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Village Tavern Grill & Oyster Bar

168 Essex Street Salem, Massachusetts 01970
Mondays, 7:30pm | Tuesdays, 7:30pm | Wednesdays, 7:30pm (978) 873-0065


Get your team together for a fast-paced game that features four quarters of trivia questions, handout rounds and more.


Host: John
Hosting since Jan 2020

John doesn't have a bio yet! Check back soon.

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Score more points than your opposing teams by choosing the most popular answer to survey questions asked to a nationwide audience.


Host: Julie
Hosting since Jan 2020

Julie Kramer has been in radio in New England for over 30 years. The bulk of those years were at WFNX where she was the music director and mid day DJ and host of the infamous “Leftover Lunch”. She is currently doing mid days and is music director at

See if the songs fall your way and test your skill with Listen Up Music Bingo.

Prizes Every Show

gift cards to the Village Tavern

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