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Buffalo Wild Wings Austintown

6000 Mahoning Ave. Austintown, Ohio 44515
Tuesdays, 7pm & 8pm (330) 726-1313


Every Show

1st place in each round: $20 Gift card
2nd place in each round – Swag Bag

State Prizes

The Winter/Spring 2020 season awards a total prize pool of $5,000 at the State Championships on June 20, 2020


7pm & 8pm

Most Recent Final Questions

Game 1
Give the first name of either of the non-mammal characters listed in the theme song to Tiny Toon Adventures, which originally aired from 1990-1992.
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Game 2
In the early 20th century, Auguste Escoffier published a cookbook that defined the five fundamental “mother sauces” used in French cuisine. One of those sauces is béchamel. Name two of the other four.
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It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books 2 of 21 208
Pow Pow Pow 1 of 21 156
Save the Koalas 1 of 21 111
Wookie Love 1 of 21 103
Naked Monkees 1 of 21 81
Bucknuts 1 of 21 55
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