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Lake Street Kitchen + Bar

1101 Lake Street Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Mondays, 7pm & 8pm (708) 383-5253


7pm & 8pm
Returning Soon
Host: Brad
Hosting since Apr 2021

Specialize in sports, movies, 90’s, television, geography, politics and Dad jokes.

Get your team together for a fast-paced game that features four quarters of trivia questions, handout rounds and more.

Prizes Every Show

1st Place in Each Round- $25 off your bill
2nd Place in Each Round - $10 off your bill

Most Recent Final Questions

Game 1
William Rast, an American clothing brand that specializes in premium jeans, was co-founded in 2005 by businessman Trace Ayala and what pop singer?
Show Answers
Justin Timberlake
Game 2
Among the 63 U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories, there are five English letters that appear in the names of either a U.S. state OR Canadian province/territory, but not BOTH. One of those is the letter “X,” name three of the other four.
Show Answers
G, J, Q, Z

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