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Park Place Gastropub

336 S Main St Plymouth, Michigan 48170
Sundays, 7pm & 8pm (734) 454-6500


Every Show

1st Place in Each Round - $15 Gift Card
2nd Place in Each Round - $10 Gift Card


7pm & 8pm
Host: Ana
Hosting since Oct 2018

I'm an ESL teacher in Novi Michigan, but I like having a job that lets me have a microphone. I'm a huge movie buff, and love to discuss Rotten Tomato scores with anyone. I genuinely enjoy hanging out and playing trivia! I hope to see you soon!

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Game 1
What German inventor and engineer, who was born in 1858, invented a type of internal combustion engine in which the fuel combusts from the high temperatures that result from the compression of air in the cylinder?
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Rudolf Diesel
Game 2
The 1974 Carnation Revolution was a nearly-bloodless overthrow of the authoritarian Estado Novo government in what European country?
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