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The Dock Sports Bar & Grill

1102 N 34th St Seattle, Washington 98103
Wednesdays, 7:30pm & 8:30pm (206) 829-8372


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1st Place in Each Round - $15 Gift Card
2nd Place in Each Round - $10 Gift Card

State Prizes

The Summer/Fall 2019 season awards a total prize pool of $3,000 at the State Championships on November 24, 2019


7:30pm & 8:30pm
Host: Gio
Hosting since Feb 2019

I was cryogenically frozen in the 80's and recently unthawed for my trivia hosting abilities.

Most Recent Final Questions

Game 1
“Listen to the Mustn’ts,” “The Dragon of Grindly Grun,” and “Headphone Harold” are works by what writer, first published in collections released in 1974, 1981, and 1996, respectively?
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Shel Silverstein
Game 2
The four most recent singles to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that have parentheses in their officially credited song titles were all released from 2008-2012. Name any one of the artists who released those songs, all four of whom are solo women.
Show Answers
Kelly Clarkson
Katy Perry

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The next Pub Champions Trivia League season will begin Jan 6, 2020.

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