Thursday's QuizzesJul 12
I'm Thirsty! Let's Make Water!

by 60minutes

This quiz violates at least a couple of the laws of thermodynamics.
Sassy Harry Potter

by TeamStarkidFan

Basically, this is Harry's ultimate diss track.
Clickable Country Couples

by Dainamite

There are many couples under the Sun.
US Capitals Time Zones

by gman2337

Depending on where you are, checking the time on your phone may be of some help.
Baby Animals Playing

by palmtree

All work and no play makes kitty a dull pet.
Marvel Movie Villains

by buzzpop7

Remember not to snap your fingers.
Musical Words in Song Titles

by Yuccaman

Get into the rhythm!
MLB: Most Career Outs

by hoyalawya

To make the most outs, you've also got to have a lot of at-bats.
English Loanwords (A-Z)

by bonhomme

Those are some nice words you've got there, other languages.
It Happened One Day

by gordonallan79677

History is sometimes made in a day.
Wednesday's QuizzesJul 11
What Does it Border?

by WalshyMusic

We'd say that this quiz borders on fun, but it's well past the border.
Images That End in 'OON'

by BanjoZebra

This quiz makes us swoon.
Typing Challenge: Elements Only

by Scott

We can't imagine a better way to combine elements and typing.
Odd One Out: Countries of Europe

by emilymarie07

We like to think of these countries as unique.
What's in a Band's Name?

by pdigoe

Inside every band is some great music.
The Last Word: European Movies

by Flick

Eur-in for some good movies here.
The Sporcle Category Playlists

by MoMosMoProblems

If Sporcle had a radio station, what kind of music would we play?
Mini Sudoku V

by 31415926535

Are mini Sudokus cuter than full-sized ones?
A Word Ladder Without Words

by bhenderson79

This is easily a mime's favorite word ladder.
Tuesday's QuizzesJul 10
'00s Movies by Quote

by minshkins

Don't quote us on this.
Anything but the NFL

by JohnFran

So it's like a Big 3 sports quiz?
States by First Letter Blitz

by El_Dandy

We just hope you're in the right state of mind for this.
Multi-Category Threesomes

by strokes_static

Now's not the time to monkey around.
Premier League or Prime Minister

by ChargingTiger

We're just waiting for a premier league player AND prime minister.
Top 4 World Cup Finish Without Ever Winning

by Emberton_Tower

A wise man once said, "If you're not first, you're last."
Find the Hidden Theme

by LTH

You'll have to look hard to find this theme.
Find the South American Capitals - No Map

by Charnsea

It's tough to navigate a foreign place without a map.
Superhero Receipts

by Thebiguglyalien

We hope they have a super credit line to pay for some of this stuff.
101 Movie 'I' & 'J' Words

by Year_of_Glad

This is one quiz you won't be able to Waltz on through.
UK Countries in History

by pecheneg

It's fair to say the UK has made some history over the years.
Monday's QuizzesJul 9
Secret Country XI

by goc3

Shhhh, it's a secret.

by PenguinsMeercats

This is quite the ten-acious quiz!
10 Words 20 Definitions XIII

by DesertSpartan

Half the words, double the fun.
3 Music Threesomes

by sproutcm

Play this in 3/3 time.
Tom Hanks in Peril

by Hejman

Tom, it's your birthday, you need to relax a little bit.
Highest Grossing Movies (1995)

by manonthemoon

Let's think back to a time when the Macarena was popular, and people besides doctors actually used pagers.
NHL Teams That Don't Use Red or Blue

by Habs_Expos

These teams are as cold as ice.
10-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)

by JoeBeta

You'll need to be a vocabulary whiz to get all of these.
Africa Without Sporcle

by alinrotundu

No continent should go without Sporcle.
What Insect Is This?

by Pilgab

Insect puns really bug us, so we won't put any here.

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