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The Little Bar

2195 N High St Columbus, Ohio 43201
Wednesdays, 8pm & 9pm (614) 291-8887
League Division: Ohio - Central Season: Spring/Summer 2017


8pm & 9pm
Host: Steve Sturn
Hosting since Sep 2013
Wednesday Venue Tournament: Jul 26, 2017

Wednesday Scoreboard

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< Week 5: May 22 - May 28 >
Teams Score Total League Pts
Glamorous Ghosts 149 387 15
Quiz in my Pants 101 173 12
Salty Quiz Lodz 100 525 9
#GoBucks 78 593 6
Rose Buds 69 524 3
Big Buckin' Chicken 62 128 1
Trivially Inept 33 140 1
Current as of 5:07am EST May 29, 2017
y - Qualified for Venue Tournament


Every Show

1st Place in Each Round - $20 Gift Card to The Chop Shop

League Prizes

The Spring/Summer 2017 season awards a total prize pool of $1,500 at the League Championships on August 6th, 2017.

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Wednesday Final Qs

Game 1

Ian McShane, Gary Oldman, and J.K. Simmons have voiced the primary villains in what animated film series?
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Game 2

Which late-19th century U.S. president was known by his middle name, and not by his given first name of Stephen?
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