrible

Well how else are books going to get our attention if not through pretty colors?
Sea Puns

by alinrotundu

She sells sea puns by the seashore.
Saturday Sudoku L

by 468178

Hopefully when you take the quiz you won't be bringing home a big L.
Star Wars Sample Platter

by Thebiguglyalien

If an alien tries to serve you a sample platter of unidentifiable food, maybe don't try it.
Smallest European Countries Minefield

by minshkins

This is not a quiz about the smallest minefields in Europe.
Famous People in the Movies

by DIEGO1000

Yeah that... That really narrows everything down for us.
Friday's QuizzesMay 22
Johns on TV

by zalkon2004

Are they long johns, little johns, or dear johns?
Movie Franchise Character Sorting VIII

by WalshyMusic

Just don't sort them into a jar of dirt. Sounds unpleasant.
Shiba Inu or Toasted Marshmallow

by sproutcm

Doesn't matter which, because we definitely need more of each.
16 Little 7-Letter Word Pictograms

by bhenderson79

Ace this quiz, and then celebrate by eating a Cup + Cake.
Guess the 'C' Things in 3 Words

by MSUKent

They might not necessarily be things you can C, though.
NBA Finals Career Leaders

by flibbidy

The more times they got to the NBA Finals, the better. Easy, right?
Asian Countries and Capitals on a Map

by SporcleEXP

Countries and capitals all at once - it's a double whammy.
Disappearing Act: Science

by BanjoZebra

Science is one of the few things we'd rather not disappear in this day and age.
Follow That Lyric (2000s Songs)

by El_Dandy

If you follow it, let us know where it was going.
The Romania Quiz

by Darzlat

Despite the fact that Transylvania is in Romania, don't expect too many vampire-themed questions here.
Thursday's QuizzesMay 21
9 Fictional British Movie Women

by Pilgab

Using the accent will help. We promise.
Anything But African Capitals

by JohnFran

it's the rules, you'll have to type everything lowercase.
UK Pub Quiz: Home Edition

by Le_Badger

Feel free to have a pint while you play this.
Complete the 1990s TV Show

by DIEGO1000

Most 1990s TV shows are probably already complete. It was a long time ago.
Find Five: Board Games

by eyes355

If you need to find 5 board games, you can probably just look in your closet.
NBA Top 10 (1980s)

by djohnson87

Sorry number 11. It was just too many syllables to count out loud.
Finish the Famous Fives

by DesertSpartan

If you like your quiz titles to be alliterative, we've got you covered.
7-Letter Word Scramble II

by razorz

'Scramble' is actually eight letters long, but we won't say anything if you don't.
Progressively Pixelated Flags

by bareodin2

If you ever wondered what various countries' flags looked like on 1970s computers, wonder no more!
One in a Group Blitz - US Government

by caseyw690

We're pretty sure the government's decision making model is anything but a "blitz."
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