MondayJanuary 26th
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle III
We're don't think a calculator is going to help you very much here.
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XX
At this point, most of you should have played enough of these to graduate from at least one college somewhere.
Literature by One-Word Hints
When it comes to literature, sometimes it's best to be brief.
States Bordering Nebraska
Don't start typing in corn, hoping we made this quiz sarcastically.
1990s Lyric Match II
Let's travel back to a time when music came on shiny little discs and some people used pagers. Pagers!?
Movie Posters XVI
As long as none of these movie posters are in 3D, we'll be okay.
Pick Your Battles (USA)
You can pick your friends, and you can pick your battles, but you can't pick your friend's battles.
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SundayJanuary 25th
Independence From Whom? II
When I say 'independence', you say 'yeah'. 'Independence!' 'Yeah!'
Musical Movie Slideshow
These movies have so much singing and dancing that we forget what they were supposed to be about in the first place.
Three-Letter Words Ending in 'W'
We like the letter 'W' because it's twice as awesome as the letter 'V'.
Beaked Sports Logos
This is the kind of quiz that will peck away at your sanity.
'F' Entertainment Images
What's more entertaining than these fine things?
Two Word Blitz
We've got two words for you: Write On.
Dog, Cat, and Fish Sort
Don't worry, it's not a food chain sort of thing.
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SaturdayJanuary 24th
Movies by Plot Pictogram
This quiz proves that some movie plots just don't make sense.
Stuck in the Middle with 'Z'
Z is one of the toughest letters to get stuck with. It's so sharp!
Star Wars, not Star Trek
Who would win in a fight: Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker?
Geeky Chess Set Slideshow
If you're a pirate, do you win chess games by saying "checkmatey"?
McNugget Sauces
Nothing about this quiz is good for your health.
Macho Literature
Do these books even lift, bro?
World Cattle Population
The answer to the classic question: "Where's the beef?"
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FridayJanuary 23rd
HIMYM Character Trivia Blitz
Let's just pretend the finale never happened.
American Gothic Parodies
Pitchfork and farmhouse? Check. It's time to make art.
Street Suffixes in Movie Titles
There's nothing quite like a movie filmed on location, in the middle of a road.
1-10 Letter B Words
Now if only Beyoncé and Blue Ivy would stop by.
TV Shows That Debuted in 2013
Television may be changing (binge watching on Netflix, anyone?) but the wave of new shows hasn't stopped.
50 Greatest Players in NBA History
The 50 Greatest Players in National Basketball Association History were chosen in 1996 to honor the 50th anniversary of the founding of the NBA. How many can you name?
Celebrity Couples 2014
These celebs stayed consciously coupled through the end of 2014.
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ThursdayJanuary 22nd
'Family' Titled TV
If only all families could work out their differences in 23 minutes.
Animal Names Slot Machine
We'd bet on these animals.
Gimme an 'F'
F is for friends who do stuff together...
Top 25 Grossing Franchises
Some of these movies really didn't need a sequel.
Food Expressions
Try not to bite off more than you can chew.
Famous... with a Hard Hat
Some celebrities can be really hard-headed.
30 Second Tourist: Paris
Oui, we'd like to go to Paris.
Country Flags by Sun
For these countries, the sun is as much a part of their flag as it is a part of their morning.

Even More Games

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WednesdayJanuary 21st
Click-A-Bear Blitz
We wish that Smokey the Bear and Baloo made the list!
Mythological Creature by Movie
Fantasy lovers can congregate over here!
50 Flicks to Click (1997)
Know what movie came out in 1997? Titanic. Know what movie isn't on this quiz? Titanic.
'N' Countries on a Map
10 countries. 90 seconds. Easy!
Tattoo my Body with... Sports Teams
We don't recommend getting 'World Champion' tattoos until your team ACTUALLY becomes a world champion.
Last Lines of Songs II
We've heard that some musicians like to end with a bang.
Missing Middle Letter II
What do these mean people have against middle letters?!
Written First?
Writing is not a race, but if it was, we'd bet all our money on Jack Kerouac.
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TuesdayJanuary 20th
Sports Teams Sorting Blitz
This is organized sports at its finest.
Odd But True Facts
Can you beat the odds?
State Ending Trio Pairs
If there's something more Sporcle-centric than 'trio pairs' we'd like to hear about it.
Forms of the Same Name: M
These names are not quite as original as you were led to believe.
Disney Character Mania
Be our guest down under the sea, and we'll paint with all the colors of the wind.
Monopoly: Sent by Chance
So you're saying there's a chance?
Three Images: Guess the Writer
Just imagine a few of these authors playing charades together and tell us you're not intrigued!
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