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Compete in one game per night of each of the multiple formats you know and love (Sporcle Live, Stump! Trivia, OpinioNation, and more). As usual, you can test your luck solo or join forces with friends in a team. Unlike normal, pajamas are encouraged. And you'll need to BYOB!

Did we mention there are PRIZES? One registration earns you an entry, and a win earns your team another entry in to a weekly giveaway. Each week we'll pull a winner from these entries. If it's you, you'll be able to choose between a $100 gift card to any bar that hosts Sporcle Live, Stump!, or OpinioNation OR a $50 Amazon e-gift card.

We play our Virtual Games using Zoom. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with Zoom, you'll get a tutorial when we start the game! Your team can have as many people on it as you want, but you can only have a maximum of 10 devices per team. So, that means "Geography Guy" in Ohio and "History Girl" in Florida can play together on a team. Just as pub trivia is more exciting with friends, so is this game, so be sure to invite them to join you.

For $5 per device, gather your household together to connect with each other, communicate with the outside world, do something other than stand in front of the fridge and wonder what to eat, AND #supportatriviahost by getting them back on payroll. We like to keep these games a bit more intimate, so your team will never play against more than 8 other teams. Think of the possibilities! Imagine all the new friends you can make! Be a part of passing this (mental) stimulus!

When you register, you’ll be sent a custom link to join the “virtual pub” for your allotted time. Join the show 15 minutes before the start time and from there, a trivia host will take care of everything - explaining the rules, asking the questions, sending you and your team to a breakout room to discuss, collecting your answers, sharing the correct answers, keeping score, and of course announcing the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do we get started?
Purchase a ticket for the event of your choice. Be sure to purchase a "device" for each person/family on your team. Your teammates can be playing anywhere in the world with you! Do not buy each teammate a ticket as they will then be on separate teams - simply buy them a device on your team.
What are the differences between Sporcle Live, Stump! and OpinioNation?
Sporcle Live and Stump! are team-based trivia games that involve multiple round types. Each game has a different wagering system. OpinioNation is a game in which you guess popular answers to survey questions. All games take around one hour to complete.
How do we play?
We are using Zoom and its breakout rooms features to host these games. You'll be given a link in your confirmation email that gets you started. You'll need to share that link with your teammates, but you will need to have purchased them a device ahead of time.
How do I submit answers?
This varies by game type. The host will go over this with your team at the start of the show.
Can I buy a ticket after the game starts?
No, sorry. Tickets sales close 15 minutes prior to the event’s scheduled start time.
How do you prevent cheating?
We've developed a Cheating Robot that is invisible. She sits in your home while you play and watches to make sure you don't cheat. Don't cheat. You don't want to see Cheating Robot angry.
I want to have an event with just my friends playing. Can we do that?
Absolutely, just book us for a private event. Pricing varies based on how many people and what you are looking for from a content standpoint. Complete the form here to inquire.
What if I have people that want to join my team after I've purchased tickets?
No problem. The person who purchased the team ticket will have a link in their confirmation email that allows them to purchase more devices for additional teammates.
What is your refund policy?
All ticket sales are final. In the event of a cancellation, your refund will be processed as soon as possible.

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