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Buffalo Wild Wings Aurora

18865 Giles Rd. Aurora, Ohio 44202
Thursdays, 7pm & 8pm (330) 562-2150


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1st Place in Each Round - $20 Gift Card
2nd Place in Each Round - $10 Gift Card

State Prizes

The Summer/Fall 2019 season awards a total prize pool of $5,000 at the State Championships on November 24, 2019


7pm & 8pm
Host: Nathan
Hosting since Dec 2018

Hello! I am a 8th grade science teacher, Kent State grad, and a huge Minnesota Vikings fan! SKOL! My aim is to have fast paced trivia games with high energy and a competitive environment that is fun for everyone! Come on out and show what you know!

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Most Recent Final Questions

Game 1
What element that was discovered by William Ramsay and Morris Travers in 1898 shares its name with a fictional location first introduced forty years later?
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Game 2
In 2011, Rolling Stone conducted a reader poll to select the top ten bass players of all-time. Victor Wooten, Cliff Burton, Jaco Pastorius, and Les Claypool all made the list. Name two of the other six musicians in the top ten.
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Jack Bruce
John Paul Jones
Geddy Lee
Paul McCartney
John Entwistle

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We Drink and We Know Things 9 of 18 1106
Heath Bars 9 of 18 948
Das Knutsak 10 of 18 878
3 Idiots 9 of 18 801
Portugal, The Artichoke 7 of 18 731
Drink Apple Juice. OJ Will Kill You 10 of 18 617
Can We Use A Lifeline 7 of 18 510
Here 4 Beer 5 of 18 413
El Banditos 1 of 18 95
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