10 Closest Capitals to Buenos Aires

by guilherme_4

May the fair winds of Buenos Aires guide you well.
180 Degree Symbols Match-Up

by goosedevil

Catch you on the flip side.
Hand-Drawn History IX

by ddavey1983

The pre-history version of this is just cave paintings.
Friday's QuizzesAug 17
Test Your Reflexes in 15 Seconds!

by Bolafssonify

Best have your cup of coffee before playing this one.
Secret Country XII

by goc3

Shhh...your secret is safe with us.
Movies by Last Name III

by gingerlover

Hopefully you were paying attention during the credits.
Blitz: Africa by Any 3 Letters

by LTH

Please don't try to use Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Indiana Jones' Archaeology Exam

by bhenderson79

This quiz is not booby-trapped. We promise.
World Leaders' Eyes

by gazzso

We've got our eyes on you.
TV Shows at the Pool

by lolshortee

TV and a pool? Now that's relaxation!
Swiss Army Knife: Know It All?

by needapausebutton

For a neutral country the Swiss sure have a lot of knives.
Prepositions in Musicals

by aduchscher

Coming to Broadway soon: "Grammar: The Musical!"
Thursday's QuizzesAug 16
Criteria US States

by bobinwilder1

Lady Liberty is counting on you!
Shared Movie Numbers

by pdigoe

If you find yourself doing math, you might be doing it wrong.
Negative Sports Logos

by Darzlat

Consider these the alternate of the alternate team colors.
Words Within Words 'G' Blitz

by Scuadrado

As these words turn...
Oscar or Razzie Actors

by Cutthroat

If you thank the Academy for an Oscar, who do you admonish for a Razzie?
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Picture Klick

by chaosBEE

This quiz comes cheaper by the dozen.
50 Hits to Click: 1981

by caramba

They've got the beat!
'A Natural Woman' Lyrics

by sproutcm

R.I.P. Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)
Alphabetical Confederate States

by zalkon2004

When in doubt, guess states in the south.
Wednesday's QuizzesAug 15
Double-Landlocked States

by eon

Do these states even know what a beach is?
Disney Sidekick by Song

by minshkins

The sidekicks get all the fun songs.
Multi-Category Sevensomes

by strokes_static

All good things come in sevens.
Bands and Groups by Image A-Z

by El_Dandy

If you don't do well, you may want to take some notes.
Movie Title, Song Title or Both?

by FilipinoBreloom

If the movie is a musical, does it count as one long song?
In 3 Words: Animals

by karenmcginty33

These words are just beastly.
Find American Paintings

by timmylemoine1

Just pick the paintings with the most bald eagles.
'O' Natural World

by Cortez

Looking at all these O's made me want to eat a donut.
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