TuesdayFebruary 11th
Phantom Counting
We've never been quite so spooked by numbers before.
Movies of 2009
The highest grossing movie of all time was released in 2009, but we're pretty sure no one has watched it since.
Two Clues: 'L' Words
The best thing you can say about the letter L is that it doubles as a pretty crummy hockey stick.
Is that a Beatles Song?
The Beatles didn't write 'Thrift Shop'? We're shocked! Shocked!
Top 50 NBA Player Salaries (2013-2014)
They make 20 million a year AND they get free shoes? Totally unfair.
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MondayFebruary 10th
European Microstates: Smallest to Largest
We always confuse Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and this just made it worse.
Bad Celebrity Waxworks
This quiz may give you nightmares.
TV Shows Plus One Letter
All TV shows in the future should be based on strange puns.
Alive for Five? (Music Edition)
For some of these bands, we wish they would have stuck around for a few more.
Movie Musical Matchmaker
This quiz could burst into song at any moment.
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SundayFebruary 9th
New England States
Whichever state has the best clam chowder recipe gets our vote!
Brand Spanking New!
We don't know what some of these products do, but they've all got a big name backing them up!
57 'P' Movies
Some of these pictures are pretty perfect, others not so much.
Eye Exam
Let's see what you think of this.
Celebrity Siblings II
If the Doublemint Gum twins were on here, we'd wish you luck!
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SaturdayFebruary 8th
Things at Target in the Old West
Who doesn't enjoy a good ramble back in time? Maybe you can snag some fresh milk while you're at it.
Actors: Good, Bad & Ugly
It's not always flattering to star in a film.
Music Artists by Mega-Title
Reading the clues to these mega-titles made us feel like we've stepped into another dimension.
Top 5 Countries by # of Letters
Mixing letters and countries and numbers...you just never know what might come from that.
Where Did All the 'A's Go?
We suggest looking at the beginning of the alphabet.
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FridayFebruary 7th
Complete the Disney Movie Title
If you don't know these, Mickey will be very disappointed.
Countries of Europe: 1914
A lot can change in one hundred years.
Animated 'F' Verbs
These are the most fun verbs around.
Amazon 100 Books to Read In a Lifetime
On Tuesday, Amazon released a list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. How many have you read?
Next 5 Words: TV Themes II
And now, on to your regularly scheduled programming...
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ThursdayFebruary 6th
Populous US Capitals Minefield
So this is where everyone went.
Sitcoms by Opening Line
In the case of Friends, the line is surprisingly not 'How you doin'?'
24 More Movies That Start With 'A'
These are the movies that just wanted to be first in the phone book. If anyone still used phone books.
Are You Ready to Rock (Part II)
Let's be honest here, Steven Tyler sort of looks like a crazy old cat lady now, doesn't he?
Sporcle Trio Grab Bag II
The Three Musketeers just never quite make the cut.
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WednesdayFebruary 5th
Mindboggling Countries II
We found we did much better on this quiz if we crossed our eyes and spun around a few times.
Movie Cast Match (2005)
2005 wasn't all that long ago, but we've already forgotten all these actors.
'B' American History
We would have killed for a History grade this high in school.
31 Missing Novel Words
We like shorter book titles, it makes us feel smarter somehow.
All 100-Yard NFL Rushing Games (1960-2013)
You better know your running backs to play this quiz. All of them.
Is That a Real Band?
Sometimes people say 'That would make an awesome band name' and then they actually start a band.
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TuesdayFebruary 4th
Rhymes With 'Stressed'
For those moments when life gets stressful, we recommend rhyming.
Famous Colorful Characters
As one famous character put it: It's not easy being green.
In Plain English: Julius Caesar
There were some angsty dudes in Shakespeare's Rome.
Most Fatal Cancers
In order to raise awareness of the effects of cancer and encourage prevention and detection, February 4th has been declared as World Cancer Day.
Similarly Sized Country Blitz
Let's see how these countries really measure up to each another!
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